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This is the definition of metal

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I did this simulation for my high school too (Every 15 Minutes). I was the dead person, they brought me to the morgue.

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I studied animal science and my research focused on ethical egg farming. What I determined, along with the American Veterinary Medical Association, is that furnished cages are the most humane way to house egg-laying hens, and in fact cage-free housing increases health risks for both the chickens and the people eating their eggs, what with the buildup of ammonia-rich waste and easily spread diseases. Not to mention that behaviorally, the desire to "run free" is a human one, not a chicken one.

My question is, why do you focus on cage-free housing and not furnished cages?

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That's some impressive acting! My mom forgot to tell my dad that the mock DUI crash was happening, so when the police called him for the "your daughter is dead" part, he didn't know it was fake.

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Yes :( I'm told it was for demonstration purposes only, fortunately