Hi Reddit, I'm Wil Wheaton. I'm an actor, writer, producer, homebrewer, poster of cute dog pictures, Nolan and Ryan's dad, and Anne Wheaton's husband.

I co-created, produce, and host Tabletop, which is a webseries where we play tabletop games. I write, produce, and host The Wil Wheaton Project, a comedy show that's like Talk Soup for geeks, which premieres on the Syfy channel May 27th. I occasionally appear as a mildly evil version of myself on The Big Bang Theory (and I'm on this week's episode), I make my own beer, and I've never seen Rampart.

I'm here for about an hour, so ask me anything and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

EDIT 2pm PDT: I have to leave Geek & Sundry and head home. I'll come back in a little while and do my best to answer whatever you guys upvote the most.

EDIT 4PM: Okay, back for a little bit.

EDIT 7PM: Well, I think I've run out of energy, and I still have some actual work to do before it's beer:30. Thank you to everyone who participated in this today. I hope you enjoyed it.

Before I go: please watch The Wil Wheaton Project when it premieres on May 27th on Syfy. I know that a lot (possibly the majority) of people who will enjoy it are probably cord-cutters, and I don't know if the network will take online views into account when deciding if they want to give us more than 12 episodes. The more people who watch it, the more likely it is that we'll get to do it for a full year. We're working really hard on it, and we think it's pretty entertaining.

That's all. Thank you.

And until next time ... PLAY MORE GAMES!!

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fday3114 karma

Does Felicia Day ever have really bad breath that you can't tell her about, but it makes you want to go sit on the other side of the room, but you can't, because you work together sometimes, so you just breath through your mouth and pray for her to leave? Asking for a friend.

wil2480 karma

Pretty much like every goddamn time I'm around her. She really needs to lay off the garlic hummus.

epiclabtime1627 karma

I think we should stay focused on Rampart you guys.

wil1545 karma

YES! Thank you. Finally, someone who gets it.

ladive404 karma

Rampart is a fantastic game on SNES.

Wazowski223 karma

Rampart without trackballs is not Rampart.

wil333 karma

I wanted to like that game so much, and it just destroyed me whenever I tried to play it. I don't think I've gotten past the first level, ever.

RedDelibird1296 karma

Have you considered dressing up like Jonathan Frakes to conventions now that you have the beard for it?

wil1848 karma

You know, I hadn't until just this moment. I think that's a thing that needs to happen. I'll do the walk and everything.

wil1288 karma

If you watch one of the Big Bang Theory episodes I did this year, you'll see that I did The Riker when I sat down.

zpeed863 karma

I didn't realize you did it intentionally

itwasquiteawhileago738 karma

Nah, man. The leg has to go over the back of the chair to be a full Riker move. Like the chair isn't even there.

wil1132 karma

This is true, but I had to modify it so it would slip past the network.

GeekMeetsNerd1074 karma

Hey Wil, I am an active duty Soldier and your show has inspired my geeky gaming side. Because of this it got me through some deep PTSD depression and has brought my whole family together like never before. Tabletop was an inspiration and I was happy to contribute to your 3rd season. I hope it can help people in the future like it helped me.

wil956 karma

Aw, man ... thank you for sharing this with me. It's so important to me that our show is more than just an entertaining diversion, and it means the world to me when I find out that we're doing some good. Thank you for your service. Keep your head down and come home safe.

Grodd815 karma

You're asked to make your own Wil Wheaton Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor. What would it be and what would it be called?

goriya2391 karma

If I were Wil, I would call it "Cream of Wheaton": Cherry red ice cream, caramel swirls, and blueberries. ...and if you're wondering how that color combination would look.

wil2225 karma

I love that. Have some gold, on me.

Kovhert250 karma

Writer, actor, homebrewer and philanthropist? Is there anything you can't do?

bagboyrebel1069 karma

Win at board games?

wil844 karma

Nailed it.

wil383 karma

I can't dance at all, and I can hardly play any instruments.

allodude1816 karma

Ice cream that tastes like nothing called, "Bland By Me".

wil1177 karma

I don't know why you're getting downvoted. This is hilarious.

BlueMacaw775 karma

Wil, you're a handsome man but the photo currently at the top of your Wikipedia page does you no justice. You look like you've just eaten a spicy California burrito; all sweaty and flatulent.

Do you have a favorite photo of yourself? This picture has got to go.

wil746 karma

Woah, that's not the most flattering thing in the world, is it? I think I should get a new picture there, but whenever I try to do anything with Wikipedia it turns into the most annoying edit war in the history of life, and I just don't have time for that BS.

enderandrew421233 karma

Following up, do you have a favorite photo of yourself, and why is it this one?


BlueMacaw438 karma

This would be a huge improvement over the other picture.

wil986 karma

Make it happen, Internet.

samurailawngnome690 karma

If I see you in public, should I offer to buy you a beer, a book, or just give you the thumbs-up-dude?

wil1169 karma

I'm such a socially awkward penguin in real life, the thumbs-up-dude would probably be the best choice.

stGrumbles1372 karma

True story, at PAX 2012 I saw Wil walking toward me on the street and I said "Hey Wil!" You said back to me "Hey... Guy!" and then we just kept on walking.

wil2217 karma

I got misty-eyed reading this. Those were good times, random guy on the street.

Isamu6631 karma

my wife and I saw you at dinner once in some fancy Laguna beach hotel restaurant on the balcony, i think last year. The one with the fancy football looking dessert. loft at montage, i think?

She squealed "the guy from big bang theory!"

I squealed "the guy from Star Trek!"

to which she looked confused, because to her, star trek is only the jj abrams version.

at any rate, she wanted to stroll on over in the middle of your dinner and get an autograph, but i stopped her.

you owe me

wil47 karma

Sincerely: thank you. One of the few times I can get grumpy with people is when I'm clearly in a private(ish) situation, like a dinner or something, and someone interrupts that. I think it's important to let people have their private time.

ONYOURMARKus641 karma

If you can have any theme song play when you enter a room (a la WWE), what would it be?

wil2242 karma

Okay, true and embarrassing story from my childhood:

When I was a kid, I loved WWF. I watched it every Saturday morning, and one of the highlights of my life was when my parents took my siblings and me to see it, live, at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles.

So I guess I was probably ten or eleven, and Hulk Hogan was my hero. I got one of my T-shirts out of my dresser, and I cut it up into a Hulkster pattern, with the slashes across the back and everything. Then, I built a wrestling ring out of couch cushions and blankets and stuff in our living room, and decided that I was going to make a huge, grand entrance, just like Hulk Hogan.

I went to my parents records, and took out what was, at the time, a pretty radical record: Starship's Knee Deep In The Hoopla. I put it on the turntable, cranked the volume up, and readied the needle. I said, in my best announcer voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is our title bout for the evening! It is scheduled for one fall! Hailing from Sunland, California, weighing in at 90 pounds, the heavyweight champion of the world .... WIL WHEATON!" I dropped the needle on the record, then ran out of the room as fast as I could, so I could start strutting across the kitchen and into my "arena" as We Built This City On Rock and Roll played.

I was fully committed to the bit, too. I was pointing at the imaginary people in the audience, putting my hand up to my ear just like Hulk Hogan did, and then I tore off my t-shirt while growling and hearing fifteen thousand people scream for me, as I marched around the wrestling ring I'd made out of four couch cushions and some blankets.

And the thing about all of this is that nobody ever knew about it but me until just now, because when I did this stupid thing (that was actually totally awesome according to young me), nobody was in the house but me, and I put everything away before my parents got home.

I, uh, probably wouldn't have a theme song today.

iamcrazyjoe386 karma

I would have been in deep shit for ripping up a perfectly good tshirt

wil446 karma

That's one of the reasons I did it when nobody was home.

Grindolf542 karma

have you ever witnessed Felicia day angry and what is the worst swear word she uses ?

wil971 karma

Felicia and I are like brother and sister, and while I know she's seen me at my worst, I've never seen her get angry. She's very focused and super smart, and I think that instead of getting angry, she just gets shit done.

I've never thought about trying to get her to say really offensive swears, but now I think I have to.

Rebel-Redbird488 karma

What went through your mind when Anne slammed the table on the Ticket to Ride episode of TableTop? Your face was priceless! (btw, I only just started reading her blog. She's a fantastic writer and her "Panic Button, Pushed" post was a really compelling read.)

wil610 karma

What went through your mind when Anne slammed the table on the Ticket to Ride episode of TableTop


enderandrew42402 karma

BTW, when my wife and I play games with friends, if anyone bumps the board/table now, it is referred to as "pulling an Anne".

Your wife is beautiful and I'm sure she is lovely, but she has a legacy now.

wil563 karma

This is actually fairly common in the tabletop gaming community, now. It makes me furiously happy.

ShoppedYourPost415 karma

Thanks for introducing me to a world of board games that I never knew existed.

One quick question, if you could re-theme ANY game, what would it be?

wil555 karma

Dominion. I love that game so much, but the theme means basically nothing.

Poot1st_AssLater411 karma

Random story time: A few years ago, Stone Brewing released a mint chocolate stout. I was thrilled. I ran down to my local chain liquor store (BevMo) in the San Fernando Valley and asked the clerk where it was. He laughed and said, "Man, I'm sorry. We're holding the case for Wil Wheaton." I said that you (Wil) wouldn't miss one bottle, to which they replied, "Yeah, but he's pretty important. Who are you again?"

Every time I go there and the guy who told me that (think his name is Christian) is working, I've made sure to mention, "Hey, if Wil Wheaton comes in, tell him I said he can go fuck himself and that he's a talentless piece of shit." He laughs and everyone around us thinks I'm a massive turd for talking shit about you since they don't know the context.
If there's ever a beer that's not in stock at that store, my immediate response is, "Seriously? Did that fucking asshole Wil Wheaton buy them all?" Still get nothing but dead stares with that one.

I have no idea if the clerk ever relayed my sentiment to you over that incident. I was hoping it would instill a paranoia in you that would make you hesitant to ever purchase a full case of beer from a retail joint ever again, or that you'd think I was some kind of supervillain hell-bent on getting to the good beer in town before you. Alas, I'm assuming that never happened.

It's now boiled over to other liquor stores too. Every time something I want is out of stock at any store whatsoever: "Wil Wheaton bought it, didn't he? That motherfucker! One of these days!" Still just dead stares, but with a lot more confusion.

But it's all in jest. I think you're a dope dude who does a lot of good in the world.

But anyway...how was that Stone mint chocolate stout?

wil627 karma

OMG this is hilarious. He never relayed your message to me, and that's a bummer. I hope that you'll begin blaming me for everything from missing a stoplight to running out of milk.

I did have that stout, and it was the only mint chocolate stout I've ever had that I enjoyed ... and the bottle that you wanted was the best of them all.

enderandrew42403 karma

Who would be your absolute dream lineup for an episode of TableTop?

wil1543 karma

Oh I know the answer to this: it's just me and Billie Piper in a game of "let's make out for twenty minutes."

epiclabtime386 karma

If you had to play against DEATH in a board game (like in Bill and Ted) which game would you choose?

wil498 karma

Something where I think I'd have an inherent advantage, because I've played it so much. If I had to choose something right now, I'd probably choose Carcassonne or Takenoko.

supercore23295 karma

Death has eternity to gain skill and prowess at all games though. You'd be better off just challenging him to a coin toss. I'd take a 50/50 chance versus a completely lopsided game any day of the week.

wil348 karma

Your math checks out.

kevinday358 karma

Yes, over here, n'hey, n'hey. In episode BF12, you were battling barbarians while riding a winged Appaloosa, yet in the very next scene, my dear, you're clearly atop a winged Arabian. Please do explain it.

wil472 karma

Obviously, it's a sort of magical horse. I mean, even a child could have seen that.

Aeolingamenfel350 karma

Hey Wil,

Have you heard of Storium? It's an online storytelling game-a little more free form than normal tabletop roleplaying. What do you think of it?

wil475 karma

I love Storium! My friends created it, and I'm proud to be a backer.

ijustcanthelpit315 karma

Do ants have lungs?

wil627 karma

I'm sorry, that's not a beard question.

kyleesha292 karma

Mr. Wheaton. I wanted to let you know that your blog is one of the best things I have read. Being the parent of two young step boys and trying to be the best father I can be to them when they have a tough situation with their bio mom reading what you post and knowing you have been down that road before me lets me know that it can and will be better, even if it sometimes gets hard. Thank you for doing all you do not only with gaming, and the culture, but for the things other not always comment on.

wil424 karma

stepdad fistbump

Remember that they're in pain, and it's hard for them to have the tension and drama in their lives that comes with your situation. Never speak badly about their bio mom, and make sure they know you love them. It's a hard road, and it can feel like the entire world's against you at times, but when they grow up to be the awesome people you know they can be, it's all worth it.

ChrisHardwick286 karma

Are you Wil?

wil195 karma


nwgirlforever271 karma

Which main character actor or actress was the biggest jackass while you were Wesley on TNG and why?

wil686 karma

Probably me, because I was an obnoxious and annoying teenager who was trying his hardest to not be lame, and usually failing.

spartajoe169 karma

Were you ever awkwardly attracted to Gates McFadden in your scenes together?

wil290 karma

Nope. I had a massive crush on Marina, but Gates was more like a mom to me, so ... no.

nacho-bitch267 karma

Hi Wil,

This is Alli the "not a crazy stalker chick" that made your bowling shirt.

First I just want to say how awesome it is for me that you actually wear that shirt. I was watching a Dr Who special and it showed a clip of you bowling with some of the DW cast in the shirt. Very awesome.

My question is when is Wootstock coming back to northern CA? That was a great show. I'd love to see another one.

wil225 karma

Wootstock is, for the near future, only happening at SDCC, just because it's so hard to get the four of us in the same place at the same time. We occasionally do sketchfest, but it's called "founder's night" because we don't have any guests join us. I had to miss it this year because of work, but hopefully we can do it again next year.

DrunkenMasters257 karma

Hi Wil. As someone who has also never seen Rampart do you think I should?

wil656 karma

No, watch Akira again instead.

limitedusage236 karma

I love that you've made it to the RPG game stretch goal - do you know yet what you're going to play? Do you want WOTC/D&D involved, or specifically not? Your games with AQI got me back into D&D after a long hiatus, and I really have enjoyed Chris Perkins' adventure design, and would love to see him take on a long-form campaign. OR are you planning to DM/GM?

wil318 karma

I have a very good idea about what I'm going to play, but I'm not ready to talk about it, yet. I can tell you that it won't be D&D, I am going to GM.

x2501x200 karma

Two questions, and a thank you.

First—I love your audiobook work. Both Ready Player One and Fuzzy Nation are amongst my favorite listens. Can you tell us about any more that you have recently completed or will be doing soon?

Second—there are some Nissan commercials on iTunes radio that sound very much like your voice, except they're lower pitched as if slightly slowed down. Is that you, or just someone trying very hard to copy your delivery?

Third—I owe you a huge thanks. A couple years ago, a guy wearing a t-shirt I made met you at a con, and you tweeted a pic of him wearing it, which got my site a huge amount of attention. I’ve been hoping to send you one as a thank you, but haven’t been able to figure out how. If you want one, please let me know how to get it to you.


wil192 karma

I recorded an audiobook on Monday, but I don't think I can say what it was or when it will be released.

I'm not part of the Nissan commercial, and I seriously doubt anyone would ever want to copy me, when there are, you know, good people worth copying.

I love that shirt. Clever is my Kryptonite, and that shirt is damn clever. Good work, sir.

hipstermike185 karma

So I've started playing Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Carcassone and all of your video have been a great help. I want to introduce my playgroup to something a bit more involved though. What would you suggest would be a good next step for something more strategy based and less dependent on random factors like dice?

wil287 karma

Check out Lords of Waterdeep, Revolution, and Small World.

shofaz158 karma

Hi Wil, is it true that you are a Cumberbitch? y/y

wil230 karma

so much yes.

mjsher2136 karma

Wil Wheaton,

If you were to take over the world, what tabletop game would you mandate be in everyone's home?

wil339 karma


AllyGambit117 karma

Wil! My question is about BEER: Stone Farking Wheaton wootstout 2.0 to be more specific, do you know if this will release in stores around the same time as hop con? I missed out on wootstout last year, I am hoping to not make that mistake this year.

To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

wil119 karma

I don't know exactly where it will be released, but I know Stone plans to do nationwide, as far as the laws will allow. Last year, we weren't allowed to distribute in Ohio or Utah because the ABV was too high.

HalifaxNick116 karma

Hi Wil. Will TableTop Season 3 be available anywhere else besides YouTube?

wil186 karma

Yes. We'll have it in as many different places as we can, which is one of the huge benefits of being completely independent.

skantman113 karma

Hey Wil, looking forward to seeing your new show! What will differentiate TWWP from shows like Tosh or Attack of the Show? And will we see any tabletop gaming segments?

Also, can you maybe start lobbying SyFy to shange the name again? We all think SciFy is a good compromise.

wil352 karma

What will differentiate TWWP from shows like Tosh or Attack of the Show? And will we see any tabletop gaming segments?

I think Tosh is mean, and not very clever. One of our prime directives is that we aren't mean, we don't make fun of our audience, and we're not afraid to make jokes that maybe only 10% of the audience will appreciate because they're that particular kind of geek. I think we'll have some similarities with Attack, just because I loved that show so much, and I think they blazed a great trail for us to sort of follow.

We probably won't see any tabletop gaming segments, because I have that whole other show where we cover that.

Also, can you maybe start lobbying SyFy to shange the name again? We all think SciFy is a good compromise.

Ha. I wish. I get so many angry emails and phone calls from the network when I joke about that, especially when I call it "the network formerly-known as Sci-Fi", because they don't really have a sense of humor about it. I mean, I can't imagine why they'd be sensitive about it. It's not like everyone who is in their core audience felt punched in the face when they did that, or anything...

please don't fire me Syfy I'll be good

enderandrew42112 karma

Wil, I had the pleasure of playing a table top game with you last year when I won a contest at Kansas City Planet Comicon last year. My daughter hasn't ever seen you in anything and didn't know know who you were, but she really took to you. I've always gotten the impression that you are a sincere and friendly person. You invented Wil Wheaton's law. But there was a moment it seemed to me that you weren't following your own law. On your Weakest Link appearance, you came across a bit like a dick.


At the very least, Roxann Dawson wasn't very happy with you.

Where you a different person back then? Do you think you just didn't come off well in that episode? Is there not friendship and fraternity amongst cast members of different Star Trek shows?

Edit: Don't mean to be a jerk with the hardball question. Just always curious. BTW, I do love Table Top and I backed the new season!

wil248 karma

Oh man, that thing. So it was a deliberate joke that Roxann and I planned together, and coordinated with the producers of the show. We did it so well, the audience completely believed that it was real.

I guess you could say that it was the first time I decided to play Evil Wil Wheaton on television!

tinglefairy108 karma

What is one thing you wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self?

wil388 karma

I actually wouldn't tell him anything, because I believe that our lives are the result of everything we do, good and bad, joyful and painful, celebrated and regretted. I absolutely love my life right now, and I can look myself in the eye without ever feeling ashamed of myself. I wouldn't want to do anything to change my life or who I am, even though a lot of my younger years were not always awesome.

LensFare86 karma

Hi! So among Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, and maybe Netrunner, what game do you think should be a staple in everyone's Game Cabinet?

And will you ever get around to publishing that book of conversations with your pets?

wil138 karma

Of those games you listed, definitely Settlers.

ShotgunCaribou85 karma

Hey Wil, just wanted to say thanks for being one of the most awesome people ever.

I was wondering: which side do you come down on in the cake vs pie debate?

wil203 karma


And now a question for you: losing your wedding ring in the ocean vs. not losing your wedding ring in the ocean?

JedKnope83 karma

Hi Wil, I'm a big fan of Tabletop. Will we see Battlestar Galactica played this season?

wil122 karma

I'm not sure. I love that game, but I think it may be just slightly too complex for our format.

I'll playtest it with Producer Boyan, though, and see if we can make it work.

darianb103178 karma

It's not about anything you listed to ask you about, but any idea when you'll be back on @midnight? I absolutely loved the episode you were on.

wil96 karma

YES! I'm talking with the gang over there to set up a show in July.

RedPandaAlex70 karma

Hi Wil,

Thrilled to see Tabletop season 3 and the RPG spinoff are being so robustly funded on IndieGoGo. Do you think the show has a future beyond season 3, and if so, do you have any ideas about making it self-sustaining going forward, or do you think it will be crowd-funded from here on out?

wil112 karma

Crowdfunding season three was an amazing experience, because it showed us in a very tangible way how much Tabletop means to people all over the world, but it was also a little weird for me. I'm very self sufficient in every aspect of my life, and if I could afford to fund it myself, I would. At every step of the way, I had to remind myself that this isn't about me, it's about the community of Tabletop gamers who love this show and want to see more of it. When I remembered that I wasn't doing this for me, but was doing it because it's so important to so many people, it felt less weird to me.

I don't know if we'll go beyond season three (we need to finish season three first, and who knows what's going to happen in the Mysterious Future) but if we do, I hope we can make it self-sustaining in some way that lets us maintain our independence, and keep the production values as awesome as they are now.

CraigularB70 karma

Hi Wil, I was wondering how you deal with/respond to the people that criticize you for being on The Big Bang Theory? I know Reddit's opinion of the show in general is fairly low so I imagine a lot of the criticism would be centered here, but I'm just curious about what you say to people who do try to tear you down for being on the show.

On an unrelated note, what's your brewing process and favorite beer you've ever created yourself?

Keep up the good work :)

wil197 karma

was wondering how you deal with/respond to the people that criticize you for being on The Big Bang Theory?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I'm not required to listen or respond to it.

AustNerevar61 karma

When it comes to gaming, you mostly only ever talk about tabletops games, which I love.

But I was wondering what, if any, is your favorite classic or modern video game.

wil141 karma

I love classic video games, because I grew up during video gaming's golden age. On the 2600, I loved Yar's Revenge. On NES I loved the original Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, Metroid, Blades of Steel, and RC Pro-Am. On Sega, I loved NHL '94 and Mortal Kombat II. On PS3, it was all about Vice City. On Xbox, I currently love Borderlands 2 and will always love Dragon Age: Origins.

I play a bunch of indie titles on Steam, too many to list them all, but highly recommend Dear Esther, The Stanley Parable, Gone Home, and, of course, Civ V.

Lostapostle48 karma

But... Vice City was on ps2.... HEY! THIS GUY ISN'T ONE OF US AT ALL!

wil50 karma

Oh, you're right. Shit. I meant PS2. My favorite game on PS3 is The Last of Us.

Stone_Reign61 karma

Your desert island board game? (assuming friends are marooned with you)

wil192 karma

That one where you build a working transporter to get you back to civilization.

ryanblumer47 karma

For the RPG show, have you thought about whether or not you'll be a player or a DM?

wil92 karma

I plan to be the GM.

shivan2142 karma

What is your opinion on J.J.Abrams' Star Trek restart?

wil106 karma

I think he did a brilliant job of translating Star Trek into a language and style that is relevant to my kids' generation. Hopefully, the Millenials will see this version of Star Trek, get interested in the older series, and become full-on Trekkies.

flawlessp40141 karma

There are many questions I would love to ask but I will contain myself.

Have you heard of the Hard Science Fiction Tabletop RPG called Eclipse Phase?

When might we get to hear you on the Nerdist Podcast once more? Ooh ooh or “Making it With Riki Lindhome”, or “You Made it Weird”. I would love to hear you on any of those, although your rapport with one Chris Hardwick makes that my preference.

wil48 karma

I've heard of Eclipse Phase, but I've never played it. I love science fiction, but I've never been that into SF RPGs for some reason.

Hardwick and I have planned to have me on the podcast soon, we're just figuring out the schedule.

PyroNecrophile37 karma

Hi Wil, I'm so happy you're doing an AMA! I always get all giddy and squee! when you're on Big Bang.

I'm a huge board game geek, and I struggle with striking the balance between games that are quick to teach and understand, and games that are excessively complicated and have thousands of pieces. My question is - Are there any games that you'd love to do a show on, but are too complicated to explain quick enough to make the show entertaining. (I'm thinking Arkham Horror).

PS - Can you make an episode of Big Bang where you make out with Sheldon? It would be adorable!! Maybe bring it up to the writers?

wil40 karma

Are there any games that you'd love to do a show on, but are too complicated to explain quick enough to make the show entertaining. (I'm thinking Arkham Horror).

Most of the longer games like Arkham and Eclipse just won't work, which is a shame because I love them.

Those games, though, aren't exactly good introductory games, and one of the prime directives of Tabletop is to showcase games that are an easy introduction to our hobby.

pikachupotterforking32 karma

Hey Wil! Big fan from Norway here. Just wanted to say that when you and Patrick Rothfuss converse on Twitter it makes me really happy for some reason. Also, the Big Bang episodes with you in them are the best!

My question is: How is it to play yourself vs playing a character? Do you have a say in how 'you' are portrayed on The Big Bang Theory?

wil57 karma

Do you have a say in how 'you' are portrayed on The Big Bang Theory?

Occasionally, Steve Molaro will ask me if I've had an experience in my real life that would sort of inspire them to do something with my character on the show. Probably the best example of that sort of thing is when he asked me if there was anything in my real life that could help them develop my conversation with Sheldon after he finds out he has to retract his discovery.

6ftSchnitzel30 karma

Can we go back to your early work (like Stand By Me and TNG) and do a remastered version where we add a beard to your characters?

wil53 karma

I'm pretty sure that this has to happen, now.

Belle_Corliss30 karma

Are there plans for a Cards Against Humanity Tabletop sometime in the (hopefully near) future?

wil81 karma

Yes. We're going to do a very dirty "Tabletop After Dark" episode in season three, in which we will play Cards Against Humanity.

ImFatWannaParty25 karma

Do you wear socks with your sandals?

wil52 karma

Only when I'm wearing shorts.

Cratic11 karma

Could you explain in detail your emotions during the Kings first round?

wil21 karma

Pick pretty much any .gif from /r/nonononoyes and you'll have a good idea.

aussie1516 karma

I know you might have a bit of Bias being a Kings fan, but which division do you think is going to be more competitive over the next 5 years, the Pacific or the Central?

As an Avs fan I'm mostly happy we might be relevant again, and I'm looking forward to the Western Conference domination of the East to continue for a while!

Oh and TableTop is awesome and I can't wait for the RPG show!

wil17 karma

I hope it'll become the Central, because the Pacific is so freaking tough right now, I feel like we're in the playoffs all year long.

Also, when I'm boss of the universe, we're getting the proper division names back. #TeamSmytheDivisionForLife

nooeh5 karma

Do you own any dogecoin?

wil7 karma

I have a little, yeah, but I don't fully understand the whole cryptocurrency thing, so I haven't paid very close attention to it.