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Do you get pissed off at people who order a quesarito? Do you care that taco bell came out with a quesarito?

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-TheWaddleWaddle-853 karma

When I got one recently, the girl who had to wrap it said "You must hate me, right?" Are they really that difficult to wrap?

srsrn1025 karma

If your burrito is fairly large with a lot of stuff in it (especially liquidy stuff like sour cream, hot sauce etc) yes it is very annoying to roll and can be really difficult

Walker_ID105 karma

i must be the only person that doesn't know what a quesarito is....am i correct in assuming it is a large cheese quesadilla wrapped around a standard chipotle burrito?

srsrn19 karma

kinda, it's a quesadilla but we open it up and put regular burrito toppings in it. so it's like you're eating a quesadilla and a burrito at the same time :)

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People get annoyed because someone who got there before them, ordered an item from the menu?

Actually, I guess I'm not surprised.

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well I was referring to the workers getting a bit annoyed, it doesn't really affect the people in line I don't think

NoDiggityNoDoubt19 karma

Oh ok... that makes sense. Thank you!

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No probs!

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Is it rude or not allowed to ask for extra beans or veggies? I always want to but I feel like they measure it so specifically I didn't know if it's a rule or not?

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it's not rude unless you ask it in a rude, demanding way. just say "can I have extra ___ please?" and they won't have a problem! lots of people do it.

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Okay but for real though, there is crack in the guacamole right? Shit is unreal

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dude tell me about it. our guac is made of avocados, lime juice, sea salt, cilantro, onions, jalepeno, and lots of love!!!!!

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So "love" is the new street term for "crack"... got it. I hope my dealer knows this.

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CHIPOTLE street term... :)

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Do you perhaps know the ingredients in the medium salsa?

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I don't know the exact ingredients sorry, we get them in a package and we just add fresh onions and cilantro. but heres something that might help http://www.chipotle.com/en-us/menu/ingredients_statement/ingredients_statement.aspx

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Why do I feel that I am getting more food in a bowl than in the burrito?

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that's because you are. In a bowl, you have all that bowl space and even if you get it filled completely that it starts stacking and getting taller, the lid is able to squish it down. But with a burrito, everything kinda needs to be in the center and be able to rolled into a burrito, so the portions are a bit smaller. but what you can do is get a bowl and tortilla on the side for no charge!

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I see, thanks!

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I always get a bowl and ask for taco shells on the side. The shells are free and I get way more food.

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people that do this are smarticle.

fluffynumkins759 karma

How do you feel about Qdoba? And do you wish chipotle has a queso sauce like Qdoba does?

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I've heard about it, never seen one or been to one (I live in FL) YES I DO!!

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What's something you prefer from chipotle that very few know about?

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There's not much "secret" things that the workers know that the customers don't, but I guess we do get creative with the stuff we have. I've made a mini quesadilla/taco thing and it was great. (You take a soft taco tortilla, cover it with cheese, fold it in half, melt it in the press, open it back up, and make your taco. Also, we have this honey chipotle vinagreitte that's really good if sprinkled a little on top of your food (free!)

ThisAbeKid371 karma

Whoa!!! That is pretty creative, thank you Chipotle guy!

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I'm a girl! but you're welcome :)

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So I came across that documentary on Chipotle on Netflix. I have not watched it because of the fear of finding something out about Chipotle that will cause me to not want to ever eat there again.

So I guess my question(s) is, have you seen the documentary? Should I watch it?

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yes! I've seen it twice actually, everything is pretty accurate. you should watch if you care about the background or history of chipotle, if not, it could be boring

Gilffanclub297 karma

I don't really care about the background of the company. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to talk about the secret way they make their steak or something crazy. You know that saying, "If you like something, don't find out how it is made." Kind of like hot dogs.

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yeah they don't really discuss anything specific about the meats. just know they're naturally raised and without the use of hormones :)

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Do you know the names of the chickens you use?

Do you think Chipolte ever serve breakfast?

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And would you really wanna have Mexican food for breakfast?

This is sarcasm, yes? I'm from Texas. We have Mexican for breakfast all the time. Barbacoa tacos with onions, cilantro & lime juice is my jam.

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1n1billionAZNsay220 karma

DUDE The Chipotle in BWI airport is the ONLY chipotle (as I'm told) that serves breakfast. It's not bad.

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Oh yeah! I saw something about that being the only chipotle to serve breakfast..kinda strange.

Ice_Burn2 karma

What? I see them cooking the chicken at my Chipotle and they use breasts.

srsrn5 karma

Maybe at yours but I've been told we use thighs and legs.. they could've changed it not sure.

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I SOMETIMES WONDER THE SAME. But we actually get the chips uncooked in a box, and we fry them. After it's fried we squeeze lime juice and sea salt on it. Made fresh every day :)

DramDemon465 karma

Oh my god those are amazing. The lime makes them different than normal chips but also makes it 1,000 times better. Thanks for answering!

srsrn406 karma

I totally agree, and if you want more lime you can just ask them for lime (we always have some in the back) and they'll give you some for free to squeeze onto your food! You're welcome :)

DramDemon242 karma

Chipotle for lunch tomorrow confirmed. :P Thanks again!

srsrn154 karma

no probs :D

Ice_Burn1 karma

I am totally doing this from now on. Thanks.

srsrn1 karma

you're welcome :)

sirstayoffthelawn465 karma

In all seriousness...... Why do yall not serve queso?

srsrn396 karma

I honestly wonder the same thing. I love queso and I think that's the only thing that we're missing

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Idk if this is just a regional thing or not, but the Chipotle vs Moe's argument is a common things where I'm from.

What's your unbiased opinion on the two?

Edit: Looks like the debate is strong all over. Just gonna keep enjoying Moe's and not get into it with anyone.

Edit 2: /u/Auxidental may have just changed my mind a bit

Edit 3:: looks like I missed being gilded by |---this much---|

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Nope, I've heard of that here in FL too. I've personally never had moes but almost everyone I know has. From what I've heard, Chipotle has fresher, "healthier" ingredients and a bit more flavor. But I like that moes has a queso dip!

bs333178 karma

Moes' chicken looks like cat food.

srsrn145 karma

I'm gonna say this to everyone who says moes is better than chipotle, thanks :p

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I love Chipotle and I'm from FL too.

What's the age requirement to work there? How's the pay? Free food?


srsrn290 karma

awesome! age requirement is 17, I get 8.50 an hour plus divided tips, free meal every time you work, and when not working, 50% off, so I'd reccommend it :)

legohax313 karma

Oh man, 50% off.... I need to switch careers. Software developers get no perks, its horse shit!

srsrn143 karma

I'm sure you make much more money than me though!

legohax810 karma

Yes but 90% of my salary goes to Chipotle...

srsrn139 karma

Switch careers now, guarenteed you'll get fat from all the free meals and discounts you'll get

wannagooutside38 karma


srsrn77 karma

it's pretty firm. There's no one under 17 (that I know of) that works at a chipotle

bigb12345428 karma

Thats good....keeps the sexual tension in the work place piping hot.

srsrn169 karma

i love this

crrymnd404 karma

Rice recipe please?! How is it done? Every time I try to recreat I am yet again defeated :-(

srsrn669 karma

any type of white rice will do, we add a bit of soy oil, fresh ciltrano and citrus lime juice. basically just add a squeeze of lime juice and cilantro to your rice and mix! be sure not to make it too soggy or too dry. or, if you ask one of the workers or managers they'll be glad to tell you how it's made :)

DayOldTurkeySandwich315 karma

How intimidating is Chipotle to someone who's never been inside one before?

srsrn553 karma

super intimidating, I remember my first time cause I had no idea how it worked or what they were asking me or what costs extra and what didn't. Something that'll help first timers are just simply say "it's my first time" and they'll walk you through the whole thing!

Emperor_Nihilist581 karma

When I said it was my first time, not only were they very lengthy in explaining it all (store was dead) but the manager gave me and my wife's meal for free.

I've been there once a week minimum since that day about 1.5 years ago.

srsrn249 karma

that's great to hear! I know how much my store loves the "regulars"

watchoutfor2nd258 karma

My first time in chipotle things were moving so fast and I had no clue what was going on. I wound up with black beans (I hate beans) and my burrito sucked. I didn't go back for two years. All I can think now is that I'll never get those two years back...

srsrn232 karma

GO BACK!! communicate with them. you're allowed to sample things. trust me, chipotle is good.

watchoutfor2nd123 karma

Oh I'm officially a fan now. It took some coercing but it's now one of my favorite places.

srsrn93 karma

yay I'm glad to hear that!

The_red_one_sucks234 karma

Why is Chipotle turning into the new Subway?

If I ask for sour cream or cheese on a burrito, it's like pulling teeth. But if I ask them to go easy on lettuce or rice, they pack it so full of them they can barely fold the burrito.

I read comments from subway employees who explain that their bosses bully them about using too much cheese or meat on sandwiches. Are you guys subject to the same thing?

The 4 different Chipotle's I've been to around me are all doing this now, and it's getting damn irritating.

srsrn300 karma

sadly yes, they do reinforce portioning a lot, but remember you're allowed to ask extra for anything for free(except meat and guac). at my store, we're pretty lenient with our sour cream and cheese EDIT - I personally wish I could give all you guys more meat, cheese, sour cream, etc without getting yelled at! (not yelled at but you know what I mean)

DongleNocker215 karma

My local Chipotle is always crowded and it is hard to find parking at it.

Do you guys take phone in orders?

srsrn314 karma

yes we do!! call in and tell them what you want and when you want it ready, we also have an app to order online from

DongleNocker193 karma

Will I be able to skip the giant line to pick up my order?

srsrn306 karma

yes! just go straight to the cashier

TheLuckyMrsD212 karma

Whenever I'm goign through the line, I'm always watching the guy in the back slicing the grilled chicken to try and figure out how it's done. What is the technique you guys use? I feel like I always take forever to cube chicken at home and you all are just so efficient!

srsrn225 karma

I know!! I've tried to cut chicken before and I sucked so bad, but our technique is pretty simple, just requires lots of practice. I know when I first tried, my boss told me to use more of my wrist and cut in a boat-rocking motion. You take the tip of the knife and kinda slice it down then bring the tip up again and slice it down... sorry really hard to describe, but if you ask the manager or one of the workers they'll be glad to explain!

necrokitty169 karma

Any chance of getting rice without cilantro already in it?

srsrn237 karma

Absolutely!! You can ask them for plain rice, a lot of people do it and we already have plain rice in the back.

Pianodude89143 karma

Are employees coached on how much rice to put on a burrito? What is the correct amount of people that should be working the line during a standard busy-time? (I always hate that different locations are faster or slower depending on where I am)

srsrn213 karma

yes. corporate handbooks says to only give ONE, yes 1 scoop of rice per bowl/burrito. but everyone gives 2 scoops because 1 scoop is way too little plus we'd get a lot of complaints. You're allowed to ask for more with no extra charge. and during our peak hours we have 4 people on the line, and regular, 2-3, but if it's superrrr slow, 1-2!

Pianodude8940 karma

Much appreciated! My addiction continues.

srsrn26 karma

glad I could help :)

gyrk12135 karma

Few questions, haha.

Does it bother you when people ask for extras? Or a side tortilla with a bowl?

Why do employees never offer the peppers? I feel like it's a nuisance when asking for them. Are they not allowed in bowls or something?

Is the burrito pricing a point system? I have heard that if you don't get ingredients like rice or beans, the price goes down and each item instead is worth points (meat 2, rice 2, etc)

srsrn175 karma

no probs! yes sometimes it can be annoying when they ask for extras (not all the time though) just the way they ask, how busy the store is etc, usually it's not a problem. because a lot of people don't get peppers, it's like an optional, preference thing, it's not a nuisance if you ask if you do it politely! yes there's this thing called a "new button" where if you get 3 or less items, you're charged for less. for example rice, chicken, cheese would be called a chicken new button

PrancingGophers120 karma

How does your store handle perishable foods?

srsrn176 karma

If you're talking about our meat, they're stored in a walk-in(huge refrigerator) until we season them and cook them(all the same day)

skinsballr108 karma

What's the most complicated order that you had to make?

srsrn402 karma

those people that have multiple orders, and get everything on the sides, but also 1 scoop of white rice WITHOUT cilantro, and black beans but drain the juice, fajita veggies but only the onions, mild tomato salsa but just the plain tomatoes(then we have to go in the back and open up a fresh plain box of tomatoes) with 3 tortillas on the side. people like that are pretty annoying to us.

brawndo89103 karma

I personally get my juice drained from the black beans. It will sometimes soak through my burrito bowl.

srsrn156 karma

that's not a problem but some people are really rude about it..

it_happenz100 karma

How do you feel about DJ Carnage leading the #ChipotleGang movement? Relevant

srsrn75 karma

I've never even heard of this until now... interesting

it_happenz63 karma

Have you ever seen anyone use the famous free burrito card?

srsrn89 karma

yep many times, sometimes at my store we give them out randomly to customers

1n1billionAZNsay89 karma

Why don't we get limes anymore?

srsrn112 karma

Not sure what you're asking..? My store never automatically gives out limes, you could ask for some and we'd give it to you, same with your store most likely!

1n1billionAZNsay118 karma

Couple of years ago they would have limes by the drinks along with the lemons. But they got rid of them. T_T I just thought it was a cost cutting measure.

srsrn70 karma

ohhh I see what you mean, yeah it may have been a cost thing. My store just has lemons, and limes kept in the back, if you ask for limes they'll give you some!

InfernalWedgie86 karma

What's your favorite protein at Chipotle? I like to get half tofu sofritas, half carne asada.

srsrn102 karma

my store actually doesn't have sofritas yet! But my favorite is chicken with A LITTLE carnitas :)

dabdaily30 karma

Why does EVERY chipotle guy behind the back counter get pissed when I ask for plain white rice? I'm not a fan of cilantro but I hate getting those dirty looks from the grill.

srsrn44 karma

this made me laugh... at my store they won't make a huge deal about it, yeah it can be very annoying when there's a long line and we're trying to get through the orders quick. just ask for it as polite as possible i guess :)

idontfuckwithcondoms29 karma

Why do all new employees skimp on the meat? I want that full scoop of chicken.

srsrn39 karma

I witness this too, but I've notice people who are really nice or friendly or polite, I'll give them a bit more meat. If you see them give a really small amount of chicken, you're allowed to ask for a little more, but once you say "extra meat" they'll charge you for double

Ice_Burn22 karma

I always get the double chicken bowl. When they are a little heavy handed with the chicken, I give an extra tip!

srsrn29 karma

People like you make us happy! :)

idontfuckwithcondoms14 karma

I legit go to the same chipolte 1-4 times a week for lunch. All the regular employees are usually very generous with me, but when i see new hires making my bowl i don't get the same amounts.

srsrn13 karma

yeah I've noticed that too, the new hires don't wanna get in trouble for giving "too much" chicken since we do reinforce portioning a lot, but with time they get better

PM_me_milf_boobs_plz2 karma

How often do people hit on you while you are working?

Also, I <3 Chipotle.

srsrn3 karma

not too often but it does happen... I find it quite funny cause I think our uniforms make us look hideous. I <3 chipotle too!