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Did they say why your kidney function was so low when you were only 19-20 years old? That seems odd for someone so young.

Does Kidney failure run in your family?

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You guys are awesome and honey is awesome.

Thanks for not being dickbags!

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I've always wondered, have you invested any amount of money into Dogecoin? No judgement either way!

Just curious.

Also great race, I didn't get to watch it live, but I saw a lot of it online. Fantastic stuff.

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One time I called 911 and was connected with a dispatcher (this was for a car accident I had witnessed on the highway). One of the people in the accident got out of the car and also called 911 (I was running toward them so it was before I got there) and I swear I ended up on a threeway call with my dispatcher and the dude in the wreck.

I hung up as soon as I realized he was good to talk to the dispatcher but is that even possible?

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Just walk out if that happens again with another therapist. If the therapist isn't working for you, there's no point being there.