Josh Wise

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Josh Wise is an American stock car driver. He currently competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, driving the No. 98 Chevrolet SS for Phil Parsons Racing.

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dogedriver2998 karma

Much wow!

dogedriver2939 karma

did you not see the video of Carl Edwards getting zapped!?

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I am addicted to reddit that would be the biggest thing!

dogedriver1623 karma

Way more fun! Not so corporate

dogedriver1617 karma

I am going to talk with Phil about this this week and make a plan!

dogedriver1615 karma

people were very curious. I spent ALL weekend explaining it!

strategy was working perfectly. even coming to the white flag I was in great position with a big run and the 18 car cut in front of me and killed momentum. I had to lift to not wreck him

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I like this idea

dogedriver1291 karma

haha send them to the race shop I sign everything that comes in

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2014! because I want to drive the first dogecoin car!