Was it as fun for you as it was for me??? Great chatting with you all! Goodnight!

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ItsSimpull482 karma

How does the rest of NASCAR (insiders, other racers, owners) feel about the Dogecoin sponsorship and the crowdfunding?

dogedriver881 karma

Confused, surprised, curious

striped_zebra397 karma

Hey Josh,

Welcome from /r/NASCAR. Heres one of our favorite AMA questions:

Doc Brown from Back to the Future appears out of nowhere in his time machine/DeLorean. You are offered the opportunity to go back in time and compete in NASCAR in any ONE year from the history of the sport.

Which year do you choose to race in, and why?

dogedriver1241 karma

2014! because I want to drive the first dogecoin car!

QSpam387 karma

BRO! YOU DA MAN! Seriously, im so friggin excited.

On a serious note, besides the publicity you and Dogecoin are receiving, I want to let you know that this has been wonderful for helping me talk to my father more. He loves NASCAR, i love tech. We've always been close'ish and whatnot and I grew up with NASCAR on sundays, but ive been able to connect with him more over the past week about all this than I have in a long time and talk about things we're both excited about. Thank you!

Dogecoin and NASCAR, who wouldve thought?

dogedriver199 karma


dogedriver325 karma

I have to get to bed! Thanks so much everyone! You guys are awesome.

[deleted]253 karma

Hello Josh! Welcome to /r/dogecoin, the friendliest corner of Reddit!

  1. How do you feel knowing that you got $55,000 from a crowdsourcing effort? I would imagine that it really helps you take a load off on race day knowing you've got funding.

  2. Do you have any advice for underdoges that want to break into the wonderful world of auto racing?

  3. What's your usual morning routine on race day?

  4. Do you prefer short tracks, speedways, or superspeedways?

And to get the silly questions out of the way...

  1. Would you rather fight a horse sized doge or 1000 doge-sized horses?

  2. I think this is one of the big ones- Are you or will you be a shibe? We'd love to have company on the rocket ship to the MOOOOON!

Can't wait to see the finished car on May 1st and good luck to you this weekend at Martinsville, I'll be there! #OGDoge

dogedriver242 karma

  1. MIND BLOWN! Thankful
  2. Work hard and dont give up!
  3. Eat! relax
  4. Whatevers next!

1.horse 2. working on it!

Elleck195 karma

Are you friends with Landon Cassill? We tend to think he lurks Reddit and is probably jealous of you and your Dogecar.

dogedriver211 karma

yes hes my buddy!

jurwayne_mcgritt103 karma

He's the best. He is a regular at my favorite bar here in Charlotte and has bought me more whiskey than all the other drivers combined

dogedriver127 karma


blueperrier181 karma

If Josh is as fast on the track as he is answering questions, I think it's fair to say we picked the right guy to win Dega!

dogedriver174 karma

Im trying! :)

mrgeo20178 karma

Hey Josh! My friends and I will be at Talladega rooting for you! Any plans to get some #98/Dogecoin merchandise going? We'd love to buy some t-shirts!

dogedriver208 karma


BigDildo175 karma

Hey Josh. Be honest. How dorky do you think all of this is?

dogedriver340 karma

im a dork. takes one to know one?

XtremeGameDesign152 karma


dogedriver400 karma

hold on a sec

SwedishChef727141 karma

Will you win Dega? Please!

dogedriver239 karma


lamamafia174 karma

You have a moonrocket. Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski will happily read the "wow. very speed. much racecar" on your bumper.

dogedriver136 karma


wolfeward129 karma

I think you have made the Doge-community very proud, no matter what happens at Talladega. You've graciously accepted this community's support and I'm happy that you can be the first dogecoin NASCAR driver. Congratulations on becoming a true shibe.

dogedriver108 karma


Elapids123 karma

Dont mean to be mean, but can we have proof that this is you?

dogedriver446 karma

my autograph below

Josh Wise

dogedriver172 karma

did that work?

fearthejew96 karma

How are you going to describe dogecoin if you're asked?

dogedriver168 karma

Love this question because its a question I had for you guys. How do you want me to describe this???

Floppy454154 karma

I think it'd be best for /u/Reddit_Racing and some members from /r/nascar and /r/dogecoin to get together and make a little info sheet for you so you know what to say when you get to that point! I'll pass on that info to them and have them contact you.

dogedriver126 karma


angels_share92 karma

Hey Josh! I've got a really serious question for you...

Are you more of a cat or doge person?

dogedriver199 karma


cosmosjunkie91 karma

Hi, Josh!! Thanks for doing this. What else can the dogecoin community do to help you win? Rocket Engines?

dogedriver105 karma


IAmTheWaller6790 karma

Josh, you've made a lifelong fan in me :) I've always liked to see the underdoge drivers like you do well, and when I found out that my fellow redditors were getting together to sponsor you, I had to get myself into the action.

My question is in regards to the article that Bob Pockrass posted on Sporting News today about you and your fellow underdoges. You seem to have remained a very positive guy throughout the setbacks in your career, such as MWR cutting your development contract short, and I just want to know what keeps you in such a positive mindset through it all?

Good luck the rest of this season, just know I'll be cheering you on!

dogedriver192 karma

I love God and know he loves me. Whatever things may seem to be at a given time can be an illusion. Lucky to have life every day and do something that I love.

Reddit_Racing89 karma

Having fun?

dogedriver175 karma

fingers cramping

Reneau118 karma

Quick! Type faster Josh! Faster! To the mooooooooon

dogedriver449 karma


lamamafia85 karma

Hi Josh, what kind of music do you listen to?

I'm a big fan of Eric Church's Talladega those days!!!

dogedriver187 karma

honestly i change genres like once a week. This week....techno. I know...

CR_757 karma

What was it last week?

dogedriver133 karma


TwistedMexi52 karma

Do you do what I do? If a single song sounds good, I listen to it, if not, I don't. Regardless of genre.

dogedriver63 karma


kashking79 karma

Josh, i'm not a NASCAR fan, but i'm a Dogecoin fan. I LOVE that you're taking questions, even though your sponsorship came from...unconventional means. You may not even realize it, but you're a pioneer in the industry. I hope you receive the respect you deserve.

dogedriver60 karma

thank you!

therealhulkman71 karma

Josh, has there been a moment yet where you have been nervous about what your car may end up looking like? Have you seen some of the submissions to the design competition? What are your thoughts on them?

dogedriver133 karma

Hope you guys take care of me on that one!

TheBoffin70 karma

Well, while you were being kind and doing an AMA for us shibe, myself and /u/NeutralityMentality decided to ahve a little Tipping War but he so graciously let me win, as well as gave me some back.

I can't keep those coins, however...

+/u/dogetipbot 98000 doge verify

Thank you for being a pioneer!

dogedriver64 karma

wow thanks

Samurai26267 karma

Hi there Josh. Just curious about those laps you ran at Bristol that caught the communities eye. What was running through your mind at that point in the race.

dogedriver120 karma

dont get lapped! I was actually frustrated that we were even in that position

manyamile61 karma

Hey Josh. I saw the photo of your girls on your Twitter account. I have two girls around the same ages and couldn't imagine traveling as much as you do. How do you keep up as a family? Bedtime stories over Skype?

dogedriver92 karma

yes lots of facetime.

They come with to races sometimes also. Its hard

toomuchdoge56 karma

Hi Josh, Any special requests for the new decal?

dogedriver91 karma

nah just have fun with it

IronD54 karma

If you win at Talladega will you hold a second AMA?

dogedriver103 karma

oh yeah

Alesawr51 karma


dogedriver116 karma

Tony Stewart

tamouq50 karma

When you first heard that Dogecoin wanted to sponsor you, did you think it could actually happen? Did it seem like a joke or did you truly think we could do it?

dogedriver101 karma

not really but you guys seemed confident! But in 1 week!?? amazing

TheGenerousGeneral49 karma

What would you say is your most memorable moment in the races you've competed in?

Or better yet, 1: Most awesome moment 2: Scariest moment 3: Funniest moment

dogedriver143 karma

  1. winning
  2. almost dying
  3. laughing about almost dying when i didnt

IAmTheWaller6744 karma

Would you mind going into the incident when you almost died? Sounds both terrifying and hilarious.

dogedriver108 karma

Really bad sprint car crash in AZ. Unconscious and couple days in hospital. I guess when I was unconscious I was yelling things as they put me in the ambulance because I was really confused and...unconscious. hence the laughter down the road when people who were there told me I was yelling random things as I was carted off.

neonturts41 karma

Will most of the money go to the cost of the wrap? I'd love to see a dogecoin pit crew lol.

dogedriver72 karma

wrap, tires, motor, etc etc lots of expenses to race every week!

JMS199140 karma

Hey Josh, big NASCAR fan here. Thanks for doing this AMA.

What drivers did you look up to as you were starting out and moving up through the ranks?

dogedriver64 karma

Smoke, Jimmie, Gordon.

MysticFear38 karma

What do you think are good ways to interact with fans at a Nascar race and have them learn about Dogecoin?

A setup a tent idea has been proposed, but curious if other sponsors have done something really interesting that you found particularly great than what others have done.

dogedriver83 karma

as many of you all show up as possible and represent! tell people about it! I will too :)

shipguy5537 karma

Josh, I have talked to Richard Petty, and this is the most nervous I have been talking to a driver.

  1. If you could take any number for your car, what would you take?

  2. Will you say TO THE MOON! on the in car radio? if so I will listen to that!!

dogedriver61 karma

  1. hmm not sure
  2. keep listening!

IronD37 karma

What is one track you wish was on the Sprint Cup schedule that is not?

dogedriver93 karma


rotolo95436 karma

What's your favorite show/movie?

dogedriver90 karma

Was Breaking Bad. havent found a new one..

IAmTheWaller6754 karma

I definitely suggest House of Cards if you haven't seen that. It's a Netflix exclusive show and one of the best out there!

dogedriver60 karma

on it!

AmericanSalesman30 karma

Have you seen True Detective!?!?

dogedriver26 karma


peoplma34 karma

Welcome! Will you stick around reddit, /r/dogecoin and /r/nascar when this is over? Or do you already have another secret account and is this your alt?

dogedriver65 karma

first account!

my-shins-itch34 karma

Hi Josh, what's the best thing we can do individually to support you for the big day at Talladega? Watch interviews? Book faces? Tweet? Bark?

dogedriver65 karma

make noise! however possible!

Brewza49 karma

So... does screaming at the TV count?

dogedriver61 karma


nascargo1929 karma

Hey Josh Wise! Congrats on sponsorship! Before the question, I just wanna say that I bought your autographed Airhogs #7 car from a while back. Great car, and I hope this Dogecoin car gets made into a diecast! I also wanna say you did a great job at Bristol a few days ago!


  1. How does it feel knowing you're not in a very competitive ride? I can't imagine riding around in a 20th place car on a good day is very exciting. Is it stressful knowing you only have a chance at victory 4 weeks of the year?

  2. What is your favorite track?

  3. Who is your favorite person to race against?

  4. What people inspired you to become a race car driver?

  5. Have you ever considered other forms of auto racing?

  6. If you could race against any person in history, who would it be and why?

  7. What is your favorite paint scheme you have ran?

  8. If you were not racing, what do you think you would be doing for money?

dogedriver50 karma

  1. Feels ok. Always want to be better but reality is only 43 people in the world get to do what I do!
  2. Whatevers next
  3. Dad and grandpa
  4. raced lots of different cars
  5. no idea

papadoc0328 karma

Hi Josh, thanks for doing this! I was wondering if, during that run at Bristol where you were trying to stay on the lead lap... were you really "driving like you stole it" as Mike Joy said, or did you just happen to have a good run and able to keep up and ahead of Kyle Busch and the others?

dogedriver53 karma

I was trying really hard! I always am. TV just doesnt always show it

Elapids28 karma

That was a nice save you had last week.

dogedriver39 karma


Thesciencenut27 karma

Hey Josh! It's extremely exciting to have you doing this! Congratulations on being one of the most well known Shibes on here!

I have a few questions for you!

1.) What did you first think when you were contacted and offered the sponsorship by us?

2.) Before being contacted, were you familiar with Dogecoin at all? If so, what did you think about it?

3.) How does it feel knowing that this whole community is behind you?

4.) Would you be willing to wear a space suit when you drive the car?

5.) How does it feel, knowing that you'll be driving the first moon rocket to ever race in NASCAR?

.....And 6.) When you stand on that podium (Which you will, because you're driving a moon rocket) would you be willing to yell out "TO THE MOON!" for me? That would be the best thing EVER.

And remember, TO THE MOON!

dogedriver69 karma

  1. yay! 2.not at all
  2. really cool. much thankful (is that right?)
  3. as long as its not too hot
  4. speechless

Reneau27 karma

Josh, how did you like your former teammates David Gilliland and David Ragan? Do you miss having the teammates, or are you glad that you are onto something new with the single car PPR?

dogedriver40 karma

They are AWESOME! Love PPR now though. Good group! Works hard!

rookiechamp27 karma

Hey Josh, I'm just about as new here as you are. A few questions: 1. What is the most fun vehicle you've ever driven? 2. Do you have any favorite vehicles you own/have owned? 3. Will the winner of the design contest get to see their design in person at the race or do you know? 4. Would you go to the moon?! Thanks, and good luck!

dogedriver42 karma

  1. Sprint car (not sprint cup car)
  2. 66 vw bug
  3. not sure..
  4. um yeah!

JCSwneu25 karma

Hi Josh!

How do you generally prepare for a race? Do you have any rituals to get yourself in the zone?

dogedriver41 karma

watch a movie, music, hang with team or friends. maybe study a bit

sriliff24 karma

Can you give some insight on your move to Phil Parsons Racing this season? Was it a mutual decision for you and Front Row Motorsports to part ways?

dogedriver44 karma

My decision. I wanted to race more and didnt want to me 3rd string on 3 car team. Front Row was great and I really liked everyone there. Just say PPR as a better opportunity

compromisedwallet23 karma


dogedriver38 karma

Almost always a blast! I enjoy the ups and downs, good and bad all the same.

TheBoffin20 karma

While I am at the race (after the race) can I buy you a beer?

dogedriver47 karma

We leave like instantly when the races are over! I got kids to put to bed!

notathr0waway117 karma

Josh, do you ever get super pissed in the car?

What's the funniest thing you've either said or heard said on your radio frequency in a race?

dogedriver22 karma


oh gosh. its funny when a spotter spots the wrong car!

Ping_shark13 karma

Are you raising your kids to be racers?

dogedriver40 karma

nope! will support them in what they have a passion for

Dogepromo12 karma

I plan on throwing all my dogecoins in a bet that you will take first. Do you think I should do that?

dogedriver34 karma

i try not to think too much

ShallowThinker12 karma

How terrifying is it to drive a car at 200+ MPH?

dogedriver30 karma

not at all!

333iamhalfevil10 karma

1st of all I would like to say thank you for doing this AMA, and good luck getting the 98 car to the moon.

If you were to start your own Nascar team, which 4 drivers, past or present, living or dead would you hire and why?

dogedriver25 karma

johnson stewart busch busch

baktoraesir9 karma

Hi Josh! Hopefully it's like last year's Talladega!

  • Do you think you'll be on Michael's Pit Walk?
  • What do you think the best way to show support?

Watch every week with my roommate and we'll be rooting for you! Thanks for the AMA.

dogedriver15 karma

not sure!

you all have shown a lot of support already!