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lol i think everyone at HHH was waiting to see this.

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Idk if this is just a regional thing or not, but the Chipotle vs Moe's argument is a common things where I'm from.

What's your unbiased opinion on the two?

Edit: Looks like the debate is strong all over. Just gonna keep enjoying Moe's and not get into it with anyone.

Edit 2: /u/Auxidental may have just changed my mind a bit

Edit 3:: looks like I missed being gilded by |---this much---|

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What did your homie who was disappointed your first Dead Presidents freestyle think of the second one?

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damn, this is pretty eye opening. thanks man.

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I'm from FL so that doesn't solve that lol.

I personally love Moe's, but Chipotle is good too. And the fresher, "healthier" stuff is true. But Moe's just hits the spot much better I guess.