Here is the link to my last AMA. Proof was provided to the mods.

I am a woman who was born with a vaginal septum, meaning a wall that divided my one normal vagina into two smaller ones. In December I had surgery to remove the septum and make my vagina all normal and crap.

Ask away!

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berthapwnage47 karma

Thank you for doing this ama. I was born with a transvaginal septum that blocked off my vagina completely and it was pretty horrible for me as i had 4 years of built up menstrual blood build up that made me look like i was 5 months pregnant to doctors. Is this issue hereditary that you know of or were you the only one in your family that had this issue?

twotimesthetwat31 karma

I'm the very first one! So you had the type that went horizontally? Oh, that is so terrible-- I am so sorry!

berthapwnage19 karma

Yes, i did. Ive never actually heard of anyone else having a vaginal septum. (Either way) Was this a normal surgery for your doctor? Had he/she performed that type of surgery before? My case is apparently taught to med students here in Minnesota as the severity of the case was on the extreme side and i wanted doctors to be more familiar with the surgery as mine didnt go so well (and i cant talk about the post surgical stuff legally)

twotimesthetwat15 karma

I'm sorry to hear that! When my gyno and I discovered it she sent me to a surgeon who she said "is the only one I would trust my daughter with". So I went to him. He said he had seen 2 of my type before, the more common type, but mine was the only one which went from 2 o'clock to 8'oclock, rather than 12 to 6.

strawberrycc25 karma

Can you have children with no complications? What ill effects did the septum have on you?

twotimesthetwat37 karma

Now that the septum is removed, I absolutely can, but not for a while I hope. The septum made any sort of penetration nearly impossible, making a hormone run teenager absolutely nightmare-ish

strawberrycc20 karma

Damn that would suck. How is the post op going? Was it a hard surgery?

twotimesthetwat24 karma

It sucked, sure, but there are much worse things. The post op was rough for a few days, but once the packing was removed, I just had to be careful. The surgery itself took about 2 hours and went 'flawlessly'. I'm pretty damned pleased with the results.

strawberrycc17 karma

Well, having a working vagina is always better than not lol. How did guys react to it? Also, how did you find out you had it?

twotimesthetwat23 karma

Guys typically pretend to be fine with it, but are freaked out. Now that it is gone I think I'll only tell people that I'm seeing more seriously because now it isn't prevalent or their issue.

I found out at a Gyno appointment when I had already had some sort of suspicion that there was a growth or a blockage of sorts due to painful and often impossible sex.

AnnaSpink14 karma

Has there been any penetration since? How did it go?

twotimesthetwat39 karma

I was warned that it would be like losing my virginity again, and that it would likely be uncomfortable. And so it was. But, trust me, it got better and I'm on the path to average joe awesome sex any day now.

The_Bombsquad20 karma

Good for you OP! You go! Have that sex!

twotimesthetwat26 karma

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twotimesthetwat48 karma

I just got off work, so having a few beers and watching the season premiere of Legend of Korra.

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twotimesthetwat40 karma

I KNOW! It premiered last night but they are replaying the 1 hour episode tonight at 8. Get on that.

pantstuff6 karma

They showed 3 episodes last night.

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Neddy9311 karma

Do you ever miss your second vagina? I've heard of phantom limbs. What about phantom vaginas?

twotimesthetwat18 karma

Not even a bit. It was such an issue and a cancer in my life, I couldn't be happier.

Smurfeyyy10 karma

Since I can only pose this question to a woman without getting a confused reaction: why is one twat better than two?

twotimesthetwat31 karma

It isn't.

filthy-carrot10 karma

Hey there!

Dont mean to be weird, but when it comes to your period.. How does that work?

twotimesthetwat14 karma

Well, it used to bleed out of both holes quite annoyingly. However, now it is all normal.

IAmTheEngineer8 karma

Great work on the username!

I actually knew a girl with the same position in high school. How difficult was menstruation and that sort of thing pre-surgery?

twotimesthetwat11 karma

I actually have unrelated PolyCystic Ovaries, so menstruation can be painful and difficult. But the worst was not being able to use tampons. Big pads are like diapers and are very noticeable.

danesusername7 karma

First of all, after I read through the comments of your other AMA, I've concluded you're an awesome human being.

Second, did you tell your roommates about this AMA? I was a fan of their shenanigans in the other post.

Finally, do you sometimes miss the septum, or was it just a pure pain in the ass vagina?

twotimesthetwat3 karma

Ha! This was a spontaneous decision, so I'm sure they will find it eventually and make a mess of things. But it was a mess and I am glad to see it so easily uprooted.

LovepeaceandStarTrek6 karma

So now you have one?

twotimesthetwat14 karma

They removed the dividing wall, so, yeah.

LovepeaceandStarTrek20 karma

Surely you didn't go through with this without hooking up with double dick dude first?

twotimesthetwat69 karma

I was actually in recovery when he became huge!! My one regret...

angrypotato15 karma

How did you pee?

twotimesthetwat35 karma

camusdrop5 karma

are you friend with the guy with 2 dicks?

twotimesthetwat10 karma

No, but now I feel we should be friends/

I_am_Tre4 karma

Alright someone has to ask this. Could you have sex with both? I'll see myself out in shame...

twotimesthetwat12 karma

I could barely have sex in one. The issue was that the wall made both too small for a penis to comfortably fit without tearing and pain.

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twotimesthetwat16 karma

The surgery is relatively consequence free. It is fast, easy recovery, and has increased my quality of life greatly. Plus if she ever wants kids without a C-section, she'll need it.

goalcam3 karma

Dare I ask what kind of proof was provided to the mods?

twotimesthetwat10 karma

Medical form and ID. Nothing too exciting.

I_Have_Just_3 karma

Since the septum has been removed, do you have more feeling during insertion? As in, now you will have both "sides" will be stimulated at once?

congrats on the average joe sex now btw :)

twotimesthetwat2 karma

Thanks! I'm quite happy with it all.

Brozco3 karma

Did you ever have sex where some guy stuck it in both?

twotimesthetwat27 karma

Well, I had sex where the guy attempted to insert it into the "wrong" one and it simply wouldn't fit. There was some minor tearing that night. owwwww

TotallyBat-tastic3 karma

Had you attempted to masturbate or insert anything before you attempted to have vaginal sex and found it uncomfortable? Also, how old were you when you found out that you had a septum and how long did it take to have the surgery after finding out?

twotimesthetwat5 karma

I had and it was always uncomfortable but I thought it was simply because I was a virgin. So foolish. I found out when I was 18, but the surgery was rescheduled a few times. All in all it took almost 2 years to get the surgery.

kakashi18142 karma

Do you feel any different?

twotimesthetwat9 karma

I do, in a weird way, just knowing that I can do whatever I wish with that one vagina.

PLxFTW2 karma

Is your vagina extra large now?

twotimesthetwat12 karma

Nope! I had a normal sized one that was divided in two, so now it is all normal sized.

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twotimesthetwat8 karma

Thanks! I barely have the sexual ability to have normal sex, I think filming it would be more of a blooper reel than a porno.