i am james deen i do porno for a living. i also just starred in a movie with lindsay lohan written by bret easton ellis called the canyons (https://www.facebook.com/TheCanyonsFilm). i am doing this this ama to educate people about the safety measures that are followed within the adult film industry... i will probably end up answering other questions too... unless you're a dick and then i just won't talk to you. learn more about me on http://jamesdeenblog.com or my twitter http://twitter.com/jamesdeen


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BostonFucktard2524 karma

What does Stoya's pussy taste like?

IAmJamesDeen3816 karma


hussard_de_la_mort2171 karma

Do you consider "Lemon Stealing Whores" to be your greatest artistic achievement?

And if not, what is?

IAmJamesDeen2124 karma


Sir_Lebowski1878 karma

i watched you last night...our cumshots were in sync.

IAmJamesDeen3388 karma

why do birds suddenly appear... every time... you are near!!!!!!

victorydefeat1767 karma

You, sir, are my ultimate fantasy. Just thinking that there is a chance you might read this shakes me to my core. My life would be complete if I could feel your gorgeous blue eyes piercing through to my soul. I have masturbated to your videos daily for the past three years. You're like breakfast to me.

That said, realistically, how can I have a shot at having sex with you? Who can I talk to to make this happen? This is the centerpiece of my bucket list, and I would do ANYTHING to make it come true. Please, please, answer this.

IAmJamesDeen2609 karma

i am thinking about doing a series where i do scenes with ladies who want to bang me. if you are so inclined i will make it very easy to apply when and if i ever get it up and running

sarcasmosis1325 karma

Why do people continue to think of pornography as more real than movies? As a filmmaker, I've always found this mind-boggling. Have amateurs blurred the lines that much? I think the stunt man analogy is very important. Thanks for doing this and keeping things interesting.

IAmJamesDeen1612 karma


Marianzillaa1251 karma

i want to sleep with you. can i sleep with you?

IAmJamesDeen2609 karma

sure but you're gonna get cuddled really hard

justavg11104 karma

Do you ever fall in love with the pornstars you are making a film with? Is is hard to part with them after the filming is done?

IAmJamesDeen3042 karma

i pretty much fall in love for 45 minutes a day every day with whoever is letting me touch their genitals

liapocalypse1031 karma

If I ever see you in public, what can I do that will guarantee that I can have a hug?

IAmJamesDeen1891 karma


HERO-SQUAD1023 karma

I know this isn't related to the issue, but what in god's name are you whispering into those ladies ears that I can't hear?! I must know.

IAmJamesDeen1722 karma

if i told you i would have to kill you... OH WAIT!!!!!!!! I AM SAYING "vote no on measure b" :-)

Vwolf17473 karma

Can I have a ringtone with those sounds?

IAmJamesDeen889 karma

patent pending :-)

[deleted]744 karma

Hey Hero-Squad, I have discovered the secret to watching James Deen films...headphones. Trust me, it changes the entire experience...you can hear every little whisper;)

IAmJamesDeen1211 karma

DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

dreamingtree917 karma

Hey James - I'm so glad you were able to do this so quickly, thanks heaps for doing this AMA! I've got a few questions:

  1. What implications will Measure B have on the US porn industry if it passes? Will international industries be affected? What about your own career?
  2. What is your favourite episode of The Simpsons?
  3. What scene would you suggest someone watch if they haven't seen your work before?
  4. Plenty of guys are given the advice to 'fuck like James Deen'. Can you share a move of yours that makes the ladies go crazy?

Again, thanks for doing this - hopefully you'll make it to Australia one day, that offer for a beer still stands :-)

IAmJamesDeen1170 karma

measure b is an unconstitutional law. realistically someone will get prosecuted and then appeal to the supreme court and it will be turned over. if it passes it sets a precedent that the adult film industry is a scapegoat and can be used to further personal agendas. i can't speak for international industries, but i imagine if there is a precedent set then other countries and counties will attack the community as well.

i don't have a favorite there are too many good ones

it all depends on what they are into

communicate with your partner when banging

McMuff1n27877 karma

You're the only man that made me seriously contemplate being gay...

IAmJamesDeen2268 karma

that is pretty rad... you know i am straight though? wouldn't you want to be a woman instead? i am confused... either way... rad

mrsthoroughfare826 karma

Why always anal in modern porn? Always? When did it become a sexual main course, rather than occasional treat? I think you're great, but honestly the endless shots of women's buttholes & endless seemingly lube-free anal sex really turns me off. It looks painful and rough in an un-fun way, as a viewer.

But you are great - keep up the good work.

IAmJamesDeen846 karma

i assume it is for sales purposes. if they are ALWAYS shooting it is probably due to the demand of said sex act

Danielthecow731 karma

Is it true that if you don't use it, you lose it?

IAmJamesDeen755 karma

all depends on what the it is

Nesquit704 karma

Would you say you're the Tom Hanks of porn?

IAmJamesDeen943 karma

i personally would not but i can't judge myself

Ashamed4this678 karma

Do you masturbate outside of work?

IAmJamesDeen1923 karma

constantly. if i didn't have people in the room i would be doing it now

ChrisJL667 karma


IAmJamesDeen784 karma

there are a lot of elements that go into making a great scene. performer chemistry is a integral element and you can tell that while it is happening

annielollipop663 karma

Why are you so fucking awesome?

IAmJamesDeen2175 karma

i have really cool parents

rdfiii632 karma

I loved your food reviews on your blog and I miss them. Ever bang a chick (on set or real life) while eating a burrito?

IAmJamesDeen1476 karma

actually yes. i have been known to "james deen"

IAmJamesDeen613 karma

thank you everyone. i am sorry if i didn't get to your question. i hope i was educational and you will vote NO on measure b. have an excellent night

krispy11593 karma

Are you DTF?

IAmJamesDeen1571 karma

always.. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy

CaptainRumBucket565 karma

After a while, do you start to enjoy eating asshole?

IAmJamesDeen1970 karma

buttholes are rad. if you don't enjoy putting them in your mouth then don't do it

TheDoctorIsDying550 karma

I can only ever watch porn when you are in it. You're my favourite and I love you.

That being said, I am not alone.

Does it bother you to have fans come up to you in public and geek the fuck out?

Also, what advice would you give a girl who wants to be awesome in bed?

IAmJamesDeen1054 karma

it does not bother me at all. i always get stoked and amazed that people know who i am.

pay attention to who your banging as you would want them to pay attention to you

CaptainMilo524 karma

Are we creeping you out because we all keep telling you how much we want to have sex with you?

But seriously, I totally want to have sex with you

IAmJamesDeen767 karma

nope. awesome to hear every time

Silverstream11178438 karma

How much longer do you want to continue doing porn, and when do you think you'll stop?

IAmJamesDeen1579 karma

i want to go until no one wants to look at me naked

infants423 karma

What kind of screening does a performer have to go through before filming a scene?

Thanks for doing this AMA.

IAmJamesDeen721 karma

performers go through testing every 14-28 days. their test is verified to be current by cross referencing through a database. once all this is done there is a physical inspection done by either a third party or the performers involved

billiexjeen410 karma

You do a lot of kink.com shoots... i understand they really focus on safety and that the model has a good time. Have you ever had a kink.com model bite more than she can chew and use a safeword while doing a scene?

IAmJamesDeen1203 karma

happens all the time but usually people use their safe words because they need to scratch their nose and less about not enjoying themselves

dndplosion913402 karma

What would you say is the biggest misconception about the industry you work in? Also, did you ever seriously study acting?

IAmJamesDeen755 karma

i would say probably fluffers and drugs.

missfapulous400 karma

I just wanted to say I love your blog and all of your videos, as a female a lot of porn doesn't really appeal to me because it's so unrealistic, your videos are amazing though. Your enthusiasm for eating a girl out is something all guys should strive for :)

IAmJamesDeen374 karma

thank you

sofiesyd400 karma

it's not a question, it's a compliment: you make porn fun for girls (to watch). i think it's because girls can tell when girls are faking and the stuff you do looks genuine. and smexy. you pay attention.

IAmJamesDeen294 karma

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LinuxGills376 karma

James Deen you are my absolute favorite. And here's my great, thought provoking question: Do you happen to own any penis hats?

IAmJamesDeen462 karma


billiexjeen373 karma


A few questions,

  1. How did measure B get brought into government spotlight in the first place? As I see it, the industry has already an effective method of safety in place.

  2. What was your favourite part about making a mainstream movie?

  3. A long ass time ago you tweeted " i want to pee in Lindsay Lohan's coffee" and you've worked with her... Tell me...DID YOU PEED IN HER COFFEE?

  4. You are the most interesting man in the world... when you drink beer, what do you drink?

IAmJamesDeen899 karma

i have NO idea

i liked the acting... a lot

hahahahahaha shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


idleidol368 karma

If your family and friend's know about your job, how did they find out, and how did they react when they found out?

IAmJamesDeen670 karma

everyone knows. i told them and they were ok with it. they wanted to verify that i was safe and after they knew that then they were ok with it

ThankyouMrDeen361 karma


IAmJamesDeen722 karma

i jerked off.... a lot

dramafreak219345 karma

Have you ever slept with one of your fans?

IAmJamesDeen849 karma

if they ask nicely

baustin92336 karma

Hi James!

I think condoms in porn is a bad idea, but I think that people outside the industry need to understand the importance of safe sex. Inside the industry i understand actors get tested repeatedly and are safe before anything goes down.

MY QUESTION: how are you going to use your platform, as a popular porn star, to let people now that off set that condoms are important? I've seen you address this in a couple of your interviews, but do you plan on addressing it a different way?

IAmJamesDeen717 karma

i try to always talk about safe sex in interviews as well as donate my time to doing safe sex ads and campaigns. i agree that it is important

junkmo322 karma

where's that lady that met him at a hotel in vegas?

IAmJamesDeen385 karma

i don't know. but she is rad

ncour314 karma

What is your best advice to a man about pleasing a woman?

IAmJamesDeen1583 karma

ask her how to please her?

leanna_bee313 karma

What is it like working with Lindsay Lohan?

IAmJamesDeen684 karma

it was rad and a half

hotchagirl281 karma

Does this sway your decision to stay in the industry?

And do you ever date? (in and/or out of the industry)

Is marriage an option for you?

Also, my heart is racing right now.

IAmJamesDeen591 karma

not at all. i love condoms and have no issue using them. i use them ALL the time in my personal life. my issue is government interference and violation of my first amendment rights. and the insult that we are not people. we are adults and should be treated as such.

i do date both in and out of the industry

i do want to get married one day

sexhammer273 karma

I don't t have a question, I would just like a wink from Mr. James Deen

IAmJamesDeen427 karma

;-) heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy

Redplushie243 karma

What's the difference for you when you're having sex for work versus doing it to some you actually love?

PS. Please acknowledge me.

IAmJamesDeen424 karma

hi you are totally acknowledged :-)

there isn't much difference. lights and a camera i guess

edw18239 karma

Who is (are) your favorite female(s) to work with?

IAmJamesDeen740 karma

the ones with faces... and skin

winterbones236 karma

Hi James Deen! This isn't directly related to measure b, but I was just wondering what type of sex ed you received, if it was in school or from parents etc. Also have you been using condoms in your personal life throughout your sexual history?

IAmJamesDeen402 karma

i always use condoms in my personal life. i had sex ed from... well i don't really know. i just kind of figured it all out. i had talks with my parents but they were mainly just letting me know i could ask them anything

McBobbyLobLaw221 karma

Anal or vagina?

IAmJamesDeen675 karma

vaginal.... anal to watch vag to do

SilentExchange204 karma

If you could only do one more movie, who would you want as your co-star?

IAmJamesDeen693 karma

audrey hepburn???? maybe???

FuzzyManPeach188 karma

Hey James! Huge fan!

I read an interview that you did a while ago, I can't remember where, but I remember that you said in it that you knew that you wanted to enter the industry at a crazy early age (kindergarten, I think). How did you know this early on? Also, how did knowing before you hit puberty affect your sex life prior to entering the industry?

Also, what do your parents make of your career?

Keep up the good work ;).

IAmJamesDeen459 karma

i knew what sex was and i thought it was cool. enticing and alluring. i don't think it really affected me much. i was always the kid who was sexual. i used to dry hump the pole on the jungle gym in preschool even though i had no idea what was happening. i just always liked sex. my parents are proud of how successful i am and all i have accomplished

phadne183 karma

what's your favorite food?

IAmJamesDeen680 karma

the edible kind

amheekin120 karma

So you say you're doing this AMA to educate people about safety measures followed in the industry. Can you talk about that a little bit? What measures are taken? Thanks! (I just found out who you are yesterday; now I follow you on Twitter!)

IAmJamesDeen211 karma

the adult film industry is very strict about the testing regiment. there are only a few locations you are allowed to go get tested and if you choose your personal physician those testing facilities need to verify and clear their testing procedures. basically we use really high sensitivity shit and they need to make sure everyone else does too. those tests are done every 14-28 days or even earlier depending on performer request. they get logged in a database and then cross referenced against what the performer provides on set to avoid anyone faking their results. after that there is a physical inspection of the performers from either a third party or the persons in the scene. this has been done since the last transmission of hiv which was almost 10 years ago

yanjaa110 karma

What are your favourite type of scene/s to do? You know, since you kind of do a lot of them... You must've both developed a taste or had a style from the get-go.

IAmJamesDeen227 karma

i don't do anything i don't enjoy doing

bnay22104 karma

If passed, what are the negative effects measure B will have on performers and LA county as a whole?

IAmJamesDeen199 karma

the industry will be forced to leave la costing 100's of thousands in tax dollars that would need to be recouped from other tax payers in addition to 1000's of jobs

astroarchaeologist84 karma

Thank you for doing this! I love your work, and i'm totally looking forward to the Canyons!

I do have a question tangentially related to measure b: how do you think the adult industry could promote condom use? Should they, even?

Again, thanks for being awesome!!!

IAmJamesDeen277 karma

i think they should. i think we should continue to put psa's in front of our dvd's that say that we are all tested and if you are going to have sex please use a condom. we do that. i think with internet porn being so much more popular than dvd's people forget this. maybe have 30 second safe sex ads or AHF ads imbedded into every tube site video? i like that idea

princessheeter49 karma

What will become of cream pies? Also, thank you for all of the sustained eye contact you make in many of your videos. You are truly a ladies man.

IAmJamesDeen67 karma

thank YOU

creampies won't exist anymore. vote no on measure b