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Nah, man. The leg has to go over the back of the chair to be a full Riker move. Like the chair isn't even there.

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Post an AMA on Reddit.

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To you, does this mean more self-contained stories (like TOS and TNG) or more story arcs (like DS9 and on)?

To me, Trek was more fun when I could just watch an episode and everything was wrapped up. Granted, this could have more to do with the fact that TNG hit me in my formative years, but I still go back and watch TNG on Netflix and BBC America and it is easily my favorite Trek to this day. I may be in the minority, but I'd like to see a return to that somewhat simpler story telling method.

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Ah yes, planned spontaneity. They'll never see it coming.

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Back in my high school days, I was obsessed with The Fifth Element. I believe I ended up watching it seven times total in the theatre, once watching it three times in a row (it was a second chance, cheaper theatre, but I spent a good part of the day there with some friends). I own the widescreen VHS, collector's DVD, and the Blu-Ray release. I still can't help but watch it on TV every time I stumble on it.

I always tell people to this day that the mix of action, humor, amazing soundtrack, and fantastic writing/acting and characters were just an unmatched blend of awesome film making that I would be hard pressed to match on overall level of just plain fun.

Crazy that one of my other Top 5 movies also happens to be Leon: The Professional. I loved the US version, and only a few years back learned of the differences in the ex-US version, with all the deleted scenes that were too uncomfortable for the US version. It somehow made an already near perfect movie that much better. I didn't think that possible. My father agrees that it is one of the best movies he has ever seen, and we frequently bring it up as just being a complete masterpiece all around.

I'm not really sure I have any questions for you, but just wanted to heap some praise on your skills and tell you just how how much these two movies mean to me. I've been trying to track down the right size a Leon poster (the French "B" version) to put up on my wall in my theater room, even, but haven't had much luck. I will continue to persist on that!

Thanks for being awesome.

Apparently I need to have a question in here for my post to not be deleted. Here goes: I once read that writing Leon was sort of a "quick" thing you did while waiting for various bits and pieces to come together on your "life's work" of The Fifth Element (being that you apparently starting writing it around 14 years old, if I recall correctly). Is that true? If so, as much as I love The Fifth Element, I find that Leon is, by most measures, a superior film. It is interesting that it was relatively quick for you to write Leon.