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I won't promise it, but I will do everything in my power to have one.

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Not falling off the board I would imagine.

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That's my first to second safety measure ;)

ihatethelivingdead11 karma

Cool, make sure you keep your face away from the jet too, I heard those things can get hot.

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haha will do.

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the list of safety measures is a little to long to list right now. but you can rest assure that I had had many years of experience making what looks impossible possible in a safe and controlled environment. I will take every precaution afforded to me to make sure that AmA happens.

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snoo yes. snoo has been good to me.

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At 300mph won't the air resistance be a little bit like a brick wall?

Also you are insane and I admire the hell out of you for it. That is one bad ass looking machine.

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wind tunnel test and CFDing has shown this to be rather minimal.

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And here's where we find the advert to the question that had plagued reddit philosophers for ages: is there life after AMA?

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Would that be a ALAmA?

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Does your luge have a reinforced carbon-fibre compartment for your incredibly large balls?

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have you been spying on my design?

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Ha! Good luck to you, brother.

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thank you.

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Do you enjoy having skin?

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it can be over rated at times.

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Where do you want to be buried ????

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I want my remains spinkeled over a very densely populated city... but I don't want to be cremated.

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Hit a bump and that may happen.

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so be it.

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Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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nor I. thank you for your concern.

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May you rest in pieces sir!

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I may.

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Where are you getting the money to fund this?

Did you design the board?

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I took out two personal loans. one for $43000AUD and another for $44800AUD that has gotten the board to it's current state. I now fund it after selling all my stuff and use my monthly paycheck. I designed and built the board with the help of my friends at Custom Carbon Components. their on Facebook if you look them up.

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How did you convince the bank to lend you 80 grand to build a jet powered skateboard for no real monetary gain?

Also what have been the costs so far?

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Actually the funny part is when they ask what I was getting the personal loan for I told them I'm building a jet powered luge to break a land speed record. they laughed at me haha. everything costs. you put the words turbine or land speed in any sentence and prices quadruple. everything is custom except the trucks. one turbine is $18000AUD at the time when I bought them.

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Does this mean the trucks are already able to reach such speeds?

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We'll see. no trucks have ever gone those speeds. all truck companies didn't want a bar of me haha.

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How do you expect to pay back the loans?

DazTheCowboy55 karma

very very slowly. this was never about money or fame. this venture won't bring either. it was about fulfilling a childhood dream and to say I gave my everything to follow one of my dreams.

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I can respect that! Best of luck!

DazTheCowboy10 karma

thank you

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You're starting to remind me of the Kiwi with the Indian. I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard this. But I consider that a very high compliment.

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Burt Munro is/was a great man. I consider it a compliment even when they mean it as a joke.

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Will you be strapped to the board to make sure that you stay on it? Kinda like on snowboards where you have those straps for your feet.

DazTheCowboy18 karma

no. part of the rules doesn't allow me to be strapped to the board. The other reason is if there is any emergency I can slid free and hopefully away from the board.

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What would the effect of bailing at 300mph be on your body?

DazTheCowboy28 karma

extreme. besides the friction burn and blistering I could also suffer hyper extended joints breaks and death.

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This sounds so casual. Best of luck to you!

DazTheCowboy10 karma

I'm all to aware what can happen. which is why I take so many precautions minimizing it as much as I can.

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I'm trying (and failing) to imagine would could possibly go so wrong that death is considered the 'safe' option.

DazTheCowboy9 karma

It's not. that is why we work to minimize this risk.

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If it goes wrong at 300 there won't be much board left.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

or human.

randomtwinkie9 karma

Can I take out a life insurance policy on you?

DazTheCowboy5 karma

to late ;)

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I noticed on your website that braking has to be done with your feet making contact to the road. What sort of things to you have to take into account when going from 300mph to 0 using only your feet?

DazTheCowboy9 karma

wind resistance can kill. it can dislodge me rrom my board if I do the wrong thing at the wrong time. the other is I have to be careful with how quickly I reposition my weight. this could also have a catastrophic outcome.

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Where on your board is the flux capacitor installed?

DazTheCowboy8 karma

You'll have to ask thr doc

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Bonus points if you can break the record on this street: http://www.executiveedge.com.au/themes/executiveedge/images/issue8/lombard-street.jpg

DazTheCowboy4 karma

I was there last year but I forgot to bring my board. I really want to streetluge that hill. it's possible.

gin-n-tonic2 karma

You sir, have got it. Good luck to you cowboy.

DazTheCowboy3 karma

thank you good sir (hat tip)

Familiastone5 karma

Don't you mean- ah forget it...

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How much space do you need to stop? And will you have any ability to steer the luge once you reach top speed?

DazTheCowboy11 karma

the board is lean steering. you will be surprised with how responsive it can be. my board has a much lower angle base plate to help with stability. We are not sure what distance ee need to stop as yet as no one has ever attempted to do the speeds I will do. This will be one of the reasons for all the testing.

JeanLucPicKev6 karma

Godspeed, man.

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That's about 45, right? He'll have to go plaid.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

ludicrous speed!

DazTheCowboy2 karma

thank you

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Health/life insurance. Do you have it and what company is crazy enough to cover you?

DazTheCowboy9 karma

none as yet. I think their to smart for me.

bachiavelli8 karma

not sure if grammar errors are intentional word play or not...

DazTheCowboy6 karma

words, speaking and walking are not my strong suits

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What do you plan to eat as your last meal before the attempt?

DazTheCowboy8 karma

something light.

i_pee_in_the_sink5 karma

Is it loud?

DazTheCowboy7 karma

yes very.

NatenLogansDad5 karma

Ever have any wtf am I thinking moments?

Assuming this goes off without a hitch, what's next.

Will there be a live stream?

DazTheCowboy11 karma

haha I have that every day. Every day I spend working in retail. I have occasionally had it with the jet luge. it keeps you alive. makes you double/triple check everything. I have so much I want to do. my next adventure is loving my wife as much a I humanly can. I don't care where I am as long as we are having a ball. she streetluges as well and we have spoken of riding some of the most highest remote roads in the world.

NatenLogansDad5 karma

What about live stream? If not, I want an email on how you made out! Good luck you crazy bastard! Godspeed!!!

DazTheCowboy5 karma

oh sorry! I'm going to try and stream live during the attempt.

NatenLogansDad1 karma

Don't know the time zone difference, but I will be looking for the date and time.

Follow up, if you do this down under, and I'm watching it in the US, technically you'll be world famous correct?

DazTheCowboy2 karma

haha. I guess. but what is fame? I don't really care for it.

NatenLogansDad9 karma

Fame is if you ever travel to Philadelphia, PA in the USA I will buy you a pint.

DazTheCowboy19 karma

I like fame.

Highsenbong4 karma

Would you simply vaporize if you wrecked?

DazTheCowboy4 karma

I would suffer major injuries and or possibly die. but that is why I have an extremely skilled team and we test test and do more testing. I won't attempt to just hit 300mph in one go.

LLv24 karma

Just be careful with the oscillation overthruster, Buckaroo.

AnotherDawkins4 karma

Awesome reference, too bad OP has no clue.

DazTheCowboy3 karma

I'm not that cool, trust me. a link would be nice ;)

LLv24 karma

It refers to a technology in the film Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension, which I will allow you to use Google to read about.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

cool. I'll check it out.

AnotherDawkins3 karma

It's from an old movie, IMDb link

Watch it, love it.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

haha I'm so watching this when I get home.

AnotherDawkins1 karma

I might as well. Watched it probably over 100 times in my life. Never gets old.

DazTheCowboy1 karma

haha cool

DazTheCowboy1 karma

I don't need to worry about that. I don't know what it is haha

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DazTheCowboy8 karma

why not?

Plasmm3 karma

Sounds good to me then. Good luck!

DazTheCowboy2 karma

thank you :)

NotSoSlippery4 karma

How did you get started with streetluge?

DazTheCowboy5 karma

I started in 1996 after seeing it on tv

NotSoSlippery4 karma

What kind of wheels are you using? How are they internally mounted?

DazTheCowboy8 karma

I'm using custom built drag racing wheels used for top fuel snow mobile racing on asphalt built by Pro Line in the United states. they are rated up to speeds of 800kph. they then have an adapter that is mounted to standard 8mm skateboard axle.

KESPAA3 karma

I'm using custom built drag racing wheels used for top fuel snow mobile racing on asphalt built by Pro Line in the United states. they are rated up to speeds of 800kph.

Fuck yeah!!

mounted to standard 8mm skateboard axle.

Fuck me..

DazTheCowboy3 karma

haha I like you

ThrowawayMarkz4 karma

Cool don't kill yourself. Good luck bro

DazTheCowboy5 karma

Thank you for your support :)

Whereisnumnum3 karma

Pretty sure I asked to buy your turbines once you were done and you never really answered and kinda dodged to question. So can I? Sorry if that was some other guy riding a jet luge.

EDIT: Yup, totally you.

EDIT: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1iuzig/trying_to_set_a_landspeed_record_on_this/

DazTheCowboy2 karma

haha. sure you can buy them. I accept cash.

BorderColliesRule3 karma

So what type of clothing/protective gear will you be wearing?

DazTheCowboy9 karma

I have a custom set of racing leather good for speeds of around 350+kph I hope to do the run in a very ooen area so my biggest threats are friction burn and rag dolling (flopping around once dismounted) impact injury will be rather minimal.

BorderColliesRule5 karma

TIL, they make racing suits for 220mph....

Fuck me....

Best of luck with your endeavor!

DazTheCowboy9 karma

"they" don't, I did. I do custom racing leathers on the side. I have had a few years practice making racing suits for gravity sports and motorcycle racing.

BorderColliesRule2 karma


DazTheCowboy10 karma

yes. there is a very good helping of kevlar in the suit. it is actually one of the heaviest I have done.

BorderColliesRule1 karma

Give us an image!

DazTheCowboy15 karma

I'm currently at work and nowhere near my leathers sorry. I would also like to keep the construction of my leathers private as there are other manufacturers out thete that steal designs and stitching.

mcrae442 karma

isnt impact injury=ragdolling? im confused

DazTheCowboy3 karma

yes, you would be correct. it is a form of impact injury.

LittleClitoris3 karma

Are you insane?

DazTheCowboy3 karma

possibly. I do work retail.

telekinetic2 karma

Why is your board not covered in energy drink sponsorship stickers? Jesus, marketing guys for various beverage companies, get on the freaking ball!

DazTheCowboy4 karma

THANK YOU!!!! one guy gets it! listen to this guy people who own energy drink stuff.

flobbaddobbadob2 karma

Do you need any help? Any at all.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

haha. sure. where are you and what can you do?

h3lme72 karma

I've been following your posts on /r/longboarding for quite a while now, super excited that the board is finished and you are close to going for it!

DazTheCowboy2 karma

thank you, I'm also veey excited. We still have a long road ahead of us haha.

nissansilviafan2 karma

What's the highest speed you've ever reached on a street luge?

DazTheCowboy2 karma

I have done 137kph on a streetluge. I have done 340kph on a motorcycle.

Flygonisprettygood2 karma

I double dog dare you to do it with no hands

DazTheCowboy3 karma


NitroMeta1 karma

What helmet style/brand will you be using?

DazTheCowboy2 karma

I have a Vector M5

NitroMeta1 karma

Is their going to be any additional gear for aerodynamics? Also I wish you the best of luck.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

extra gear? I'm not allowed anything covering me when I go for the record.

herpderpherpderp1 karma

Sorry, our rules state that you can host an AMA after you have completed an event, not before. Thanks!

DazTheCowboy3 karma

I'm sorry.

MotorMonkey1 karma

Are you gonna be running on dirt or asphalt? And also how fucking badass are you? Cause I think you're pretty badass.

DazTheCowboy3 karma

haha thanks. it will be done on eith asphalt or salt. not sure yet. if a sponsor jumos on it could be salt with live streaming.

MotorMonkey1 karma

Wow cool. Good luck!

DazTheCowboy2 karma

Thanks :)

norubinstien1 karma

This guy, this guy has a massive set of balls. I'd be honored to hold his beer.

DazTheCowboy6 karma

cool. no sipsies.

CaptShutIn1 karma

Do you know what the chances are that it will explode? Rocket luge seems kinda explody.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

rockets explode. I have turbine engines. mine tend to fail catastrophically and disintegrate. it is a possibility but not a big one.

nosaJ42971 karma

How much fo you trust the board, considering you made it by hand? Do you question your work, or are you fairly confident in it?

DazTheCowboy2 karma

I am completely confident in it or I wouldn't even sit on it. I have spent a lot of money, done a lot of research and we have done a lot of testing just to get to this point. we know what the board can do and I love how it is so far. I can barely tell I'm at speed when I'm on it the aerodynamics are so good. this is in wind tunnel testing of course.

mento19861 karma

Where will you be attempting this feat?

DazTheCowboy2 karma

good question. I'm hoping to do it at Bonneville in Utah. I am taking dogecoin donations and trying to raise money for the Westmead Childrens Hospital while rausing it for myself as well to see if I can get enough to do it there. but if a sponsor jumps on I'm hoping we can really get some stuff happening with live streaming and big long runs. you can see more ob my website www.jetluge.com.au

PorkChop4PC1 karma

How much thrust will the jet have at peak? An how do you know your materials will hold up to that kind of force and vibrations?

DazTheCowboy1 karma

537lbs of thrust. we have tested everything and it all will be more than capable of handling any stresses.

Obey_me6661 karma

Make sure to tie your shoes on really well. If those come off when you bail it is known to be a bad sign.

DazTheCowboy1 karma

I would think this would be my worst case scenario.

Familiastone1 karma

Just do the AMA afterwards. Oh wait, I guess you want the karma now AND later. Oh well, redditors will be redditors.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

pffft karma don't feed my poor starving kitty.

Madibadabadooba1 karma

How big are your testicles sir?

DazTheCowboy2 karma

metric or imperial?

MistakenNeverWrong1 karma

Fellow aussie I take it by the westmead hospital charity comment below?

If that's the case, are you looking at attempting the record here, on the salt plains or overseas?

DazTheCowboy3 karma

I'm happy to do it any where in the world. but I'll go with what I can afford or who pays for me to go where yhey want it. I just want to go fast.

MistakenNeverWrong1 karma

Goodluck mate, all the best with it.

DazTheCowboy1 karma

thank you

RollerBass1 karma

That board looks sick. What led to you deciding to do this?

DazTheCowboy1 karma

Sorry just to clarify, did you mean what led me to do the record?

RollerBass2 karma

I just meant what were the main factors that got you to this point?

DazTheCowboy3 karma

I always have loved speed. I have always wanted to be the fastest in the world. I grew frustrated with waiting and hoping a company would sponsor me to get it going so I said stuff it and took out two very large loans and started doing it myself.

simmonsg1 karma

Pics or it hasn't happened.

DazTheCowboy4 karma

it hasn't.

simmonsg2 karma

I checked it out and I think it's pretty awesome. My comment was just a take on the old, "pics or it didn't happen."

DazTheCowboy2 karma

I gotcha. it's hard to pick up on a bit of fun sarcasm via text ;)

DazTheCowboy2 karma

www.jetluge.com.au and it hasn't happened yet.

skmadik1 karma

Do you actually think that 300 MPH is achievable? I can't imagine trying to balance with that kind of wind resistance.

DazTheCowboy4 karma

this is the goal. we all need to push limits. it will be extremely difficult we know that. but it's not unobtainable.

Walkingtalkinghawkin1 karma

don't crash, I heard that it may hurt a little.

DazTheCowboy1 karma

noted ;)

frapawhack1 karma

do you have a faring?

DazTheCowboy2 karma

I do but not in the traditional sense of like a motorcycle. the board is it's own chassis and it has parts that fit on and off to access parts to tune or service the noard. kind of like fairing. nothing covers the rider.

GamerChick11 karma

I wish you the best of luck! Also, thank you for doing this AmA!

DazTheCowboy2 karma

thank you. It's nice meeting so many great people

silverskull391 karma

Do you have a will written up? You know, just in case.

DazTheCowboy3 karma

Actually, yes I do.

Pepe_Puddles1 karma

Are speedwobbles, similar to that of a skateboard, an issue on a luge? At that speed recovering from them would almost seem imposible. Do you have a contingency for a loss of control, or is it more of a, hold on and hope for the best?

DazTheCowboy5 karma

yes. speed wobbles will be a very real thing to compete with. my experience and knowledge of riding this type of board will help but not prevent them. if a complete loss of control happens. I bail. I get away from the board as fast as possible.

Pepe_Puddles2 karma

Part two, Whats kind of fuel source do you use? have you tried alternatives to just ethanol, or are the engines specific to a certain type that leaves no real option for experimentation?

Thanks for answering, good luck. Try and get a stream for the event if you can.

DazTheCowboy3 karma

the board currently runs on Jet-A1which is your standard jet fuel. if I have time and the money I would like to try convert it to bio diesel. I also accept dogecoins. if anyone has any spare haha.

p0staldave1 karma

can I have your stuff?

srsly, don't die and I'm kinda jealous

DazTheCowboy3 karma

no. If it comes to that my wife gets it. and thank you :)

CheeseYogi1 karma

Have you done any wind-tunnel testing? I'm wondering if your luge has been tuned to minimize lift.

DazTheCowboy2 karma

we have dine many many hours of tunnel testing and CFDing. you can see some of it on my website www.jetluge.com.au

CheeseYogi1 karma

Nice. You've got much bigger balls than I do. Good luck to you, sir!

DazTheCowboy1 karma

thank you sir.