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Did you ever post the pictures you took down my friend's shirt while signing her boob at the Alphabet of Manliness signing? I checked the book tour website a few times, but it never seemed to get updated after Tempe. Always get a good chuckle from these pics whenever you come up online.

Boob Signing: http://imgur.com/bLl4v.jpg

Boob Groping: http://imgur.com/gn3Wt.jpg

Manliness: http://imgur.com/rfy6K.jpg

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5x14AwElOk is the only youtube i've been able to find...he's shockingly articulate for someone who doesn't talk.

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She's actually on there...third down, third from the left! Nice work sir!

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Good job. You make me laugh often. Nothing you have posted is not funny. That is all.

Wait, supposed to have a question...um...have you thought about making some more custom shirts rather than going through zazzle? Your art style's color choices would lend itself very well to screen printing.

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Why is your board not covered in energy drink sponsorship stickers? Jesus, marketing guys for various beverage companies, get on the freaking ball!