I work behind the scenes in the porn industry and by request I am here to answer all your questions. Ask me anything and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Just please, can everyone stop sending me dick pics? Thanks in advance.

Here's the picture that prompted a lot of people to request the AMA. Enjoy! http://imgur.com/zbYrw0R

And here's proof that it's me, inside the Bang Bus. Smells so weird. http://imgur.com/wInWYSV

And if you want to see pictures of ladies in skimpy clothing you can follow our instragram @theofficialbangbros or for ladies in stretchy pants and workout bras @bangbrosgym

or for the hardcore stuff follow us on twitter @BangBros (which is very NSFW)...FYI I don't run these accounts but if you want me to take over, let my bosses know ;)

You can also follow my personal instagram @iamsloanesteel but it's pretty much just pictures of my really cool cat Homer and a few weird Bang Bros pics thrown in for good measure

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djfivenine111924 karma

When I worked at Baskin Robbins, I noticed that I started to dislike ice cream. After working in porn, do you notice that you have started to dislike ice cream as well?

sloanesteel1920 karma

I too worked at an ice cream place in my youth and while I hate ice cream I will never, ever hate porn. Ice cream is cold, hard, and makes your teeth hurt. But porn, porn is warm, wet, soft, and makes you feel so nice.

zestyninja1451 karma

Please give me your thoughts on my website: www.slimjimboner.com

Should I quit my day job yet?

sloanesteel1018 karma

You should have quit years ago man

boycot341322 karma


sloanesteel1291 karma

Sure, when?

boycot34956 karma

How does June 2nd sound?

sloanesteel865 karma

How old are you? Will you fly me in? Do we have a Hummer limo?

boycot34811 karma

17, probably not, and yes

sloanesteel1827 karma

Gotta be 18 to ride this train papa, sorry.

BartenderJay1177 karma

What if a performer is balls deep in a girl and one of them changes their mind?

sloanesteel1666 karma

It happens. There have been some freak outs for sure.

Divolinon1139 karma

You heard about Pluto? That's messed up, right?

sloanesteel798 karma

Is it a planet again? Did we colonize it? No! what's going on!?

hulksmash1991928 karma

What is the hardest kind of porn to market in today's media

sloanesteel2906 karma

Child porn probably.

theratt881 karma

When people find out that you work in the porn industry, do they assume marketing is a cover? Also, what's the hardest part of your job?

sloanesteel2065 karma

When people find out I work in the porn industry they say "wow, that makes a lot of sense for you" and the hardest part of my job is the dicks.

manburger855 karma

Literally or figuratively?

sloanesteel1656 karma


Tropist850 karma

Could you give us a blow-by-blow of a regular day for you?

sloanesteel2720 karma

Sure, I get to work at 10. I watch videos of women being blasted in the face by giant amounts of spunk, then I make some tea, then I answer some emails, then I go to the production side of the building, watch the girls get ready, take some pictures of them for instagram (@theofficialbangbros), then I pretend I'm working while I look at pictures of kittens or puppies, then I do like an hour of real work, then I go to the bathroom and pretend to poop while playing Candy crush for 20 minutes, then I get back to my desk, look at some more cute animal videos, pack up at 6, sit in traffic for an hour cursing a God who doesn't love me, and go home to have mind blowing sex with my husband until the sun comes up on another day in the seedy underbelly of the porn world

pipnwig323 karma

Female redditor and long time porn enthusiast here. How do I get a job like this?

sloanesteel593 karma

I happened to know someone in the industry but look for jobs on craiglist with titles like "marketing department for adult company"

ZombiePudding170 karma

They never get suspicious?

You'd think they would know girls don't shit.

sloanesteel213 karma

They know but we're so nice to look at that they're don't care I guess.

leodown0667 karma

Does the glory hole room floor ever get cleaned?

sloanesteel2017 karma

We bus in prisoners to clean it up with their mouths

asmartblond490 karma

That sounds like something that should also be filmed.

sloanesteel988 karma

I'm working on it

fumblebuck645 karma

Hey Bangbros bosses (Bangboss?), let Sloane take over your Twitter and Instagram accounts!

sloanesteel352 karma


BogeysLikeFireflies643 karma

How does the female talent work around their monthlies? I'm sure shoots take planning far ahead. Do you only schedule talent when you know they won't be menstruating? How much does the production crew become part of the conversation? Are diaphragms used to conceal?

Edit: I've been advised more than once now that sponges are the go to device. Not the Elaine Benes kind, but makeup sponges (wtf?) I guess if they're safe to put in your eyes, they why not in your vajazzle? I gotta think the pounding by cocks the size of a baby's arm would make them hard to retrieve. Oh, and one of the people who PM'd me said she was formerly a porn actress, so this pretty much made my day.

sloanesteel656 karma

I will find out for you and answer you question later today, cool?

Iamnotacreativeone624 karma

What's Abella Anderson like in person?

sloanesteel1288 karma

Adorable. Tiny. Sweet. Goofy. Hard to understand. Terrified of frogs.

gangnam_style1402 karma

There go my dreams of her fucking Kermit in my Muppet Porn Parody.

sloanesteel454 karma

so weird that this is the 2nd post where muppet porn has been discussed! It's a theme here today

Janegoodallsucks623 karma

I am extremely hungover right now, I'm wrapping up a serious bender that included lots of psychedelics, some fishing, and my first Asian massage. My truck has been at the beach for 2 days. All reports indicate that it is still there, should I sack up and go get it? Or let it ride and sleep this shit off?

sloanesteel837 karma

Dude, you did the crime and now you have to pay the time. Go get it. Just rally and get it. Unless you're still tripping or there's a half naked asian masseuse next to you. In that case, pay for the tow.

StiMoney593 karma

How does Bang Bros make any money given the amount of free porn sites there are out there now?

sloanesteel1042 karma

People still subscribe and we offer a TON of awesome sites with some pretty hot girls. And the quality of subscription porn can't be beat. You can really beat to it if you catch my drift

Leave-A-Note555 karma

What's the funniest thing you've seen while working there, on or off set?

sloanesteel1254 karma

The excitement in everyone's eyes when we received a fucking machine was pretty funny.

Stealth_Cow559 karma

Do the girls really enjoy those as much as they let on? Because the responses look pretty darn intense, even for porn.

sloanesteel934 karma

I think they genuinely enjoy it

RunsWithPremise546 karma

Does seeing really big dicks all day sort of change your expectations in the real world?

sloanesteel1179 karma

No, not at all. I have seen many dicks and I gotta say that girls truly prefer a guy with a small penis who knows what to do with is versus a guy with a big dick that rests on his laurels

TheTeflonRon2455 karma

I see you're really trying to play to the crowd, here. Good move.

sloanesteel1478 karma

My fingers hurt already

brandy606526 karma

Can I have a free trial code? I've always wanted to see why paid porn is better than free porn

sloanesteel561 karma

Nice try buddy!

d4m4s74638 karma

/u/katie_pornhub gives away free days sometimes om reddit. That's why we love her.

sloanesteel741 karma

Oh? Ok, let me see what I can do for you guys....

Katie_Pornhub1692 karma

I'll take a membership to dancingbear.com please.

Prof_Frink_PHD365 karma

Universes crossing right now...

PaplooTheEwok373 karma

It's like DC vs. Marvel, but with porn.

Katie_Pornhub565 karma

Can I be Marvel? Please let me be Marvel.

sloanesteel330 karma

I have a REALLY cool shirt though already....http://imgur.com/28q4XZw

sloanesteel268 karma

Katie! Finally, everyone is always talking about you. For you, anything!

Joe_Avalon476 karma

What's the worst on-set accident you've ever witnessed?

sloanesteel924 karma

A dick explosion.

Joe_Avalon481 karma

Like a penis literally exploded into flames during a scene? Please elaborate, this sounds interesting.

sloanesteel820 karma

Haha no, I was joking. I haven't seen anything too crazy happen

stinkymcgrunts467 karma

Is Sloane Steel your porn name or the name your parents gave you? It truly could go either way...and yes...my name is really Stinky McGrunts.

sloanesteel792 karma

I never doubted your name is Stinky McGrunts, it's a truly timeless family name. My first name is really Sloane, middle name Rose, and last name is my own damn business :)

stinkymcgrunts578 karma

Well...I like Sloane. It's a great name. I met a stripper at a club in San Antonio back in the day. Her stripper name was "Simone" when I walked in. She told me she chose it because of Ferris Bueller's girlfriend. When I informed her the name is "Sloane" she changed it.

I helped make the world a better place because of your given name. Thank you for answering my question, Sloane Rose Myowndamnbusiness.

sloanesteel260 karma

I was actually named after Ferris Bueller's girlfriend, Sloane Peterson. My mom was pregnant with me when she saw the film and loved the name Sloane.

trowawayatwork166 karma

Why do you have a porn name even if you dont appear on film?

sloanesteel454 karma

When I started at the company I was working in ad sales and to protect myself from creepy web masters I came up with a fake last name. My first name is real.

ADAWG1910412 karma

Has there been an event or anything that made you reconsider your career?

sloanesteel1000 karma

Only my paycheck

wellbespoke116 karma

What's average pay for someone in your position?

sloanesteel466 karma

I don't even know what my position is anymore. I asked my boss today and he said, you are the VP of Creative Low Budget Marketing. I hope that pays well.

gravestoneddd368 karma

Sloane, no question, I just want to say that when I saw you on that nasty floor of the glory hole set it was like I was struck by lightning and I knew that I had found the love of my life.

In other words, you're doing great PR work, keep it up!

sloanesteel498 karma

I love you so much, ok?

thepottsy301 karma

I guess I never really thought about it, but how much marketing does a porn company really need?

sloanesteel493 karma

Well now that porn is becoming more mainstream I think there will be much more need for marketing

AsianTommyN301 karma

You're the OP that keeps on delivering!

sloanesteel655 karma

Hot and fresh in 30 minutes of less, that's my OP guarantee.

InwardBoner298 karma

Do girls actually enjoy hardcore/soft porn? Or are they told to pretend to enjoy it?

And what do you think about the porn industry?

sloanesteel535 karma

Some girls truly enjoy porn. I for one, love porn and I think it could be a healthy part of any relationship. I mean, don't show your girlfriend german porn where they're shitting in each other's mouth or like, "Kids in the Sandbox" but some female friendly porn is fine!

particle409276 karma

Why did somebody put a chair with a cloth seat in the gloryhole booth? I dare you to smell it.

sloanesteel700 karma

I will smell it for $1,000. Someone start a Kickstarter.

hemphy253 karma

Who wins in a fight the bang bros or brazzers?

sloanesteel455 karma

BANG BROS! We are the original gonzo porn people. We are scrappy and we will always win!

srpske237 karma

What's your opinion on TitCoins?

sloanesteel859 karma

As someone with large natural breasts I can say that it is not a groundbreaking idea. I've been using my tits to pay for things since I was 15.

ThorneStockton90 karma

Anyone else scroll back up to the top to confirm said large naturals?

sloanesteel146 karma

They are large and so natural.

Jack2329229 karma

Most memorable moment?

sloanesteel394 karma

Seeing the glory hole for the first time. Or seeing the Naked.com cam girl rooms. It's a pretty eye opening experience.

WhoIsWithMe218 karma

Any chance I can screen your female talent? Take some of the burden off you guys. My way to give back to the world.

sloanesteel354 karma

Sure, send me your address and I'll send them to your house so you can test the goods

LouDiMaggio211 karma

I realize you might not be able to answer this completely honestly, but I'll ask anyway.

How common is drug use (cocaine specifically) on porn sets/in the industry in general? I've seen countless videos where one or both of the participants are constantly sniffling.

sloanesteel416 karma

No drugs allowed on set. It's a very safe and clean environment and we are very adamant about our talent being safe and healthy. What people do on their own time off set is their own business.

DannyBoyPlaysGuitar192 karma

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

sloanesteel382 karma

Archeologist. I loved dinosaurs and playing in the dirt.

DannyBoyPlaysGuitar641 karma

That is adorable.

You still to get to work with bones.

Try getting into granny porn and you can still see people getting into old stuff.

sloanesteel292 karma

Genius idea!

doog201176 karma

How much more mainstream will porn adverts be? Can we look forward to seeing tv and print adds? Also, do you feel that porn has become more socially acceptable with the popularity of the Internet?

sloanesteel483 karma

There are some mainstream porn companies who are currently coming up with campaigns for mainstream ads and I think it's fantastic. Porn is definitely more socially acceptable now. I think it's time for our country to give up its puritanical beliefs and get with the times. The sexy times.

r0b0tdin0saur167 karma

omg she's back

sloanesteel260 karma


LouDiMaggio156 karma

What's the process for getting a job there? I could like, totally answer the phones or something.

sloanesteel121 karma

You gotta live in Miami

pigobeen150 karma

Have you ever dated/slept with a coworker?

sloanesteel300 karma

I've dated and slept with a coworker but not at this company. My last one.

trowawayatwork99 karma

and that was..?

sloanesteel247 karma

I can't say. But it was an advertising agency known for things like the Burger King King

thereisreason123 karma


sloanesteel172 karma


Vilens402 karma

Creative agency or Media agency?

sloanesteel6 karma


Sagebea147 karma

What kind of porn do you watch?

sloanesteel507 karma

I like lesbian mature/young porn. A seasoned woman teaching a young gal the ropes.

TrepanningForGold116 karma

As a follow up to this, was it weird watching your friends in porn? When did it become sort of normal to not just notice them as actors but to think "We went out for dinner on thursday and now I'm watching him balls deep in some amateur."

sloanesteel242 karma

I don't go out to dinner with the actors or actresses. But now I kinda want to...

wearespooners145 karma

How do you react to porn now that you work around it? Do your coworkers watch porn all the time?

sloanesteel320 karma

The office is always filled with sounds of girls moaning, or people passing around disgusting videos. I don't react any longer.

smallpenis4life139 karma

You should bring up the idea of making small penis porn that doesn't involve humiliation. I haven't watched "professionally" produced porn in years because every guy is usually ridiculously huge. I found a clip many years ago of a couple who were filming blowjobs at an adult theater and the wife blew a guy with a dick about 2 inches long and it was glorious. She gave him a big smile after and it was just so nice to see and not feel like the only guy in the world with a tiny dick that he can't do anything about. There isn't a great deal of material out there, but the stuff that is out there gets watched a lot. I posted MY VIDEO on sexykarma.com because when I did my AMA, nobody believed I was erect in the proof pictures. A little over a year later, its been watched over 24,000 times, and this is just an amateur clip with no promotion campaign. Until I have porn I can relate to, I'm not spending a dime on it.

sloanesteel150 karma

I can definitely bring this up to my bosses. It's a good idea to show some real life guys with their real life peepees

Scamwau112 karma

Is any of the "amateur" porn featured on your sites, like the college party stuff or male strippers with females real? Or are they all actors?

sloanesteel273 karma

They are real people and they have to sign consent forms. We can't legally just film people fucking, you know?

wizard_82101 karma


sloanesteel63 karma

That's actually a brilliant idea.

Capitan_Amazing91 karma

How do you go about finding the places to shoot the scenes? Does bangbros just own a lot of houses?

sloanesteel174 karma

We rent houses, we have our vans (Bang Bus and Bait Bus), and there's a network of people who tell us about location rentals

dangerpigeon280 karma

Do you know of any backend workers (accountants, IT, etc) who decided there was more money to be made by stepping in front of the camera? Would a transition like that be allowed?

sloanesteel181 karma

I don't personally know anyone who transitioned but I'm sure it's happened. Getting into porn is very easy. You just have to sign some forms and be willing to have your beaver seen on the internet FOR ALL TIME

iLiftHeavy53 karma

How much behind the scenes footage is taken? Whenever I see the prep and aftermath of porn shoots, I get turned on by how casual and comfortable everything is.

sloanesteel75 karma

I am the only one who is doing that and it started as of last week.

TeddyPeep52 karma

You're cute, any plans on getting in front of the camera?

sloanesteel102 karma

Not currently. But life is long and I never say never

Goliath899 karma

As a reasonably attractive woman, do you ever feel pressured into being in videos by your employers or coworkers?

sloanesteel16 karma

No, never. But there are some really hot people that work here....

karmanaut31 karma

Could you please provide some proof that that is you, like a picture of you now with a sign that says "Reddit IAMA" or something?

Edit: proof has been provided in the text so the post is reapproved.

sloanesteel60 karma

Sure what kind of proof would you like? I can go pose in front of the Bang Bus holding a sign?

KamelKheridden30 karma

Can I apply for a job?

sloanesteel50 karma

As an actor?

KamelKheridden3 karma


sloanesteel3 karma


ReverandDave28 karma

Given that you can look at porn at work, what types of things are considered NSFW where you work?

sloanesteel89 karma

CNN.com, FoodNetwork.com, Cuteoverload.com, basically anything that's not girls getting railed is off limits.

The1WhoRingsTheBell24 karma

How often do you get overly turned on by something at work and have to go finish yourself off? Or is office masturbation allowed/encouraged?

sloanesteel89 karma

No, we are not allowed to jack or jill in the office. But there are times where you are definitely turned on. Especially if you're looking at a toothless crack whore confessions video. mmmm i'm getting hot just thinking about that level of sad desperation

tunelessknight20 karma

What was your dream job as a child and what is it now as an adult?

sloanesteel63 karma

I wanted to be an archeologist and now I want to be a writer

I_am_not_angry3 karma

With all of the sexual harassment laws and sensitivity policies most companies have to deal with how do they staff people into such a working environment with out running into issues with employees and venders?

Tl; Dr - how did they make sure you were ok with the job?

sloanesteel7 karma

We are such a tight knit family here, everyone looks out for one another and we generally hire really cool, fun people. No one would ever do anything offensive to anyone else. It's an amazing company to be a part of, for real

pipnwig3 karma

Does your family know what you do for a living? If so, do they understand that you don't star in any of the films and what do they think of this career choice?

sloanesteel11 karma

They know what I do. They think it's great as long as I'm getting a paycheck and not asking them for money.

reddittays3 karma

Is Rocky with you right now? Tell her that she has an obscene phone case.

sloanesteel6 karma

Her dildo case?!

reddittays3 karma


sloanesteel6 karma

Yup. It's still there. Fucking freak.

Batmans_Dick3 karma

What is one thing you would change about the porn industry?

sloanesteel9 karma

More forced orgasm porn. I like that and there's not enough of it.

apanthropy2 karma

Speaking in terms of evolution, the survival of the species and the general Darwinian concept of genetic succession, what purpose do you believe a face full of spunk serves?

sloanesteel6 karma

In terms of evolution it's not doing much but in terms of a moisturizing low cost face mask, it's doing tons.

rcardodiaz2 karma

Do the actors/actresses really enjoy having sex on camera? or they just fake because, you know, it's their job. Be honest.

sloanesteel2 karma

Some of the actresses fake it but the majority love to be there and they love what they do, for real. I think its harder for a guy to fake it.

niggakriz2 karma

Have you ever had sex with one of the stars? If so how many?

sloanesteel3 karma

Nope, never, sorry to disappoint.

lunablanca2 karma

Do you ever swap makeup tips with the girls? Also, I think you're hilarious

sloanesteel4 karma

I actually got some great makeup tips from the makeup artists this week. Want some tips?

RottenAnemone2 karma

Is that your real name and if so, were your parents REALLY that surprised that you wound up working in that industry?

sloanesteel9 karma

Yes, first name is real. And my parents were not surprised. every time my dad spanked me as a little girl he knew he was pushing me closer and closer to a life of porn.

saad932 karma

was the "a porn company" necessary in the title, I thought Bang Brothers was pretty obvious

sloanesteel9 karma

Some people don't know what it is!

Scamwau17 karma

Some people are liars.

sloanesteel4 karma

Very true.

failisim72 karma

What brought you in to the field?

sloanesteel5 karma

my incredibly sexy friend Rocky

lordspacecowboy2 karma

What are the performers like off set? It that there would only be a few cool ones floating in a sea of bitches/dicks.

sloanesteel4 karma

Everyone is very cool and friendly and down-to-earth

Brandoms2 karma

Have you guys had the same bang bus the entire time you've had that site?

sloanesteel9 karma

I'm not sure. I think so. It's sitting out front right now. I can ask and report back.

choc_sauce1 karma

What would be your most memorable moment?

sloanesteel4 karma

Seeing the glory hole for the first time. It was very scary

Gnomatic1 karma

I have a pretty nice looking, and big (8") cock, but besides that, what else does it takes to get hired?

sloanesteel2 karma

The ability to get hard in front of a lot of people

Cratic1 karma

Hows the pay?

sloanesteel4 karma

I would like to be a millionaire. Not anywhere close to it yet.

Pennywiez1 karma

Have you ever got any bodily fluids of any kind on you on set?

sloanesteel4 karma

No! Ew, gross.