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assblunts290 karma

How much does a blowjob cost for a frail guy in a wheelchair?

CoraCee100 karma

It depends how long of a service you want. We charge by time. Standard service s massage, oral on you and sex. Doesn't sound like you need a deluxe.

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AintGotThatSwing50 karma

Like, "we offer the following services, but I don't think you'll be needing that much time, since you cum so quickly, you little weasel, you..."

It's probably just in my mind. Gotta make yourself laugh...

CoraCee151 karma

Oh dear, I just meant because it seemed all he wanted was oral.

I'm a nice person, i swear!

myshoelaceshurt199 karma

My Phone number at work (in sydney) is identical to that of a Melbourne Brothel. I've received a few phone calls from guys that fail to see the area code. They always seem to call at 11am, mid week. Is that pretty standard? for some reason that seemed strange to me.

CoraCee222 karma

WHICH PARLOUR?! How funny if you've gotten calls for me!

Yeah, lunchtime. Busy time!

ChickenInEveryPot116 karma

Does having sex as a job diminish the pleasure you get from it?

CoraCee352 karma

I had 10 orgasms yesterday and four today, all from my boyfriend.


Guppy197576 karma

you literally come more times in a day than i sneeze!

CoraCee77 karma

Well, i don't come at work. So, that's over two days cause i usually see my man every couple of days. Heh.

Sometimes i take things too seriously. i did laugh though, promise

ChickenInEveryPot18 karma

Woah, really? I've never gone above seven, myself.

CoraCee64 karma

In one session? We had sex twice when I had the 10. 2 were from sex, 8 from oral. He is a magician.

tashnag_0121 karma

Any tips? What "move" works all the time? a And also, are you a squirter?

CoraCee42 karma

Tips from my man? Haha, oh he would be overjoyed if i asked him. Actually, probably mortified. Oh dear. What have i done!

I've never squirted, only dribbled heavily. Doesn't mean I can't though!

ChickenInEveryPot1 karma

Yeah ... it was a pretty intense night.

CoraCee7 karma

It's all about letting go. Stroking the furry wall. Just feeling the movements, man!

chhubbydumpling101 karma

How frequently/extensively are you required to to STI/STD testing?

CoraCee150 karma

Swab, blood and urine every three months. If we work out of a Parlour we must provide them with a letter stating what we've been tested for (our results however are private)

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CoraCee154 karma

That is correct. That is 100% correct.

Which is exactly why, when a client asks me for "natural" (no condom) I deny them a service entirely. PARTICULARLY if they say they've gotten it before.

Me, personally, though. I wouldn't work. Not a chance in hell.

nagoshiashumari48 karma

If the client asks if you're "clean" (sorry I don't know how else to say it), do you tell them? Are you required to?

CoraCee122 karma

Clean is the right term. They also say "D&D free" which is drug and disease free. The booking is on our terms. We don't have to answer it if we don't to - but if we DO have a disease and we KNOW we have a disease, we are breaking the law by working. If we then have sex, we are breaking the law again. Even if i wasn't a prostitute, fucking someone when i know i have a disease and not telling them? Illegal!

Cloud_Fish184 karma

"D&D free."

I think that may be the post perfect thing ever. No dragons in your dungeon. I'm using that.

CoraCee75 karma

Ain't none.

kenocar97 karma

Have you ever fallen for a client, even a little bit?

CoraCee111 karma


phoenix0r66 karma

What happened?

CoraCee127 karma

Oh, it's not like a big love affair. He reminded me of a character from a tv show, his name was eerily similar to the characters name, he started booking me privately, saw each other at least 4 times a week for a few weeks, then one day i just stopped hearing from him. End of story.

There was another that i REALLY liked but he also just disappeared.

PointOfFingers156 karma

Was it Harold from Neighbours?

CoraCee97 karma

I wish i had a clever reply to that.

Hizenboig12 karma

It was Toady

CoraCee5 karma

if this is heisenberg from PP, i might flip

ncaldera04915 karma

Story time! OP pls respond!

CoraCee3 karma

Sorry, as this is my first reddit post, it only shows the "yes" so I need to go and find out what I'm meant to be posting a story about.

CoraCee1 karma

above :)

dalumpz86 karma

are you going to remain a prostitute? What are your plans for the future?

CoraCee173 karma

I've found there's three core types of working girls. The as I need it girls, who will work only when they need money. The I'm always broke girls, who are usually supporting either theirs or someone else's habit. Or the full time worker. I'm the later. I plan to invest and retire my age 40

someguysaid53 karma

Have any of the girls you have known actually managed to do this successfully?

Hoping you achieve your aims.

CoraCee135 karma

Yup. One I work with right now already owns three homes and just bought a fourth.

CRC4LIFE2 karma

Whats the investment at now? Whats the total goal? And where would you retire too/what hobbies to pass the time?

CoraCee6 karma

The total goal is properties to create steady streams of income, and eventually 50%+ of that income to a term deposit.

I do a lot of charity work so i would like to incorporate that, perhaps working with animals. I've also never left Australia so I would like to travel. How awesome to be travelling and having money coming in while you're doing nothing!

Morrwin2 karma

Why not become an escort type? I mean I would invest that money into healthcare and general beauty things, fix your apartment and try to get connections. It pays very good, or so I hear, to be escort to sport guys or some rich business guys as in being more then just a use only for sex girl.

As in trying to get up the ladder and become Self-sufficienct while earning more and more!

CoraCee2 karma

I am an escort, and I'm not comfortable doing it whilst I'm in a relationship. So I've stopped for now. We do outcalls from the parlour though.

It is better money, but its more dangerous, it's harder, theres no real structured hours, etc. This works for me atm.

joebob80185 karma

If I just want you to stroke my hair while I lay in a fetal position and cry, is that standard service, or delux?

CoraCee67 karma


Fenastus25 karma

How often is that a thing?

CoraCee25 karma


Fenastus9 karma


CoraCee8 karma

Yes. I would like to learn about social work or something in the hopes i could actually help clients!!

Fenastus4 karma

Sometimes life can be stressful and people just need a shoulder to cry on. Guess not everybody has that shoulder.

CoraCee7 karma

I have that shoulder, but i'd love to be able to talk and actually help, instead of watch them leave at the end and wonder if they'll make it to tomorrow.

magician878 karma

Anyone ever fuck you right in the pussy?

CoraCee77 karma

... of course?

geriatric-gynecology34 karma


Toss_away1230 karma

Weird that a prostitute from Australia wouldn't be in on an inside reference...

CoraCee35 karma


CoraCee28 karma


Jubles77 karma

It sounds funny, but what is the best part of your job?

CoraCee214 karma

The free drugs.

No, but seriously, when clients offer to pay me to take drugs cause I look innocent.

No, okay, seriously now - the girls i work with. It's a giant slumber party, we are literally in lingerie, and every now and then we go and have sex. Sometimes together. And get paid for it.

Guppy197542 karma

On this note, how often do clients pull out drugs? and how common is it for the working girls to indulge?

CoraCee83 karma

I can't answer for other girls, I'm not one that generally takes drugs. I'm 27, I've tried weed twice, mushrooms once, speed once and cocaine twice. In my industry, that's almost unheard of.

Cocaine was at work. I actually had been wanting to try it, and wanted to do it at work because it's safer (as opposed to at home alone or at a strangers house or out on the town). The second time i had cocaine i said no, and he offered to pay me to take it. The last lot didn't have much of an effect and i was at the end of my shift so i said okay.

Night clients, maybe every second client is on something. But that's only of the clients i see. It might be that i attract that type of person, i don't know. On day shift, i've only had one guy on ice and that was early morning.

Guppy197517 karma

You're doing great then, I imagine in your line of work it's everywhere so would be tempting to most people. Plus coke here is rubbish so it's not worth the bother! .. or so i've been told.

A friend of mine got tangled up in ice for several years, every time he'd go on a binge he'd be off to the parlour. The only reason I knew is he'd be borrowing money off me to pay for it all. :(

CoraCee15 karma

I'm sorry to hear that. We do get a lot of clients and i always try to get them water and have the heater on. I've learnt so much being in this industry.

Mind, being paid and extra $100 to do a couple lines isn't bad.

Guppy197513 karma

haha, I like you! PS - don't worry, my friend cleaned himself up about a year ago, all's well that ends well.

CoraCee17 karma

I'm super glad. But he is always welcome during the day - us day girls are generally not into drugs. Generally speaking, no judgement here

Wet_Sloth70 karma

Are places of employment like yours open to the fetishes that get messy either physically or morally? What's the protocol if, let's say, a guy wants you to beat the shit out of him?

CoraCee104 karma

We have cameras in the introduction rooms, so all of those things are discussed before we get to the room. Some girls do not do fetish, some do. We actually have dungeons and mistresses too. I've walked on men in my stilettos though. It's difficult, scary..

potatochops68 karma

Your thoughts on illegal brothels?

CoraCee175 karma

Awful. Decriminalisation is a massive help and really allows a lot of control and safety in the industry. Illegal brothels are dangerous and waste police time.

potatochops22 karma

How prolific are they?

CoraCee53 karma

I don't know. There's over 80 brothels in Victoria alone, I don't know how many in all of Australia. And I certainly don't know about illegal ones. If clients are unsure, I tell them to look for the Business Licensing Authority certificate and a SWA license number that LEGALLY must be displayed at reception. If it's not there, get out!

andyb52174065 karma

Most common fetish requested?

CoraCee202 karma

I don't really get a lot... one fresh in my mind was a client the other day who openly told me "I was never breastfed as a child" then proceeded to suck my nipples for the entire 45 minutes. We didn't have sex.

ThatDolphinGuy118 karma

That sounds like American horror story right there.

CoraCee125 karma

Just childhood issues. He was a very sweet guy though, overall.

Wombat_Is_Grand60 karma

How much money do you make a day?

CoraCee101 karma

I'd LOVE to say thousands.

This week I worked 5 days a week, 40 hours in total, and made about $1500. Two days i had no clients at all. It's not something I recommend if you require a steady income.

Dai-ban34 karma

Do you not require a steady income?

CoraCee84 karma

I can usually get all my bills for the month paid within the first week or two of a month, which opens up the rest of the month for saving. I try to stay ahead as much as possible. The industry has been quiet of late, which has really really sucked, but i paid my bills. So, I can't complain.

HoundBerry58 karma

What was the worst experience you ever had with a client?

CoraCee132 karma

To be honest, I've never really had an awful experience. I once had a client who got really mad because I wouldn't allow him to come a third time in a booking. He booked only a half hour and that's a "come once" session, I was generous and allowed a second time. He then tried to tell me it would be okay if I put the condom on a flaccid penis and just sucked it.

He told me I wasted his time and I shouldn't work in a place like this, that I'm a whore, that he pays me so i should do what he says.

Needless to say, I kicked him out.

RockChalkJHawkGoKU40 karma

Alright, now how about the best? Tell us about the client who fucked you the very best.

CoraCee95 karma

A client who fucked me the best? I had a guy the other morning that couldn't keep it hard so gave me head for 45 mins. I came a lot, but that doesn't define good sex to me.

Best sex would be a client who turned into my private as he found an advertisement. He has a nice dick. And was all about me, without pressuring me to come.

Plus, he would pick me flowers <3

Prof_Frink_PHD39 karma

Define nice dick. I will compare this description to my own.

CoraCee46 karma

Neat, clean, trimmed. Balls incl

Heroic_Lifesaver126 karma

So you've come across someone without balls included?

CoraCee43 karma

As in they trim their balls too!

ChatGarou18 karma

Now have you tagged as "Basically Inara"

CoraCee25 karma

is this... is this another firefly reference?

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CoraCee8 karma

Message sent.

EvilOttoJr50 karma

Why is prostitution so ostracized in many societies, do you think? Is it just the religious crap argument or is it something more?

Also, what do you like to do in your down time for fun?

Lastly, being a prostitute make casual sex feel like work?

CoraCee94 karma

Bottom to top (TWSS) - I don't have casual sex. I've only ever had two one night stands (aside from work obviously). Besides, work doesn't even feel like work. I mean really, I'm having sex, orgasms, watching tv, chatting to girls, playing on my computer.... and I walk out with $500-$3000 a night. (ps some girls can get offended by prostitute/whore/hooker, try "working girl" instead)

Fun - I'm actually quite introverted so i spend a LOT of time online, watching movies or anything to "recharge" my batteries, particularly if it has been a busy shift. I have animals too. I think every working girl does.

I was actually talking about this the other day, and its very interesting. I haven't researched it or anything, so this is purely my opinion. I feel that a lot of people look to us as trouble makers. We break up marriages, we are all druggies or drunks, we have all been abused, etc etc. Honestly, If my husband went to a parlour and paid for sex - there's an issue in our relationship. He sought sex out. So, I need to talk to him. And as soon as that man walks out of the door, we don't have a way of contacting him. How can we break up marriages? There's also a lack of knowledge. Most of the time when you hear about brothels on the news its because they've busted an illegal one, or there was a drug raid, or something to do with bikies... or there's been a brothel across from this school for 40 years! If people understood more about the industry, I'm sure they'd be okay with it. Hating on it, and criminalising it, won't make it go away. It will just make it go underground and more dangerous.

pps. i liked your questions <3

Lipstickandglitter50 karma

Do girls ever come in and if they do, how does that session usually go? Do you enjoy having sex with girls (if you do)? Thanks girl! I've always wanted to check out a parlour but I'm a girl and don't know exactly how that works when it's F2F.

CoraCee53 karma

I've had women come in with their partner for a threesome, but never a woman by themselves. I'm sure they do, but not when I've been working.

FYI: I love girls.

If you're unsure you could always call and see if there is any girls on that will do a booking with just another female. Some won't. Then it saves you some time.

Bateman814948 karma

Can you claim back lube/condoms/toys back on your tax? Also do you girls wash after every client or how does that work? Do you change sheets and such after every client? (Sorry never been to a prostitute and these things are questions I've always wanted answered)

CoraCee67 karma

Again, this is victoria only - lube and condoms MUST be provided by the establishment. We change the drop sheet and towels after ever single booking, and we shower after every booking also.

gregot54 karma

Maybe a weird question about such a specific detail of your work, but does your hair and skin dry out if you're showering that often?

CoraCee89 karma


So, I get a spray tan because i get more bookings when I'm tan (I actually love my pale skin, but anyway) it starts looking flaky and yucky so soon. I have to drink SO much water and use SO much moisturiser, and go and get a tan every weekend! It's insane!!!

gregot44 karma

Hahaha so if a moisturiser comes out that's endorsed by working girls I'll know it's legit. Thanks for answering, this has been a really interesting IAMA. :)

CoraCee62 karma

And any makeup. Whenever i see "won't kiss off" lipstick, or "24 hours coverage" foundation - i LAUGH

sheepinblack7 karma


CoraCee8 karma

Thanks for the tips, I try to stick to products that don't test on animals, so will avoid mac but never heard of OCC. will definately check it out.

Sm0kinyoface47 karma

Hi, nice of you to do this AMA and provide a perspective people rarely get. Now to my question, in discussions about prostitution the arguments "but it's not like those girls would choose to be prostitutes" and "there is no way that they are happy" come up frequently, what would you say is the validity of the arguments and, well, do they offend you?

CoraCee70 karma

They don't offend me because I am sure it comes from a place of naivety and love.

I chose it. And i love it. The validity is, like i mentioned earlier, what you see and hear about is generally negative. We are portrayed as sex slaves, forced against our will to sleep with hundreds of men. We are portrayed as substance abusers, etc etc. It's not like that. At least, not where I work. It's beautiful, the girls are lovely, the rooms are spotless...

Royness40 karma

Thanks for doing this! Except for the money, what do you like most about your job?

CoraCee99 karma

The sex. I didn't get into it for the money. I've worked a range of successful jobs, legal secretary, receptionist, waitress, housekeeper, etc.

I have a VERY high sex drive and if it isn't met, I get cranky. And that effects my life.

I'm fucking people to make your life better. Promise ;)

That was before, what I like most NOW is the girls. It can take a while to find a parlour where you're comfortable, but the one I'm at is like family. We share such a personal part of our lives and have SO much to talk about. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the Playboy Mansion.

Donguitarguy36 karma

You ever get a guy who just seems out of place? Like, handsome and isn't into anything kinky and could easily get a girl but goes for a lady such as yourself for no real reason. Just, no real reason why, but just does.

CoraCee68 karma

Yup. All the time. I ask them why, and they say because once they walk out the door they don't need to worry about a girl texting/calling him. There's no legwork beforehand either.

Donguitarguy7 karma

That seems weird to me. Like, I understand that, but in my head I see a guy who just does it for the feeling of being there and leaves. No smile, no talking, just fucking. Done and out sort of.

CoraCee24 karma

Yep. Quickie. Wham Bam, thank you ma'am.

Majority stay and chat. It's a freedom thing for them, i think. Same as me.

a2kSD35 karma

What do you think is the number one mistake men make when trying to pick up women?

CoraCee126 karma

Obvious compliments such as "Wow, you're really tall" "You have long legs" "You are very busty" "You're really quiet" Like, wtf. I know.

Telling women things.. "Just smile, you'll look prettier if you smile". That's when my crazy feminist rants begin.

The best thing a man can do is just be HIM. Don't go up TRYING to pick her up, get to know her, talk to her, connect with her. The sex WILL be better because she will give a fuck about you. Even if it is for just one night.

Fuck games, man.

Frostcrag6433 karma

What is the process to becoming a legal prostitute in Australia?

CoraCee51 karma

You go to a doctor and get a doctors certificate to say you had your STI checks (with your WORKING name of course), then call a parlour and arrange to come in and have a look. If you like it, you work.

NB: EVERY state has different laws. This is VICTORIA ONLY

shmurtis8830 karma

I am extremely interested in the subject of prostitution. Do the complexities of a Man/Woman's personality become dulled after an engagement? I am asking in the most sincere way I know how.

CoraCee55 karma

Yes. Men are very vulnerable after sex and i always offer a massage should they like it. Most like to cuddle though.

Max_Insanity19 karma

I believe that's just the loneliness. No offense, but I wouldn't want to take up an offer for services like yours. However, if I were to, I'd probably not just feel horny, but lonely.

I saw a vice-documentary once about sexuality in Japan and they have establishments where men pay just to cuddle. I wouldn't be suprised that, if you asked your clients what they enjoy more, the sex or the cuddling afterwards, that many would say the latter.

CoraCee56 karma

I wouldn't be surprised either. But, i give pretty good head.....

eburn3929 karma

Is there something you wouldn't do for a client?

CoraCee52 karma

Majority of services provided, and asked for, are vanilla. I do not offer French kissing or anal.

coool1212121231 karma

Why no French kissing?

CoraCee62 karma

I don't personally like tongue kissing, and I know that if i offer it then my service is bad because it just turns me off so much.

CalmYourVag28 karma

Are you scared if contracting AIDS or hepatitis or something?

CoraCee55 karma

In Victoria, our safe sex laws are very strict. We require testing every three months, we do visual checks on the men, and condoms are used (including for oral). Compared to picking up a guy at a club, I feel much safer.

hotbrownsauce26 karma

What is the most memorable moments you can remember (either good or bad)?

CoraCee51 karma

Wow... good question.

The worst was when i saw a client after another girl refused to service him (this was at a dodgy suburban parlour) and the receptionist recommended me. Because you know, they want to keep the money more than they want to keep us safe (UGH!!). Anyway, he was SUPER drunk and she was offering all kinds of illegal services, and he wanted anal for free, etc. He got mad I wouldn't do it and said he can't get a hard on if we don't do anal. I explained that's not my problem, spent 20 minutes wanting him... he wanted a refund. Receptionist wouldn't give him one, he told her to "send the whore back in" and she TOLD ME TO GO BACK IN. Needless to say, I left that place quick smart. YUCK.

As for good, honestly, i LOVE going to work. I get so excited to see my girls and chat. I know that's not as exciting as you'd hoped... sometimes we play dress ups and feel each others boobs?

ErrorX10 karma

Sexy pillow fights?

CoraCee22 karma

... sure!

Greedeater22 karma

As a fellow Melbournian this intrigues me. My only exposure to Working Girls are the ones trolling St Kilda and the like.

I'm just curious as to how an unruly patron is handled in house. I run a security company by trade but I can't recall anyone saying they have worked in a Parlour or the like. Do you have in house Handlers, or a simple bouncer to call on if it hits the fan?

Ninja edit; I'd also recommend /r/NSFWIAmA or /r/CasualIamA if this is removed.

CoraCee28 karma

Thanks for the suggestions, I think we're doing okay so far.

Street hookers are illegal in victoria unless they have a permit. They're also far more expensive, so i hear. I would have assumed cheaper, but anyway. I think they're incredibly brave and dedicated.

And unruly patron, obviously i won't give you too much detail, but every room has a panic button. We push that and the place locks down, police are called, etc. We also have staff wandering past the doors every now and then, just to make sure it's not completely silent or any screaming. If we aren't out of the room within five minutes of the time up, they ring the room. If we don't answer, they come up.

emtarace20 karma

I'm actually from Melbourne and have always been interested in doing this kind of work... what is your advice for someone who is thinking about this kind of work?

CoraCee26 karma

Firstly, you need to be over 18. Secondly, research. It can be daunting and scary, having sex with a man you met for five minutes. It can be dangerous too. Research, research, research. Also, if you check out punter planet reviews (you'll need to sign up) you can get a feel for what a typical booking may be like.

TwoDadss20 karma

This is ops only post, and no proof. Best ama ever.

CoraCee66 karma

I'm trying to contact the moderators because I'm unsure how I could possibly prove I work at a Parlour. We use fake names. There's no pictures of my face and name on their site, etc.

Also, I'm not going to post with my ordinary account and say, hey world, I'm a hooker!!

krugelschreiber18 karma

How often do your clients try to push the limits/force themselves on you and how often does intoxication play a role in that behavior?

CoraCee32 karma

Intoxication in relation to alcohol usually means they fall asleep, to be honest. In relation to drugs, it depends on the drug. Most on drugs can't get it up or keep it up so it ends up being a chat session.

I give one warning "No, don't do that" A second "If you do that again, this booking is over and you will NOT receive a refund" No third, they're gone.

RARELY do i get past the first, let a lone second warning though.

imnotaduck_quack16 karma

Have you ever felt victimized? If so, when and how?

CoraCee38 karma

YES! The other day a client i met said i was "too thick" for him. That's fine, everyone has different tastes. Then he tried to give me MONEY to buy my forgiveness, because he felt bad. I felt so filthy then. Ick.

I'm sure you were suggesting more a rape situation, but nope. Never happened to me.

stormhunter116 karma

Has anyone ever come in offering $300 to pee on a prostitute?

  • is bigger better, in your experience?
  • most number of clients in a day?
  • how often does a client not necessary come for the sex, but, companionship of sorts, like, obviously they came there for having sex, but also, like, talk, I guess?

CoraCee21 karma

Yes. If a client wants something, he will pay for it.

Bigger doesn't mean better. It also doesn't mean worse. Size is irrelevant 14 40-60% of the time?

imnotaduck_quack15 karma

What percentage of your encounters do you find pleasurable?

CoraCee28 karma

4 out of 5. Rarely do i have someone i don't enjoy staying with. You get to chat a lot, I've met people of all ages, at all different parts in their lives. It's awesome.

I_Tread_Lightly14 karma

Which of these questions is the most cringe-worthy so far?

CoraCee54 karma

More so the people arguing that I'm lying or basically trying to insult me. I'm not hurting anyone, I'm not telling false stories. What does it matter?

u---9 karma

THere's been some phony AMAs before so some people get annoyed if there's one with no proof. Some people are masters at telling a fake story and making it sound real.

Anyway thanks for doing the AMA. I used to think most sexworkers weren't working entirely voluntarily, like if desperate for money. Posts like yours have changed my outlook.

CoraCee18 karma

I'm so so so glad!! That's EXACTLY my intent!

And I'm not going to say that it doesn't happen, sex trafficking is very real. But negative spins where it's not happening doesn't help.

Thank you so much!

zantosh14 karma

So, how does it work? I hesitate to go to a strip club, so going to a parlor is even more intimidating. Do you just go there and, what do you say?

CoraCee42 karma

You walk in, the receptionist asks if you've been before, you say no, you sit in the intro room. We come in one by one, introduce ourselves, have a chat, ask if you have any questions.

You meet all the girls, and you decide whether you want to book or not. You don't have to.

xhauzpipe14 karma

how did you start? or what things make you now?

CoraCee27 karma

How did i get into the industry? I needed more sex.

I'm not sure what you mean by the second part of the question.

Vacuums_d0nt_suck14 karma

anyone offer anything besides money? like cars? jewelry etc?

CoraCee40 karma

Cocaine, cars, jewellery, clothes, makeup, books, music, trips. Some men bring me cakes, flowers, dinner.... depends on a lot of things. Some men won't pay deluxe and just want to pound me for 30 minutes. It's all over the place :)

MyHumbleAbode13 karma

What's the scariest moment you've had with a client?

CoraCee28 karma

one guy kept trying to fist me. That hurt. And i gave him a warning, and eventually kicked him out.

MauledByManbearpig12 karma

Ever met Jim Jefferies?

CoraCee5 karma

I just googled him. He looks like a pretty standard client. Maybe, i don't really know.

notacreepish9 karma

Jim Jeffries has a pretty famous story where he took his crippled friend to a brothel because his friend had never had sex before. There are a few references to it in this thread. Look up the story sometime, it's pretty damn funny.

CoraCee12 karma

Oh, that happens a lot...

d1gg3r77712 karma

Have any of your clients been celebrities?

CoraCee25 karma

Yes. They will usually ask for escort, rather than coming into the parlour.

ofcourseifap10 karma

since nobody asked, what is your honest opinion on the size of the tool? Does great sex = big guys with big guns?

CoraCee75 karma


OMG I am SO passionate about this. My partner is forever going on about how he wants a bigger dick and bigger muscles and its SO STUPID. I mean, i get it, it's the same as us women wanting to be slimmer. But no, it DOESN"T MATTER. You can have a tiny dick and be great in bed, you can have a tiny dick and be awful. Same as you can have a huge...well, you get my point.

It's 110% all about the connection, the moving, the angles.


Never_Use_TP10 karma

who is the most famous person you've slept with, and how were they?

CoraCee41 karma

I wouldn't reveal clients, as I'd expect them to never reveal me.

Never_Use_TP12 karma

ok i respect that, i have another though, is there a certain type of person you'd rather sleep with?

CoraCee30 karma

A polite person. That's it. Treat me with respect and I treat you with respect. Treat my like dirt, and you can leave.

KingButtChug10 karma

Does your family know what you do? if yes, what was their reaction to it when you told them, and what is their opinion now? If no, what are your reasons for keeping it a secret from them?

CoraCee36 karma

I am VERY open about my choice, most of my friends, my ex and my current partner know what I do. I blog about it sometimes, and even tweet. I love my job, but that doesn't mean the whole world does. There is such a stigma and, without experiencing it first hand, it can hurt people. Could you imagine if your daughter told you she was a prostitute? There's nothing I can do once that gets back to them, I just couldn't hurt them like that. Just because I am okay with it, doesn't mean they would be. And it's important that they aren't hurt. That's what matters to me. That they aren't hurt.

RabbleHouse9 karma

So...what is your favorite position? How about your least favorite?

CoraCee17 karma

Doggy. None specifically, it depends on the size. For example, me on my stomach and him from behind doesn't work if it's too short. Same as doggy hurts too much if he is too big.

thedudethedudegoesto8 karma


CoraCee15 karma

As i've said before, yes and that's fine. But you're already putting pressure on me to orgasm. Women's orgasms are very mentally charged.

thedudethedudegoesto6 karma


CoraCee12 karma

I never fake an orgasm. Men come to us to learn, I'm not going to pretend what they do is good when it isn't...

genesis897 karma

Hi, thanks very much for doing this AMA I find the industry to be very interesting in comparison to other fields of work, and how many people have negative views about it.

Personally I don't have a problem with the industry whatsoever. I think the industry is great for the people who need it/want it, and it let's girls like you be employed in a job you thoroughly enjoy.

I've been with a working girl (Victoria too, actually) once before (Completely safe, covered oral and vaginal) and left feeling pretty good. I was pretty self conscious because I was (and still am) a little worried about my weight and my (flaccid) size. I was also worried what would be thought of a young guy (19 at the time) walking into the place

Anyway, my question is do do get many people who are self conscious like this? Do you prefer someone coming in feeling confident, or do you much rather enjoy trying to make someone feel comfortable?

Funnily enough I was actually considering heading back there tonight, as the last time I went was about 5 years ago, thought I'd see if my experience would change :)

Typing this from mobile so sorry if there's any spelling/grammar errors.

CoraCee21 karma

Hi honey. Firstly, you sound like an ideal client. You totally care about how your attitude affects the girl, and you are clearly happy with you are a person.

In relation to weight and penis size - it's not an issue. I know some girls don't like to see men that are overly large (as in, hold their stomach out of the way in order to sit on your penis, large) BUT that's not because of their size per say, it's more that the girl isn't flexible and physically cannot spread her legs enough to sit on top of him. It can also be a much harder service because it's difficult for the inexperienced workers to be intimate when the stomach is in the way.

From my experience, men tend to over-exaggerate their weight and I am imagine you aren't obese. The last thing i would want is someone who is too sure of themselves - because they don't take "No" for an answer.

You sound lovely.


alikidisciple7 karma

Why did you get into the business and how did you go about it?

CoraCee14 karma

I like sex. I found out it was legal. I found a parlour online and started working.

Kw1q51lv3r6 karma

have you ever turned away someone who had let slip that he was a virgin?

CoraCee20 karma

Absolutely not. Many men come to us for tips or to lose their virginity. I couldn't think of a safer, cleaner environment to do it in! That said, I can go from outgoing to very suddenly shy. I love sex, but I'm not a good teacher. And I never hesitate to recommend another girl because I want to make sure he has a good service.

imtootiredrightnow5 karma

How would you feel about having sex with a really skinny guy? (think 60kgs at an inch over 6 feet)

CoraCee13 karma

I would think "man, i wish i was as skinny as this guy" and then probably ask you for dieting tips. ;)

I'm not phased. I do like men taller than me though, so thats nice for a change.

Jineric5 karma

What made you decide to do an AMA?

CoraCee8 karma

I've wanted to do one for AGES but was so worried that someone i don't want to know would find it, which is why i made a new profile today.

In the future, I would like to be an educator for the industry. A spokesperson, if you will. Not to encourage people to get into it, but to teach people about it. About how safe it is, about what the laws are, about what you are entitled to, about slavery, etc. etc. Not only for men to realise they don't have to skeeze at bars, but also for women to know that they can work and not feel dirty, and not be forced to do things...

CorndogsBro5 karma

Would you ever have a boyfriend? Or if you do what does he think of it?

CoraCee18 karma

I've been in the industry about a year. I started dating someone at the beginning and left the industry, but because of a girl I was working with not because of the guy.

We broke up within a month, I started working again a few weeks later. I'm now seeing someone, and yes he knows. I don't lie. He says he prefers not to hear about the clients, but doesn't allow my career to cloud his judgement of me. Or rather, that it doesn't at all.

The industry is way safer than most think. In Victoria, anyway.

Wombat_Is_Grand5 karma

Have you ever seen anybody you know from your social life at work, such as a former school mate, coworker or teacher?

CoraCee12 karma

No. But other girls have.

I actually work with a girlfriend who i knew before i was even in the industry,

CoraCee7 karma

I should add that we have camera's and in our private girls lounge we watch every client walk in. If we don't want to meet them, we don't have to.

dadsmeatwagon5 karma

How exactly does this work?

Are clients taken by walk-in, do they make an appointment, or both?

CoraCee6 karma


Majority of clients are walk ins, they sit in a lounge or intro room, we come in and introduce ourselves and perhaps go over our services. Some venues do a line up, some do one by one. Some have only a lounge setting where the girls will mingle and come over to you. Some will have private intro rooms.

ska69sd5 karma

Has anyone ever recognized you while going about your normal day or vice versa? What usually happens?

CoraCee9 karma


Keep in mind at work i am dressed skimpily, full makeup, hair done. In public I'm a jeans and hoodie. Or a dress and dark black leggings. I look different.

CD57004 karma

Have you ever been approached by married men? How do you go about it?

CoraCee8 karma

I'd guess about 80% if not more are married.

You'll have to be more specific, I don't treat them any differently to a non-married client?

CherryCream4 karma


CoraCee13 karma

My parents do not know. That is one reason i'm not a stripper - its not anonymous enough. It's not about me - it's about them. They would be heartbroken. And it doesn't matter how much i explain it, just like some people on here, you have an idea in your head about how things are and that is it.

I think if i wasn't their daughter though, and just good friends with my mum she would be super jealous because i have so much freedom.

Some girls are like my sisters. Not all. It's hard to know who to trust in such close quarters.

70novak724 karma


CoraCee12 karma

I don't set the rates, but for a deluxe its $270 for one hour. My private rates start at $400

throwawaycuriousme6 karma

Which parlour you located? $270 is a catch. I was at GC last night, the standard rate for half an hour was $250. For deluxe service I have to fork out an additional $50. Any chance you can PM the parlour you work at?

CoraCee7 karma

Oh dear. That's the only parlour i've heard really bad things about. What is it like inside? I know its beautiful, but what is the vibe like, and the girls?

throwawaycuriousme6 karma

Well they require you to pay $20 just to view the ladies. A bit silly to be honest. I think they're trying to get rid of time waster.

It's beautiful inside, mood is very relax, the host there offered me a glass of water (never happened before) and the ladies there are down-to-earth and friendly.

In term of service, I have one of the best services in a very long time.

On the other hand, I'm not sure whether they're trying to cheat you with the allocated time. For instance, if I booked 30 minutes session, showering, undressing, dressing, etc are counted toward booking time. Thus significantly reduce the sexy time!

Do you work somewhere close by? Any chance you can give me a hint which place you work? The rate you quoted is attractive and I have the feeling that the place you work there is great!

CoraCee12 karma

WOW. We start the time from when i come back in the room, after your initial shower. Maybe a few moments before as i start heading up the stairs. I think including initial shower time in the booking time is risky because i don't want you to rush! The cleaner you are, the better the service!!

DP has a viewing rate too, but i believe it comes out of the booking fee anyway? From our end, thats a good thing because there is less time wasters, but of the few shifts i did at DP i find that it also deters men.

Inbox me.

70novak722 karma

What's a deluxe?

CoraCee2 karma

Standard service : Massage, oral on you, sex Deluxe servie : each girl offers different. Mine is basically everything, excluding fetish/kink, and anal and french kissing. Deluxe is an extra $50

70novak722 karma

You say "everything", can you elaborate?

CoraCee4 karma

Standard + touching my body, licking and sucking breasts, light kissing (no tongue), oral sex on me...

TurboShuffle1 karma

$270 is too much, you can get that for $170 at other places.

CoraCee4 karma

I hear that a lot - men trying to negotiate the price. The prices are set by the parlour, so i suggest if you prefer to pay less then go to those places. I truly believe you get what you pay for though :)

jonny_nutsack4 karma

do you hate men now? answer honestly!

CoraCee13 karma

No. I love men. I love sex.

I55552 karma

For money, or pleasure, or both?

CoraCee2 karma

For money and for satisfaction. Not necessarily pleasure all the time.

fuzzycuffs2 karma

What makes a normal client an awesome client?

CoraCee4 karma


Seriously. It's that easy.

fuzzycuffs2 karma

Well put.

As a corollary, is it possible/has there ever been such a good client that you've simply said that was fun and no payment was necessary?

CoraCee3 karma

Payment is at the start of the session, so that's not possible. I've had the client who turned to a private become more about fun.

One of my clients is a physio so he books me for an hour, gives me a half hours full body massage, and the remaining half hour i give him a full service. I trade the "deluxe" for a massage. So he saves himself $50 or so.

But not paying at all? They pay the desk before we even get upstairs so in order for them not to pay, I'd have to give them cash back. And you can't forget - this is my job. I've got rent, petrol, insurance, food, etc to pay.

Throwaway_4_AMA2 karma


I have a few questions and I hope you can answer them. First sorry if any of them sound ignorant. Please be blunt and honest.

  1. I am an unattractive overweight guy, How do working girls feel when they see guys like that on the monitors? How do you feel once you get into the room with them?

  2. I am actually very small unless I get rock hard at which point I am only average. How do working girls usually feel when they see this? (P.S i cant usually get rock hard with a working girl because deep down I know that they are only there because im paying and that given the choice they would never want to be with me at all)

  3. I am usually super respectful and dont want to insult, creep out or hurt the girl. But I have certain things I would like to try that might be considered fetishes. How should I handle this? (things like rape-play, having her act disinterested and browsing on her phone, things that involve me needing to control the positioning of her body etc)

  4. I have never been able to "finish" whilst with a girl (the soft cock issue is only with working girls though) I have always worried this is an insult. Is it?

  5. How would I go about explaining to a working girl that the thing that makes me the most happy is to make the girl happy (not like forced orgasms or trying to make her cum to please my ego, sometimes just giving a good massage is what she needs..)? Would it be wrong to mention that?

CoraCee3 karma

  • I cannot answer for other girls, but i don't have an issue. I know some girls don't see larger men because they physically cannot, they aren't flexible enough.

  • Again, i can only answer for me. It can be perplexing because it turns me on, to turn you on. And it's my job, I want to give you a good service. But if you openly told me you don't get hard i would offer you a hand job or massage.

  • Personally, I don't do any sort of bondage/rape play with a new client. It's too risky and scary. You really need to know the person because if they sub-drop and you aren't aware, they aren't going to say the safe word. The other things like her acting disinterested, that's fine. That's a bit of role play and you can ask the girl in the intro if she would be interested in that.

  • Our job is to give you a service. The service is a massage, oral and sex. That service technically isn't completed unless you come. It isn't a REQUIREMENT that you come, because its not something we can control, but it can be difficult not to take such a thing personally. It's not an insult, but it can be taken personally.

  • It's not wrong to mention that, however please express to her that you aren't referring to orgasms. Tell her you like to treat a girl nicely and give her massages and such. Every client says "i can only come if you come" or something awful like that and it's SO ANNOYING.

I hope that helped!!

ps> The fact that you asked these questions shows you are a genuine and lovely guy. Don't be shy - you don't want a service from a girl that judges you from a camera anyway!

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