Hey Reddit! I'm Arianny Celeste! Excited to get to all of your questions today! I’m doing this AMA to raise funds for Aid Still Required! A winner will be chosen to fly to Venice Beach to hang out with me! We’ll go to one of my favorite bars and watch some UFC Fights together! How does that sound? :) Airfare and hotel included!!

Head over to Prizeo.com/Arianny for your chance!

Proof: (https://twitter.com/AriannyCeleste/status/469193189211918336)

Update: Hey everyone! I have to run but thank you so much for all of the questions! I had so much fun answering them and hopefully we can do this again soon! :) Remember - please go to Prizeo to help raise funds for Aid Still Required! You can win a chance to watch a UFC fight with me in Venice Beach, as well as some other really cool prizes!!

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Greatness_46 karma

If Dana offered you a 10 million dollar 1 fight contract to fight Ronda... Do you take the fight ?

RealAriannyCeleste97 karma

No! I enjoy my arms

Batman599128 karma

What went through your mind when the Reem weighed in for UFC 141?

RealAriannyCeleste64 karma

I was really shocked at how large he was in person!!

jncarr6x27 karma

What's the most memorable fight you have seen?

RealAriannyCeleste79 karma

Anderson Silva's ankle being broken right in front of my face and hearing him scream

JoshsModernLife20 karma

Thanks for doing this Arianny. Simple question. Have you ever been ring side to a fight that made you physically sick or overly emotional? We all know you had an overly emotional reaction during the Overeem weight in ;) thanks again!

RealAriannyCeleste31 karma

I got a little teary eyed when BJ Penn had moved weight classes and he started licking his blood...

Insejn15 karma

Thank you. Just thank you.

RealAriannyCeleste25 karma

You're welcome! :)

MattyBlayze15 karma

Arianny - Thanks for doing this AMA. Some questions:

1) What are some difficulties of being a Ring Card Engineer that we might not know about? Ever get a really bad paper cut in between rounds?

2) Edith or Mr.Ed?

3) Can you tell Brittney to slow down on the plastic surgery?

RealAriannyCeleste21 karma

No paper cuts! What people don't know is we are representing the sport - we're not just pretty faces that walk around with a card. We have to be in tip top shape and know what is going on with the sport. Also - Mr Ed

T-town0414 karma

what's the weirdest thing a fan has said to you or done to/for you?

RealAriannyCeleste28 karma

I get a lot of marriage proposals at my meet and greets which is kind of crazy and awkward but it's funny :)

MikeyMikes2114 karma

Hey Arianny, what makes you happy?

RealAriannyCeleste20 karma

What makes me happy is being around genuinely good people and taking care of my mind, body, and soul! :)

KevinDurden13 karma

Are you ever terrified of possibly falling while holding the round signs and walking down?

RealAriannyCeleste17 karma

Nope - I got it mastered by now!

nugable11 karma

Who would you want to play you in a UFC biopic? And what does Dana White's head smell like?

RealAriannyCeleste33 karma

Hmm that's a tough questions! Probably Olivia Munn!

jncarr6x11 karma

Hey Arianny what are some of your favorite movies?

RealAriannyCeleste18 karma

The Notebook (of course!), The Hangover, and Step Brothers!

IAmArique8 karma

Good choices! Now, Let's add onto that question: What's your favorite movie of this year so far?

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

That's tough! I just saw The Other Woman and thought that was funny! I really want to see Neighbors!

x777x777x11 karma

When you began your gig with the UFC, were you a fight fan? Right now, who are your favorite fighters?

RealAriannyCeleste19 karma

No I wasn't a fight fan at first but now I am! My favorite fighters - I always say Anderson Silva! I know he's retired but he's one of my top faves. Also BJ Penn!

duckmunch10 karma

Hey Arianny,

How good is your triangle choke?

In all seriousness though, what was the audition like to become a UFC ring girl?

RealAriannyCeleste11 karma

Not very good!

The audition was nerve racking!! I had to go in and meet with the execs of UFC and I was so nervous. They asked me so many questions that I wasn't sure how to answer

Sir_Jabroni10 karma

What do you look for in men?

RealAriannyCeleste13 karma

He has to be strong and confident, have a genuine character, and able to keep up with me! :)

The_Coolest_Guy10 karma

If you fought Britney Palmer do you think you would win?

RealAriannyCeleste15 karma

Yes! :) haha

amdriggers23510 karma

Can you explain the goals and concepts of Aid Still Required? Also, do you, yourself, train in MMA and would you ever consider getting into the octagon?

PS...I think you're the most gorgeous person EVER!!

RealAriannyCeleste18 karma

Aid Still Required is for people who have been affected by natural disasters and who are still suffering from them, and the media has forgotten (Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, etc) You can help them out by donating on Prizeo.com/Arianny!! :)

I do kick-boxing and boxing but I would never compete!

steelbydesign9 karma

How did you become a ring girl for UFC? Was there some sort of process of working up to the "big leagues" or did you just start right there?

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

Nope I got lucky! I just started with UFC!

jncarr6x8 karma

What is something a lot people would be surprised that you are interested in?

RealAriannyCeleste9 karma

I'm a big foodie and it might not look like I eat a lot but I do! I love going to restaurants and discovering new foods!

jncarr6x4 karma

What has been your favorite food that you discovered that at first you thought you might not like?

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

I'm very picky with raw stuff and weird about texture. So probably the raw sushi that is super slimy!

haakondafo8 karma

Do you watch MMA in your spare time? Or UFC only?

RealAriannyCeleste14 karma

UFC only! I'm pretty busy!

ditch_mouth8 karma

When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

RealAriannyCeleste16 karma

I wanted to be a veterinarian. I'm a big animal lover!

fackyouman8 karma

What other sports do you like? Who are your favorite teams?

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

I love to watch sports and go to sporting events - but don't really have any favorite teams! I love basketball and football!

IGotAllThrowaways8 karma

What is your personal favorite, finished car from Over-Haulin'?

RealAriannyCeleste9 karma

We just did a Porsche 356! It was amazing - super girly and classy! That's why I like it! :)

unintendedsidefx7 karma


RealAriannyCeleste17 karma

1) Superman of course!

2) I actually almost did fall off the Octagon in the beginning. Our referee is a big guy and bumped me on accident and I almost fell!

3) I don't know...

4) I really want to go to Greece - I've never been and it looks pretty good to me :)

pleasebequiet6 karma

What was the most excited you've been during a fight?

If given the opportunity, would you go into outer space, Richard Branson style?

RealAriannyCeleste11 karma

I get excited a lot! Depends on who is fighting.

Outer space? Of course!

IAmArique6 karma

First off, I love you. <3

Also, my actual question: If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would your other career choice be?

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

Something in sports management!

jiveturkey19866 karma

Sitting ringside for so many fights, have you become immune to watching people get knocked out?

RealAriannyCeleste8 karma

No! I still cringe sometimes when I see the fights

mixhail6 karma

Hi Arianny, I'm sure the ring card life doens't last forever, so what's next for you after the UFC?

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

I am going to be focusing more on TV hosting and I'm very happy to be the Co-Host of OverHaulin' right now! It's a great experience and a lot of fun!

fan7886 karma

Does the paparazzi annoy you much? They sometimes get us hot pics of you on the beach so I greatly appreciate them lol

RealAriannyCeleste7 karma


bennytheguy6 karma

Heya how are you? As a Culinary Student I was wondering what your dream meal would be, and where you would have it?

RealAriannyCeleste17 karma

Hey! I am a big Italian food lover so any kind of delicious pasta and of course I would want to have it in Italy like Venice or Tuscany! I just love their culture!

bennytheguy5 karma

Wow thanks for answering. Just a follow up, whats your favorite kind of wine?

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

I love red wine - Cabernet! But for white - it would have to be Sauvignon Blanc

killerboi2976 karma

Hi Arianny (:

What are your favorite hobbies?

Also when are you planning to retire as a ring girl?

RealAriannyCeleste9 karma

I'm pretty busy so my hobbies consist of working out and hanging out with my friends and family! I'm very blessed to have such a cool job! I work and play :)

dubis984 karma

What's something about you that you want everyone to know but nobody will believe?

RealAriannyCeleste6 karma

I'm actually really goofy but reserved! I can be very awkward and weird sometimes but I love to laugh!

thebiglibrarian4 karma

First off, congrats to making it onto Maxim's Hot 100!

Secondly, what's your favorite book and why?


RealAriannyCeleste6 karma

Thank you! I read The Secret and I love that one because it's very truly inspiring!!

amdriggers2354 karma

Is it hard to date with such a busy schedule? What types of guys do you go for? And what would someone need to do to get a date with the lovely Arianny??


RealAriannyCeleste6 karma

Yes! Very!

daath3 karma

Thanks for fundraising good causes. How does that work with regards to an AMA? Winner of what? Do we donate to the charity?

EDIT: I am getting a 404 not found on the Priezo-site.

Oh and for the most important question: How do you boobs?

RealAriannyCeleste6 karma

You can watch a fight with me in Venice Beach by donating to Aid Still Required! Prizeo.com/Arianny should be working now!

Chikmagnet3 karma

How tech savvy would you consider yourself to be?

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

Im pretty good with computers! Moderately good :)

itsjustgabetho3 karma

How close are you to the other ufc ring girls? Love you and Brittney <3

RealAriannyCeleste9 karma

I'm very close to Brittney and also Vanessa and Chrissy :)

djangocorny3 karma

Hey arianny :) my question for you, how nervous were you when you worked your first UFC event? How did you overcome your jitters? Your so confident now and everything, so I'm curious about that. Thanks for doing this ma'am!

RealAriannyCeleste8 karma

I think it just comes with time. I was a very shy person at first but with this job you just really have to be confident and it really helped me in that way!

Robuk863 karma

Hopefully I can be responsible for making you smile, that would make my day. Anyway, I'm heading to Vegas this week, any tips or suggestions on things to do besides going to the UFC on Saturday?

RealAriannyCeleste2 karma

Check out some of the day parties! I think that's the best thing to do in Vegas :)

kjhgfd343 karma

Simple enough question. What's the best fight you remember watching?

Another one. How often do you pay attention during the fights. Doing 10 fights a night week on week must grow tiresome

RealAriannyCeleste6 karma

1) Bones Jones vs Gustafsson

2) Yes! Unless they're boring

YouNeedToStopPosting2 karma

Would you say that you enjoy strawberry sherbet or stadium-type hot dogs at a UFC match more?

RealAriannyCeleste4 karma

Strawberry Sherbet! :)

Nogarda2 karma

Have you actually ever considered stepping into the Octagon as a female fighter now that the women's division is taking off? Also who are your favourite fighters?

RealAriannyCeleste5 karma

Nope but Liz Carmouche is my favorite!

jncarr6x1 karma

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

RealAriannyCeleste7 karma

I love Modern Family, Family Guy, and Game of Thrones!

jeric13xd0 karma

Good Afternoon Arianny!

First off, You are gorgeous. You don't need make-up and all that shhtuff and ofcourse you're as sexy and as hot as it gets.

My latino friends don't believe me that you have Filipino blood flowing through your veins lol. So to settle this, You are of Filipino descent right?

Anyways, You are my #WomanCrushEveryday ;) , I think you are awesome and kind for interacting with your fans on IG and twitter. I love your show, Overhaulin', and you are the other reason why I watch the UFC (not to be creepy or anything). Hope to meet you the next time you come to Chicago!!!

RealAriannyCeleste10 karma

Thank you!

Yes! I'm a quarter Filipino on my dad's side. I am Filipino, Mexican, Spanish, and Apache! :)