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I can barely pass for 16 now and I'm 26.

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Thank you for doing this ama. I was born with a transvaginal septum that blocked off my vagina completely and it was pretty horrible for me as i had 4 years of built up menstrual blood build up that made me look like i was 5 months pregnant to doctors. Is this issue hereditary that you know of or were you the only one in your family that had this issue?

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Yes, i did. Ive never actually heard of anyone else having a vaginal septum. (Either way) Was this a normal surgery for your doctor? Had he/she performed that type of surgery before? My case is apparently taught to med students here in Minnesota as the severity of the case was on the extreme side and i wanted doctors to be more familiar with the surgery as mine didnt go so well (and i cant talk about the post surgical stuff legally)