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What do you do for fun? Read? Video games? You a sports fan? What makes life worth living besides liking your job?

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I've heard recordings of you play Rhapsody in Blue with Herbie Hancock a number of times, and they're fantastic. Do you have any interesting stories about your work with Hancock? What kind of impression did he make on you?

Also as the accomplished classical pianist that you are, have you also tried your hand at jazz and improvisation as Hancock did?

Thanks a lot!

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I'm glad to hear you enjoy the jazz side, too! Thanks so much for the answer!

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Louis always seems like the kind of guy in his stand up that would be great to have a beer with and just pal around saying stupid shit back and forth, but his jokes are all about how shitty he is in general.
In your opinion, is he self-deprecating for the sake of comedy, or does he really suck a lot more in real life than in his act?