You all are AWESOME!! I have to get to bed but I will be around and hope to chat it up more in the future!!


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Darthfuzzy2234 karma


dogedriver1617 karma

I am going to talk with Phil about this this week and make a plan!

Tracheal2050 karma


dogedriver2367 karma


madmoney4011058 karma

yes! /u/Newman4185 was saying that joshwise/dogecar merchandise sales could be used to help sponsor josh and the dogecar in future events! i think that could be a very good idea!

dogedriver1490 karma

I like this idea

Jorling1787 karma

Did you ever just look at your car this weekend and just think 'wow'? Also, thank you for being still being active on reddit and being a great spokesperson for our community (both reddit and dogecoin)

dogedriver2998 karma

Much wow!

helium_farts1536 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA and for being awesome in general. I've been a NASCAR fan for 25 years and yesterday was probably the most fun I've ever had watching a race.

Now to my question.

Did any of the other drivers comment on your car? If so what was your favorite reaction?

dogedriver2939 karma

did you not see the video of Carl Edwards getting zapped!?

unicorn_butt_sex1393 karma

Hey Josh! Denis here!

I just want to say thanks and I am really happy with everything you've done. Hopefully I get to meet you! Who knows, the shibes can sponsor racegod again!

dogedriver1028 karma

your the man

striped_zebra1308 karma

Hey Josh, Great Race!! Congrats on the Top 20 finish, and bringing the car home in one piece. Great accomplishment at Dega.

Shoutout to /r/Dogecoin and /r/NASCAR for the awesome job they did in organizing the sponsorship. It was soo much fun watching you race yesterday.

  • Did any of the other drivers ask questions about the sponsorship? What were people saying about the car in the pits?

  • What were you thinking when you got up to 4th with 20 laps to go in the outside lane??

dogedriver1615 karma

people were very curious. I spent ALL weekend explaining it!

strategy was working perfectly. even coming to the white flag I was in great position with a big run and the 18 car cut in front of me and killed momentum. I had to lift to not wreck him

BigDildo1212 karma

I want to thank one of your tire changers for letting me touch your's and Phil's nuts.

I also want to thank you for coming over and sign autographs when we yelled for you next to the driver introduction stage. Unfortunately, I didn't think to have you sign the nuts for my kids and never did get your autograph. Is there any way that I could send these in and request that you sign them? My 2 kids would love that. My 7 year old son is really a Jimmie Johnson fan, but I keep telling him that he needs to change the 48 on his shirts to the number 98. My 3 year old daughter isn't old enough to choose, so please help her become a fan of your's.

Whatever your answer, thanks for taking out the time to do this AMA.

dogedriver1291 karma

haha send them to the race shop I sign everything that comes in

Jipip1124 karma

Hey Josh! Thanks for doing this AMA!

Anyway, i wanted to ask you if you thought this situation distracted any other drivers or even you? Also, was it fun to be in this race, and to be funded by this community?

dogedriver828 karma

nah no distraction. just wanted to do my best for everyone

TwoCatsGrinding997 karma

Thank you for returning the love of Dogecoin/reddit....

With the increased attention, (i.e. Josh Wise Google searches up, tweets up, all the media attention, interviews, people all over the globe watching NASCAR for the first time ever to see you race) How has Dogecoin changed your day to day life?

What are you doing today that you wouldn't have been doing 2 months ago, before Doge? (besides redditing)

dogedriver2324 karma

I am addicted to reddit that would be the biggest thing!

dolan313848 karma

Hi Josh,

thanks for doing this AMA!

Do you think the doge on the back of the dogecar had an impact on other drivers?

Like this:

Also, Dale Earnhardt Jr. 'blamed' you for him not making it forward, I blame the doge:

What was going through your mind when do(d)eging (hahahaha geddit) the last big one? This is the one I mean. GIF

Also, I made you a movie poster:

EDIT: fixed autocorrected dogecar spelling

dogedriver651 karma

That video is so funny :)

MrMinu5805 karma


What were the differences between this sponsorship from reddit/dogecoin vs others that you experienced?

Thanks for kicking ass!

dogedriver1623 karma

Way more fun! Not so corporate

buttcruncher716 karma

What went through your head when you realized or were told that you were getting crowd funded by a crypto currency the face of which is a Shiba inus that says WOW a lot?

dogedriver1148 karma

It took a little while to understand. But the more I knew the more I loved it!

dogedriver686 karma

Dang I really appreciate all the questions!!! You guys are so awesome. Have a great night!

NapalmKitteh645 karma

I have two quick questions for you Josh:

  1. Why was is that you were always taking the outside line? A lot of people would get mad whenever you would take the outside although I doubt they really knew what they were talking about.

  2. What happened when you were in 4th place and then all of the sudden dropped way back into like 30th? I was sooo pumped when you were up there in the front! I'm sure a lot of my fellow shibes were exstatic as well.

In the end I was so happy for you man! Great job out there in the race and thanks for doing such a great job of promoting Dogecoin!

dogedriver916 karma

My car didnt have good speed on the bottom lane. I tried dropping down there a couple times but it would just kill my speed. I could keep it wound up and make better ground up top. The bottom was the best line so this was unfortunate.

people started dropping out of the top line. usually the line with the most cars in it prevails.

Xinchy636 karma


Was the solo pit done on purpose for exposure, or just a happy accident?

Watching you race yesterday gave me feels like I imagine a parent gets when watching their kid in the school play. Ear-to-ear grin whenever you were on screen! Such pride!

dogedriver550 karma

nope not on purpose but worked out good! had a vibration.

notirrelevantyet599 karma

What do you think drivers behind you were thinking when they saw that adorable dog on the back of your car?

dogedriver1177 karma


deltatangothree578 karma

How freaking cool was it being in 4th at Talladega???!!!!

dogedriver853 karma


person95574 karma

Was the pitstop alone deliberate? We were going NUTS here when they had to focus on just you for a minute! Thanks for being awesome and avoiding all the wrecks! TO THE MOON!

dogedriver709 karma

no but it worked out good huh!?

Ssslouter_553 karma

Hey Josh, I wanted to say you made me a huge fan!

Is there any way to buy the crew shirts from the race?

dogedriver821 karma

We are working on some merch

Record307532 karma

Hey Josh! Did you really expect all of this support? Nice driving on Sunday!

dogedriver751 karma

NO! but its great

Specialjyo477 karma

First time being the guy with the best looking car at the party?

dogedriver476 karma


Tyronexplosion404 karma


But really, did you know about dogecoin before riding the dogemobile?

dogedriver544 karma

nope. I do now!

Dogecar98402 karma

Josh, first of all, thank you for being such a good sport and taking the Dogecoin community seriously. I'm sure there are some who would not have.

My question to you is, do you personally see a future in Dogecoin? Where do you see the coin a year from now? Five years? I know you're pretty new to this yourself, but a newcomer's view of the coin could be very insightful.


dogedriver549 karma

I do see a future! Blows me away that it has only been around for 5 months or so!

Scoot-r375 karma

Great driving yesterday! How many dogecoins to sponsor the rest of the season? Is it $55,000 per race or is there a whole season discount?

dogedriver650 karma

If we seriously want to make this happen I can get with Phil and see what it would take. He's the boss!

Jnk11207375 karma

Hey Josh! I had never seen a Nascar race until Taladogea yesterday. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning while watching and looking for the dogecar. Thanks for being the best person we could have sponsored! You did terrific! As far as a question goes I just wanted to know if you like pineapples on your pizza?

dogedriver387 karma

Heck yes!!!

noneo335 karma


dogedriver286 karma

It was great running up front with 20ish to go

Pointistix320 karma

Josh -

Do you have any thoughts on being one of the only crowdfunded cars to ever drive in a NASCAR race?

Also, you were amazing. Even if we never get to sponser you again (but I hope we do!), you've got a fan for life.

To the moon!

dogedriver327 karma

It has been a ton of fun!

meganinj4276 karma

Hey man GOOD Job Yesterday , What YOU Feel after the finsh? Wanna Drive the DogeCar one more time?

Grettings from Brazil

dogedriver367 karma

depends on the race but i wanted a better finish yesterday and thought we had it in the making!



How much will it cost to sponsor you in another race?

dogedriver431 karma

We try to get 55-60k per race. It's what we really need to stay operating at a competitive level. There are all kinds of ways to get there though.

inna_woods215 karma

What car do you drive when not in the dogecar?

dogedriver563 karma

I am about to blow your mind! I drive my wifes car that she owned since before we got married. 2007 Acura TSX :) gangstaaa. ok maybe not

PlanetBloopy214 karma

How long will you spend this week studying or thinking about how your race went? Has your result rocket-boosted your confidence for upcoming races?

dogedriver353 karma

I make some notes and reflect then move on instantly to the next week. I have good confidence no matter the results. I feel like I know I am capable of getting the job done!

NorCalPride199 karma

How much has the attitude in the shop at Phil Parsons Racing changed amidst all of the publicity and support your team has received in the recent weeks?

dogedriver405 karma

They love it but my guys at the shop are racers and work their tails off with or without attention. they are great

RKD_NT3000175 karma

If Dogecoin took over as full sponsor, would you do it or would you want another sponsor? And if the Dogecoin car is in Nascar 2014, I'd just race in your car lol

dogedriver281 karma

That would be so awesome to have dogecoin full time!!!

DiscardedYouth168 karma

Hey Josh! Thanks for the opportunity! My only question is what were the reactions of the other drivers?

dogedriver311 karma

Some were curious about what dogecoin was

TwistedMexi155 karma

You're the first AMA I've been on time for!

What would you say was the most exciting moment of the race?

dogedriver237 karma

Always last few laps at Dega

platypus34154 karma

Great job on a solid run yesterday! I was rather impressed with your needle-threading abilities during this incident.

What was going through your mind, as you were driving >190mph, when Johnson spins causing chaos directly in front of you?

dogedriver446 karma

"AH! dont hit him!!"

rawfishes151 karma

I would just like to say I have never been interested in watching Nascar until now. now I have someone to root for and someone that makes me want to pay close attention to what before seemed like a mind numbing circle of cars. THANK YOU JOSH

dogedriver149 karma

Awesome thank you

-internets135 karma

Hey Josh, I wanna start by saying great drive last Sunday. I think I speak for all of us at /r/NASCAR and /r/dogecoin, even on Reddit in saying that it was really fun watching you wheel that dogecar around the track!

My question is something that’s been bothering me for a while now. Here it is: How much do you guys really learn or benefit from competition cautions? I mean, do you really learn anything new about tire wear and track conditions? Thanks Josh, keep up the great work out there!

dogedriver147 karma

sometimes a lot sometimes not necessary

free_boob_ratings119 karma

What. the. heck. You post this, and in one minute you have 28 comments already! How does that feel?

dogedriver245 karma

I feel bad because I want to answer them all!!

kpstormie115 karma

Hey Josh, congrats on the top 20 at Dega! It was awesome to see the Dogecoin car out there and on TV, you guys got some great exposure!

That actually leads me to my question, has all the recent exposure brought on any other sponsorship deals for the rest of the year? I really hope it does, you and PPR have done some awesome things for a small one car team this year. Good luck in Kansas!

dogedriver171 karma

nothing solid but attention cant be bad

Uriniass115 karma

What do you usually do before a race? What do you usually do after a race?

dogedriver255 karma

eat and talk with people or my team. after i cant wait to get home and see my girls!

Terribad01110 karma

Josh, I have been a NASCAR fan for a long time, however, this Dogecoin sponsorship and race at Talladega made me the most excited for a race EVER! How would you describe your feelings leading up to possibly the biggest race of your career on Sunday?

dogedriver191 karma

I actually put a lot of pressure on myself. I had all of you counting on me!

Nole77105 karma

Did any of the other drivers ask about Dogecoin? If so what did you tell them?

dogedriver201 karma

yep! told em everything I knew and how awesome the community was!

ihaveabulldoge91 karma

Can you please post a picture of your helmet?

dogedriver258 karma

I might have a surprise for you all with that :) Give me a week or so..

redcoatwright72 karma

I've always wondered, have you invested any amount of money into Dogecoin? No judgement either way!

Just curious.

Also great race, I didn't get to watch it live, but I saw a lot of it online. Fantastic stuff.

dogedriver155 karma

I have not but do plan to. Phil and I have both talked about this. I also enjoy the fun side of it.

conjunctionjunction171 karma

Hi Josh, Thank you for being such a great brand ambassador for dogecoin and reddit! It was a great experience watching you learn about dogecoin and become involved in the community all the way up through racing the dogecar!

My question is about your other style of racing- triathlons! What races do you have on your horizon? What are your goals as a professional triathlete? Also, which of the three (swim/bike/run) is your favorite?

dogedriver132 karma

Half Iron Man in July! Swim and bike love! Run....not so much :)

goldguy8170 karma

Were you allowed to vote for yourself?


What was your initial reaction seeing so many people dedicated to making sure the maximum amount of people voted for you?

Edit: My first ever answer to an AMA, yay! :D

dogedriver111 karma

Im still blown away

Dredd_Inside70 karma

Josh, congrats on finishing in the top 20 and for having the best damn looking car out there yesterday. You made a great move to avoid Joey Logano when Jimmie Johnson spun out. As someone who will never experience that at near 200 mph, do you have time to react to a crash like that, or is it pure reflexes?

dogedriver102 karma


Ragoser67 karma

Hello Mr. Wise! First off, thank you for doing this AMA. It was truly incredible watching you race yesterday. I was amazed that a community that started out so small could have done something like this. I've been a NASCAR fan since I was a kid and it was great to see something I helped achieve out on the racetrack. You were nearly taken out in multiple wrecks, what was going through your head at these times, especially the one right at the beginning with Keselowski? Thanks again for doing this AMA and driving the Dogecar!

dogedriver116 karma

dont have much time to think. its all gut reaction!

SugarPistils64 karma


dogedriver220 karma

I use iRacing Its amazing

N776AU61 karma

What's your typical pre-race meal?

dogedriver100 karma

lots of veggies and water

G00DGUYGABE53 karma

Hey Josh, this is one of the coolest things I feel that Reddit and its users have been a part of. I really hope they can continue sponsoring you over at that dogecoin community, you're a talented racer. What is the most helpful thing we could do to help your career and dream of racing? What do you see in the future?

dogedriver103 karma

You all have done so much already.

The press and support and fan backing is a big deal. If it stays it will be a huge help to my career and finding sponsors.

ant124850 karma

Can we change your Wikipedia picture to one of you wearing the Doge suit?

dogedriver79 karma


Tsing_Tao45 karma


How did you get into racing? and have you had any serious injuries?

dogedriver94 karma

Raced since I was 6yo. Yeah had some rough crashes when I was coming through the ranks

SilentReborn40 karma

How scary was it dodging all of those wrecks that were intensely close to you?

dogedriver89 karma

not at all. your so in the zone you dont even think about it!

Forgototherpassword36 karma

Saturday's race seems like a deal for someone to sponsor You. It's jammed right between Dogecar in Talladega, and The All Star Qualifier/Race with DogeCar. For at least 1 race, fans will watch, and see, and appreciate whoever picks you up. This would be a great PR move for any company. I would hope they sponsor you longer, but is it:

  1. Too late to sponsor? There's 5 TBA sponsors on the Entry list.

  2. Too Late to wrap? I really don't know how long it would take.

  3. What NASCAR sponsors aren't on a car atm?

I really appreciate how awesome you have been and hope we can help you out. Thanks!

dogedriver59 karma

not too late!

zzr334 karma


What was more important: finishing 20th, or keeping the car clean through all of those near misses?

Great job over the last month, both driving the car and building such a great relationship with fans/sponsors. Hopefully future potential sponsors see what you've done and throw more funding towards PPR!

dogedriver81 karma

Keeping car clean until the last lap. after that you just go for it

aimory131 karma

When you dropped back from fourth, was that intentional thinking that there was a Big One, or because you stayed on the outside too much

dogedriver72 karma

it was because i was in the outside too much

sungenie28 karma

Mr. Wise,

I have been downvoted all day because a lot of my “Reddit friends” don’t have a full love of how NASCAR works…what would you recommend so that we can build a bigger base and support you more?

dogedriver44 karma

Let me talk to em... :)

YouFeelShame25 karma

Did you receive any negative comments on the sponsorship?

Would NASCAR take issue with sponsors such as yours or other humorous advertisers that could potentially project an image not in line with NASCARs vision or is money money?

dogedriver41 karma


I cant really speak for nascar!

sungenie22 karma

Mr. Wise, Congrats on your success – many people don’t think NASCAR drivers are athletes but you are…do you think swimming contributes to your ability to drive the car on these extended tracks?

dogedriver50 karma

fitness def helps. races are long and hot and mentally draining!

willdcatt21 karma

Josh thanks for your involvement and congratulations on your great performance yesterday. My question is a favorite over on /r/NASCAR.

Doc and Marty McFly from Back to the Future appear to you in their time machine Delorean DMC. They offer to take you to any race in the past. Which one would you be in and why?

dogedriver55 karma

Thats pretty tough! You guys might not like my answer but I would have to go to an old indy 500! maybe one where foyt won or something.

JLWDGCSU18 karma

Hey Josh, do you think you may be able to have a continuing relationship with Dogecoin?

dogedriver48 karma

I am not going anywhere!

aari1316 karma

Great job on the race!

But a little away from NASCAR, when is your next Iron Man? Are you gunning to qualify for Kona? Any pics of your bike? :)

dogedriver25 karma

Maybe Cozumel in Dec?

I have Specialized Shiv on the way I will show some pics when I get it!

LittleDom12 karma

Hey Josh!

  1. How has the Dogecoin community influenced your view on sponsorships and would you consider doing anything with the Dogecoin/Reddit community again?

  2. As I'm sure you know, you've brought a lot of new fans into the sport (myself included) how does that feel?

P.S: You did us proud Josh! Great driving out there and you've gained a lot of new fans! (about 80,000 to be exact).

dogedriver16 karma


It feels cool. I am just a normal guy who doesnt really deserve too much credit