**Im 20 years old and live in Denmark, me and my friends got the idea to travel around USA 1 year ago, and saved up some money to go on then best trip ever - heres a link to our group on Facebook with videos of our whole trip - its on Danish! https://www.facebook.com/groups/734285983278544/

The trip has costed around 7290 dollars for each person.

My Proof: Imgur Imgur

More pictures of our trip Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

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CubanSagar128 karma

I think I've met you.. Were you riding a bike through neveda? Near some hot springs

matdau101 karma

YES! haha

hnnm109 karma

Has anything surprised you about the US? How are the American people compared to the Danes?

And slightly OT... which city from Denmark are you from, how do you like it, and what's the best city? :) (I love Denmark!)

matdau219 karma

The American people are more open minded, everybody says hi and wanna help out, while in Denmark people are more reserved. Im from Odder, a city near Aarhus!

Tarron13 karma

Aalborg is the best city!

matdau71 karma

Its not!

skrangeo75 karma

Were the Texans friendly?

matdau111 karma

Very polite, oh yes!

Jakeinspace58 karma

Let's ask the real question, how much has it cost?

matdau71 karma

around 9000 dollars each :)

Chris85748 karma

What was the most expected/stereotypical thing you've seen in the US?

matdau209 karma

FAT people!

leighcar46 karma

Whats your destination after vegas?

matdau72 karma

Back to Denmark, going home in 3 days!

Kodane31 karma

What did you miss the most from Denmark? And what surprised you most about the States?

matdau102 karma

The Danish food, and I'm not complaining but also the weather, its tooo damn hot here! Also the high prices in stores, its so easy to get fat over here, its so cheap for junk over here!

Bamcfp35 karma

Yeah we're currently in a heat wave. Summer isn't usually this brutal

matdau73 karma

but i should not complain about the weather, cause when I'm going home i will start complain about the danish weather...

SinisterPaige27 karma

If you ever come back and I hope you do, you should do a road trip of the top half of the United States.

Take care and I'm glad you came.

matdau52 karma

def in my mind, would love to come back any time! tough we had a break in, in st louis were we got everything stolen, its a lovely country!

ThomasCr0wn39 karma

For a 23 yr old who is travelling to Aarhus in a few weeks, what is the best thing you could do in Denmark that you couldn't in the US? A certain type of food, a certain event?

matdau91 karma

In Denmark we eat a bread called rugbrød, that you don't have over here, which we missed so much, and in Denmark you can actually enjoy riding a bike in the cities, while here you have to watch out all the time, and ride almost next to the cars! You should also try Risengrød!

leozander34 karma

Pick up any lot lizards?

matdau109 karma

Nope, sorry! aint nobody got time for that!

Mr_Minister_Farris29 karma

What has been the highlight of the trip so far?

matdau128 karma

Its actually happening right now, were in Vegas, staying at a lux hotel and going to EDC!!

Kooltiga32 karma

how many rolls have you taken so far

matdau168 karma

no doing drugs mate.

roll_tide1527 karma

What advice would you give to someone interested in doing something similar?

matdau45 karma

Get as much as possible planned before you go! And take the time to see places, we've been in quite a hurry, so we missed some things we actually wanted to see. :)

sith_ninja21 karma

Welcome to the states! What stereotypes did you find to be true about us? What stereotypes did you find to be false? Are we really assholes compared to everywhere else? You can be honest!

matdau68 karma

Well, all i knew before hand was based on people who had been here, or on what i have seen in documentaries and movies. But theeeere is soooo many obese people, and the fast food chains is everywhere... Its like almost more expensive to eat at home than to go into Dennys, in and out or something like that. But we have seen all kinds of people.

18andover19 karma

Did you see anything as cool as Christiania?

matdau21 karma

Not actually, is there anything like it?

smellykel15 karma

From the map I saw you stopped in Detroit, what did you think of it? Where did you go?

matdau30 karma

Oh, we just went trough, we came from Canada and just saw house wrecker and totally destroyed. Feel sad for them!!

ClitorisPaperCut13 karma

What has it been like to drive on big and busy american roads compared to small Denmark?

42andlex35 karma

your username made me cross my legs and shuffle uncomfortably in my seat.

matdau10 karma


matdau31 karma

Its quite fun, my two friends who were driving didn't want to go into the cites because the car was so big, and its quite hard to find parking lots, so we just stayed outside of the cities on a campground and took metro into the big cities.

esthermyla12 karma

Did you make it up to San Francisco? I'm not originally from there but it seems you skipped Montana. I hope you enjoyed it here! I am lucky enough to be studying abroad in Denmark and I hope I have a similar experience

matdau47 karma

Oh. We had a good time in san Francisco, took a bike trip over golden gate, got my first tattoo, saw everything there is to see in San Fran. Lovely city!

Eternally6512 karma

Where did you start? What has been your itinerary?

matdau40 karma

We started out in Fort Lauderdale where we went to miami after, i actually got a copy of it here - https://scontent-a-lax.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t31.0-8/1273593_10200979830672911_121739799_o.jpg

Eternally6531 karma


matdau21 karma

Yep, im afraid so! What did i miss?

Eternally6538 karma


matdau29 karma

Its hugeeeeeee, and some beautiful landscapes!

dirtymoney0 karma

oh man, you completely went around missouri. You missed out big time.

matdau4 karma

what did i miss the most?

darthn3ss6 karma

Mountains and national parks in the west/north west, it's freaking beautiful up there.

matdau7 karma

We have also been hiking in Grand Canyoun, Bryce Canyoun, Zion and so on!

redsox1311 karma

Did you visit Chicago, or anywhere in Illinois? If so, how was it? Living near Chicago, I've always thought that people who have never traveled to the Midwest would just see it as boring cornfields (which a lot of it is).

matdau18 karma

Well, we were in Chigago for a limited time, saw the big bean and went to my first Baseball game! It was quite cold!!

poorWilson11 karma

Did you go through Utah? It's beautiful here. If so, what did you think?

matdau21 karma

Yes!!! Utah was so beautiful! Were in national parks as well!

r-eddi-t210 karma

Did you stop in Cleveland, Ohio!?

matdau8 karma

No we didnt, what did i miss? tell me!

Xannadree10 karma

Hey there! A few questions from a fellow French traveler as I'm really interested in doing the same thing at some point in time!

  • what made you choose this speciic itinerary?
  • is there any state you missed but wished you could have visited?
  • how much did you save up for this?
  • how diverse were all the landscapes throughout your trip?

Btw, I do recommend you do the New York New York roller coaster in Vegas, it's quite an awesome way to start the day especially after a rough night :D


matdau25 karma

  1. We sat down, figured out what we needed to see, and what we wanted to see and picked out cities!
  2. hm, can't really think of any now, our trip has been perfect on the route we chose!
  3. around 40.000 danish krones - around 9000 dollars.
  4. So diverse, every state is so different, its quite funny!

dracovich10 karma

Why didn't you wait one year? Seems like a shame that you can't go to any bars or clubs while there :/

matdau20 karma

Im going to study next year, and it was the perfect time for my friends also. Yes its a shame, but were at EDC vegas now and had a night out in Canda!

Shibalba8059 karma

Get tons of American vagina?

matdau42 karma

Nope! No time for that. All we saw was Chinese people. Danish girls are better

beergoggles6930 karma

...you've wasted 3 months of your life

matdau50 karma

got a girlfriend, she won't be happy!


You go to California?

matdau17 karma

Yes we did!

lawrnk20 karma


matdau50 karma

The food, do i need to say more.

belugacat7 karma


matdau10 karma

Im on a ESTA, its maximum 3 months, and were here for 87 days :)

lshic7 karma

best beach?

matdau26 karma

Miami, def.

vtjohnhurt7 karma

What does the RV smell like at the end of the trip? Any breakdowns?

matdau34 karma

No, only one break in! Smells of man!

wbminister6 karma

Can I ask you (as a fellow dane and aspiring young-travler) what made you take the US over other destinations? I really wan't to have a badass time with a few friends (aswell) ;D

And what would you recomend visiting in the US? Some type of "bucketlist" ;D

matdau20 karma

I think the reason why i wanted to go is that I'm not really finding it interesting in Asia, and i never been to USA, and i really wanted to go. Were mostly sports interested so that has been a factor too.

cfard6 karma

When Americans asked you to say something in Danish, did you say "Rødgrød med fløde" and make them try to repeat it?

matdau9 karma

hahahah... yes, thats exactly what i do!

Bluestalker5 karma

Savner du leverpostej?

matdau2 karma


iceviking5 karma

from where did you rent the rv, do you recomended and how much did the rv/gas/trip coast ?

du har inspireret mig til at tage en tur (icelander here not sure how good my danish is haha)

matdau8 karma

Oh, don't have that in numbers, sorry! But we rented from Roadbear.com, only good comments about that company! Det er perfect!

popcorntopping5 karma

Did you rent or buy the RV? Did you have any trouble being the age you are?

matdau10 karma

We renter it from road bear! 2 of my friends are over 21, so they were driving!

Tyanuh3 karma

How much money did you spend in total up to now? And what are the most significant cost catagories?

matdau5 karma

probably campgrounds or gasoline, i spend around 8000 dollars, with all included, like Sea world, six flags, food to my self and so on!

swarzenigger3 karma

Did you use the shitter in the RV ? How long to fill it up with 5 brawny dudes?

matdau8 karma

haha, 3 times or so. we only used it for pissing

alcoda013 karma

Was there a stereotype or belief you had about Americans that you found to be false or inaccurate?

matdau6 karma

I don't really think i was thinking of any stereotypes before i came here, but is def sure that ur very open minded and very easy to speak with, like strangers in Denmark don't talk to each other on the train, bus and so on. You do often here! its cool!

KaheykyPants3 karma

How was the food so far? Anything that surprised you?

matdau17 karma

Way to much fast-food over here, some chains is better here than in Denmark, we've been at Subways 10000 times and panda express is yummy!

Jigga_my_Tigga3 karma

Looks like you took a pretty good route, you mostly missed countryside and natural landmarks which can be nice too. What are your favorite parts of America? What would you want your home country to adopt that you saw or experienced in America? Did you hit New York City or philadelphia, or boston? Did you see a lot of poverty or poor people in America? More than at home? Have you ever been anywhere as diverse in people (color language culture and background)?
What did you honk if the stores and shopping malls? How about advertisement and billboards? Too many?

matdau8 karma

Well, some of the food i really wanna adopt! And the kindness of almost every people we met! - also in and out burger, please? We saw a lot of poor and homeless people, and I've never experienced it like here, they are up in your face asking for money, i don't like it. Love the shopping, its really cheap over here considered to denmark! advertisement and big billboards its just a part of the experience!

Laboii3 karma

Rugbrød med varm leverdreng - Hvor nemt er det at opstøve sådan en i staterne?

matdau2 karma

Umuligt. Vi var i Solvang hvor vi fik et rundstykke!

oh-dae-su1 karma

Could the American hot dogs even hold a candle to the legendary Danish pølser?

matdau1 karma

not even close, I'm so disappointed.

DynamChaotic2 karma

My cousin from Denmark did the same thing with his friends and are leaving in a few days, how crazy. They traveled around 3 months too. Are American or Danish parties better?

matdau1 karma

Danish fo suuuure

tshoe931 karma

Why did you choose the United States to travel through?

matdau2 karma

Just had to experience it, everything you see and hear on TV.

Solkre1 karma

How much have you spent on gas?

matdau2 karma

around 3700 dollars, can't tell exactly.

LiqhtNiqht1 karma

Savner du ikke friske danske kartofler?

matdau1 karma

Rigtig meget, glæder mig til at komme hjem.

captain_reddit_1 karma

What was the most beautiful landscape you saw on your trip?

matdau15 karma

Bryce Canyoun!

laurier1121 karma

No matter where I travel, the three most common groups I meet are americans, dutch, and danes. What is it about your part of the world that makes people want to travel?

matdau2 karma

In my case its to see the world, like Denmark is such a small country, and I've seen everything that is to see in Denmark. Also think that its a good way to get away from all the studying.