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Arianny - Thanks for doing this AMA. Some questions:

1) What are some difficulties of being a Ring Card Engineer that we might not know about? Ever get a really bad paper cut in between rounds?

2) Edith or Mr.Ed?

3) Can you tell Brittney to slow down on the plastic surgery?

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Troy Smith - Thanks for joining us. Would you mind giving Ron Dayne and Desmond Howard a big "GO BUCKEYES!" for me?


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Great show, guys - my wife and I have fallen in love with it.

It is truly amazing how you have positioned the characters in the show. Much like Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, I find myself identifying at some level with Elizabeth and Phillip,and rooting for them. No real question, and I know this is your intent, but I wanted to share any way.

Any chance we see some additional conflict between the Jennings' and Stan this season?