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better known by his stage name James Deen, is an American pornographic actor and director.

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YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!! how dare you

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ummmm she was dating this guy who owed me money and she wasn't allowed to talk to me but we always wanted to have sex since the day we met. we hadn't spoke for about 4 months and then ended up on set together and there was a lot of sexual frustration and build up anticipation... the guy ended up paying me too so it was a good day.

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why do birds suddenly appear... every time... you are near!!!!!!

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awesome.. awesome to the max

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i pretty much fall in love for 45 minutes a day every day with whoever is letting me touch their genitals

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i always say always create art for yourself and the audience will appreciate good work.. actually i never say that. i just said that now for the first time. why did i say i always say that?

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like to do what? we let people in all the time. someone has to check on the cats while we are away insert obvious wink sound and face

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i think a lot of people don't understand how truly professional the adult industry is. also how strict our health protocols are

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it was just bad. i stopped and started eating a sandwich then ejaculated on the floor for dramatic effect