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Ellohwell2598 karma

Any sign of those lemon-stealing whores in your neighbourhood?

IAmJamesDeen2369 karma

hahahahaah thank god they are not around these parts

justathrowaway4ama2493 karma


IAmJamesDeen3301 karma

awesome.. awesome to the max

vaguelyraji2367 karma

If you had to give up either sex or burritos for the rest of your life, which would it be?

IAmJamesDeen3978 karma

YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!! how dare you

Jurassicparrot2176 karma


IAmJamesDeen3628 karma

ummmm she was dating this guy who owed me money and she wasn't allowed to talk to me but we always wanted to have sex since the day we met. we hadn't spoke for about 4 months and then ended up on set together and there was a lot of sexual frustration and build up anticipation... the guy ended up paying me too so it was a good day.

sophfrick1756 karma

what are the most inaccurate stereotypes/presumptions about the porn industry?

IAmJamesDeen2723 karma

i think a lot of people don't understand how truly professional the adult industry is. also how strict our health protocols are

silversdark1756 karma

Do you and Stoya ever bring people into the bedroom or do you keep your private realtionship just between you two?

IAmJamesDeen2729 karma

like to do what? we let people in all the time. someone has to check on the cats while we are away insert obvious wink sound and face

laidback_hoser1538 karma

You're known for whispering stuff to the women you bang on camera, but what is, according to you, the hottest thing a woman has ever whispered to you during sex, either on camera or off?

IAmJamesDeen2071 karma

i wish i had an answer for that... ummmm it obviously wasn't memorable. i was probably lost in the moment or it was situationally hot. sometimes a lady can just say hi and it is hotter than any dirty talk i ever heard

Asksthewrongquestion2110 karma

You sure it has nothing to do with lemons?

Edit: I'd like to dedicate this gold to James Deen's love for lemons. Thanks stranger!

gulpeg637 karma

Must also be easier to get turned on when your chances of getting laid are 100%.

IAmJamesDeen1192 karma

this is true. i am a total slut and pretty much a sure thing (winky noise)

Sugarbear____1456 karma


IAmJamesDeen1830 karma

nope. i just make porno. i actually make movies for me based on what i wanna see. i literally go in with zero regards to who my audience will be.

yes. check

president_of_derp1038 karma

That's pretty much how Trey Parker and Matt Stone make South Park. They just do whatever they think is funny, not really thinking about the audience. I'd say it works.

IAmJamesDeen3001 karma

i always say always create art for yourself and the audience will appreciate good work.. actually i never say that. i just said that now for the first time. why did i say i always say that?

fly_bird1445 karma


IAmJamesDeen1978 karma

kind of the coolest statement to read ever and i wish that was true :-)

only most :-(

jbg891423 karma

At what age do you think you'll retire and why is it age 69?

IAmJamesDeen1366 karma

hahahaah hopefully i never will retire but if i do i hope it is at 69... because that is hilarious

curiousitygotmycat1209 karma

On your website, you have a awesome opportunity to do a scene with you. Not so awesome for those of us that cant apply due to job (aka elementary teacher). Any chance that opportunity could happen without cameras?

IAmJamesDeen2075 karma

that wouldn't be a scene. that would be us just having sex. never say never :-)

notfromantarctica1145 karma


IAmJamesDeen1660 karma

so far? very few

Frajer1096 karma

You've talked about loving The Simpsons, who's your favorite character/what's your favorite episode?

IAmJamesDeen2117 karma


IAmJamesDeen1318 karma

probably homer. i suck at choosing favorites... monorail. no homer gaining weight to go on disability. NO the leader... NO

TotallyBitchinDude1032 karma

How is the porn industry going to continue to innovate and stay relevant when facing so much free amateur porn, piracy, etc.?

IAmJamesDeen1768 karma

good question. it is tough. i personally think the adult industry really fucked themselves over in the begging stages of internet porn. they lost the customers trust by doing shady moves like prechecked subscriptions and one click upsells etc etc. i personally try (at winky sound) to run an ethical business where i try to provide quality content and not screw over the costumer. i also intent to create social networking platforms and a better structure to provide an adult viewing service that incorporates more than just my own product. the goal is to create a porno wonderland where people WANT to participate. not a place where you trick people into handing over 30 dollars and hope they don't notice.

Nomsfud915 karma

What was Faye Valentine like really? I've been a fan of her films since I was eighteen and just wonder if she's as good as she looks

EDIT: a lot of people are insisting I discovered Faye Reagan before I was eighteen. The first video I saw with her in it was one where she was holding up her license saying she was born in 1988. I was also born in 1988. This would make me eighteen the first time I saw any porn from her

IAmJamesDeen1082 karma

she was a very sweet girl and i hope she is doing well where ever she is

RedditRalf911 karma

Is it difficult to perform when you have camera man, director and all the other people involved that arent seen on the films watching you. And has there been any funny incidents that have happened on scene with these people?

IAmJamesDeen1718 karma

i don't think so, but then again, this is what i do for a living so it would be a bad sign if i said it was. tons of funny things. you can capture all sorts of porno bloopers on the internet using google. god damn i fucking love google

kajais904 karma

Are you going to ever marry and/or settle down and have kids? If not, why?

IAmJamesDeen1845 karma

i currently don't want kids. i do like the idea of marriage. i am a sucker for romance

arae868 karma

What's the weirdest thing a female fan has said/asked you to do?

Being a female fan, I have a few ideas but I'll keep them to myself. curtsies

IAmJamesDeen1830 karma

nothing really weirds me out. i have done some stuff that people would probably think is weird but to me it was nothing weird at all... is peeing in someone's mouth while they dry hump a giant teddy bear weird? i don't think so but i can see why others would

IAmJamesDeen401 karma

i don't find many things weird.

gimpisgawd861 karma

How was meeting Zach Braff?

IAmJamesDeen1613 karma

he is a really cool guy. we email every now and then and i always giggle and get happy when i see him in my inbox

leemcgavinjoey840 karma

Are there any scenes that you found difficult/refused to partake in?

IAmJamesDeen2093 karma

i don't get down with clowns.

curiouslad2834 karma

How was working with Farrah Abraham like? How did she compare to professional porn stars?

IAmJamesDeen1392 karma

i think she qualifies as a professional porn star. she got paid to professionally make a porno. doesn't that qualify? i think she did a very good job.

the200sx829 karma

Worst sexual did it go?

IAmJamesDeen2652 karma

it was just bad. i stopped and started eating a sandwich then ejaculated on the floor for dramatic effect

SooooThisBitch674 karma

Do you have any tips on anal for a newbie?

IAmJamesDeen1161 karma

communication. always communicate... wait.. getting your ass fucked or fucking someone up the ass or having anal sex with a partner???

PraiseIPU598 karma

You want to get pegged?

IAmJamesDeen1200 karma

me personally? no thank you

MookiK660 karma

If not too intrusive... What are YOUR hard limits?

IAmJamesDeen1581 karma

don't like clowns and don't like being fucked up the ass. used to not be ok with being called a bitch but i got over that

helloimbenlinus637 karma


IAmJamesDeen1190 karma

name was from a nickname i had in jr high. i would smoke cigarettes across the street from school while wearing a leather jacket.

some 65 year old man asked if we went to high school together

ThePonShop619 karma

How's it hanging?

IAmJamesDeen1679 karma

i'm sitting so "it" is kinda mashed into a chair at the moment

arumberg604 karma

What was your reaction when you won your first Male Performer of the Year award?

If you could do one job for the rest of your life that had nothing to do with porn (acting, directing or producing), what would you choose and why?

IAmJamesDeen873 karma

i was very happy. it made me start to care about awards

i would probably be a lawyer. or in school trying to figure out what i wanted to be when i grew up. producer sounds fun too

Pousseymahbitch595 karma


IAmJamesDeen1292 karma

subjective. i think she is a very pretty lady

TheKingofBananas535 karma

Has anyone ever recognized you that you were shocked did? (i.e celebrity, a bizarre demographic)

IAmJamesDeen899 karma

not really. i don't leave my house much so it isn't really a flood of people shouting my name in the streets.

gypsybear492 karma

What are your 5 favorite books, in any order?

IAmJamesDeen2003 karma

i dont' know how to read

Matricidal368 karma

Is someone reading and typing for you?

IAmJamesDeen1020 karma

no, i just legit am not really into books. sometimes the prom queen will read to me because she loves to read and i like to listen. i am much more of an auditory learner anyway

hodayathink489 karma

If AB1576 passes, as a director/producer, do you see yourself shooting in California with condoms, or moving your productions out of California?

IAmJamesDeen812 karma

that is a whole thing... it really is messed up and hypocritical and a whole mess. i am really not educated on the bill enough to make a full statement but i don't see anyone using condoms if they weren't already and i don't see anyone movie if they haven't already. it violates all sorts of other laws and really just makes it so the government can always prosecute someone for something if they want.

VeryIrrelevant486 karma

What porn do you most enjoy yourself? Have you ever rubbed one out to that handsome fucker James Deen?

IAmJamesDeen951 karma

hahahaha i actually have. i edit a lot of my own movies and i shoot the type of stuff i want to see so every now and then it get's awkward in the editing bay

gypsybear461 karma

Who are your favorite bands? What kind of music do you like?

IAmJamesDeen1112 karma

i like all music. right now i have been listening to a lot of johnny cash and wu tang clan but before that it was lords of acid and willam belli

gypsybear911 karma

How are your bonds? Diversified?

IAmJamesDeen873 karma

hahahahahaha YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!

FanaticalSlacker452 karma

Do fans ever aggressively grab at you? If so, how do you deal with situations like that?

IAmJamesDeen1336 karma

rarely. i usually politely explain why it is not ok to do that kind of thing and try to give them some sexual education about respect for other people's boundaries

iatemysocks382 karma

Any advice for someone who might want to get into the industry in the production side of things? Do you like... do you need to know a guy, or how does that work?

Also I am a huge fan!! You're basically the only porn I bother watching.

IAmJamesDeen639 karma

be professional. people won't work with you if you are just trying to get laid.

lemontreehoar375 karma

Hi James, long time fan, first time caller. Wondering about the dialogue for the FANTASTIC lemon stealing whore. Was it scripted? Or improved?

IAmJamesDeen548 karma

loosely scripted but primarily improvised

actonesceneone359 karma

Question about Farrah. Did you expect the backlash involved in that shoot? Was she hesitant to do it? Would you do it again?

Thanks man, you do some cool shit!

Edit: Farrah is a teen mom from the show Teen Mom 2.

IAmJamesDeen594 karma

i kinda did. looking back it was obvious. i kept all the phone calls with vivid and the emails and texts and never signed a NDA so i have no restriction in any way or worry about what is true or anything

she was not hesitant. she and the company had a well negotiated deal before i ever met her.

i don't think i would.

kayina332 karma


IAmJamesDeen990 karma

filthy. i like to destroy mattresses

yourheartwasalegend331 karma

What always turns you off?

IAmJamesDeen791 karma

crotchless panties. someone asked this earlier and i didn't think of it until now

StoobieGacks298 karma

How's Stoya?

IAmJamesDeen893 karma

not my place to speak for the woman. go ask her

TriggerPete232 karma

What do you do for fun? Read? Video games? You a sports fan? What makes life worth living besides liking your job?

IAmJamesDeen346 karma

i have managed to turn any hobby or activity into a profession. the last thing was food now i have a show about it :-)

Bosch_Bettina142 karma

Were you going for cult porn film classic on Seven Deadly Sins? It is very sophisticated for pornography/adult entertainment. Was it your intent to break through and created a new genre in the adult film industry which was more artistic?

IAmJamesDeen184 karma

i just wanted to do some cool weird shit. it really is just a giant excuse to shoot pride.

but i plan on doing a festival cut with it. we will see where that goes

nate500135 karma

What's the grossest thing you've ever seen on set?

IAmJamesDeen298 karma

subjective. i don't get grossed out much. some of those bukake things are kinda gross to me i guess

yourheartwasalegend132 karma

Forget the best lay you've ever had. Where did you get the best burrito you've ever had?

IAmJamesDeen211 karma

hugo's tacos. it is not super authentic like the ones in old school highland park 15 years ago but that shit is fucking good

anymooseposter117 karma


How did you get the scar on your hip? I have almost the exact same one, and it always made me wonder.

IAmJamesDeen213 karma

i have a birth mark that they watched until i turned about 7 and then cut it out of me when it looked like it could get cancerous

mikhajew113 karma

Is it odd to you that you have seemingly as many male fans as female?

How did you get started in the industry?

IAmJamesDeen223 karma

i have no idea who likes me or why but i ain't gonna be sad about it

i always wanted to be in the adult industry. i sought it out. pretty much just kept asking people until someone knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who put me in a movie

summbitch62 karma

Didja know I have teen girls try to sneak into my sex toy shop to take pictures next to your replicas and try to post them to Instagram and FB as some nouveau status scavenger hunt?

Do you feel like you personally have influenced sexuality (with the help of tumblr and internet access) even a bit for our future ladies who are now currently girls and young adults? If so, where do you ultimately wish to see sex(uality) acceptance going in the next 3 years?

Also yay to Saturday.

IAmJamesDeen76 karma

i did not. that is pretty funny

i hope if i have it has been in a positive light

equality and respect would be a nice end goal.

Dionysiandogma45 karma

Who was your oldest lay?

IAmJamesDeen94 karma

i once had sex with a 54 year old for a milf site. i don't know how old some of these legends who come back are but i also have never really asked. the only reason i remember 54 is because it was on her test and at the time the format made the age the first thing you saw