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Are you satisfied with those sentences? Or would you like them to be in longer?

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When i got my wisdom teeth removed, my mom made me swish salt water around in my mouth every day to avoid infections

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Can you solve a Rubik's cube blind folded? Whats the secret to those bastards that I have never solved?

Not OP, but i can shed some light on this. The "secret" to the cube is no secret, anyone can solve the thing as long as they're willing to spend an hour or two with a guide. I learned from a youtube video, and by the end of that day, i could solve the cube using a cheat-sheet with algorithms for a few cases. But the end of the next day, i could do it without my cheat-sheet, and a few days later, i was solving the cube in less than 2 minutes.

Also, i'm currently learning how to solve a cube while blindfolded. Again, it's not too difficult, it's just a matter of practice. The basic idea is you have one "buffer" space (i use the top sticker of the up-left-back corner piece) and you put that sticker into its correct place in a way that only swaps those two pieces, and doesnt affect anything else.

Memorising the cube is easier than most people expect, although as a new blind solver, i am finding it difficult. Every sticker is assigned a letter. For example, the top sticker of the up-front-right corner is C with my letter scheme. So i see that the up-front-right corner is in my buffer space, so after i swap that piece to solve that piece, the sticker currently in C will move to the buffer space (for example, it might be F, the left sticker of the front-up-left corner). So in this case, my memorisation would be CF. I would then think of a word with those two letters, maybe CalF. I would continue this process for all the pieces, and create a story with these words.

TL;DR no, we aren't wizards. There's no magic or secret trick for solving the cube. This is also true for blind solving, although blind is pretty tough to learn

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When the medic was treating you, what was that like from another medic's perspective? Was the guy treating you more experienced than you or less? If less, were you afraid he would screw up?

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Ugh, dad... Put mum on the phone!