chrisncsu2477 karma

If they were making a Betty White biopic, who do you envision playing the role of Betty White?

BettyMWhite4278 karma

I would love it if it were Meryl Streep or Julie Andrews but they would probably cast someone like Chris Rock.

ronson19112287 karma

Did you ever meet Lucille Ball? If so what was she like?

BettyMWhite3247 karma

Lucy was one of my dearest friends. Our mothers were both best friends. She was dynamite. Everything you saw was what you got. We used to play backgammon, and she used to teach me the game but she used to move the pieces so fast. I used to say how are you teaching me if you move the pieces so fast and she would say I want to win!

Jeffrey_the_jelly2145 karma

Betty white!! I'm a huge fan!! I've always wanted to ask, how do you stay with the mindset of a young woman?

BettyMWhite3226 karma

Oh, because I'm childish at heart!

TheDuskDragon1458 karma

Hello Betty!

I wanted to start off by saying that my mom and I used to watch Golden Girls all the time and that Rose was our favorite character, so ♫thank you for being a friend!

What has been your fondest memory working with Bea, Rue, and Estelle on the show? Also, how did TV production differ then versus now?

BettyMWhite1712 karma

Just being with all of the girls was wonderful. Rue and I had such a ball because we would play games when we weren't on the show. We used to have riddles for each other between scenes and when the scene was over we would give each other the answer.

nimartel1353 karma

First of all, you're my role model and always have been since I was 8 years old and used to run home to catch Golden Girls for 4pm.

If you could relive one specific moment in life, what would it be?

BettyMWhite2496 karma

Well at 92, that question gets pretty rough to answer. There have been so many special moments. One of the top ones was marrying Allen Ludden.

luoy_panda1267 karma

How have you developed such a close relationship with Craig Ferguson? I love seeing you on the show! Can you just be his official sidekick and have Geoff host the Late show?

BettyMWhite1643 karma

But I can't make Geoff's weight. My relationship with Craig is such a delight. I had the pleasure of doing his first show when he first arrived when he came from Scotland. We became dear friends and it never stopped.

chidan10571094 karma

Hi Betty, my mom and I are big fans of your work. She especially likes you in Golden Girls. Today's her birthday so I was hoping you could wish her a good one. Her name's Mireille. Thanks.

BettyMWhite1784 karma

Happy Birthday and love Mireille.

Kknowsbest1051 karma

Where is the strangest location that someone has recognized you?

BettyMWhite1728 karma

Way up in Ireland, in the countryside.

reptar-on_ice996 karma

HI Betty White! This is so cool, I'm a big fan. What are your top 3 favorite smells? (mine are beeswax, the ocean, and the insides of books...someone asked me that once and I thought it was a cool question)

BettyMWhite2096 karma

New puppies, pine trees, and new kittens.

Sirwootalot950 karma

What's your favorite technological innovation of the past 25 years?

BettyMWhite2580 karma

Sliced bread?

CrowingNevermore946 karma

What's your favorite cocktail to order?

BettyMWhite2021 karma

Vodka on the rocks with a big lemon squeeze.

wonderbooty911891 karma

Favorite Animal?

BettyMWhite2435 karma

Oh, that's asking somebody with 9 children which is their favorite! Anything with a leg on each corner.

radioactivemeow1954 karma

Poor snakes. :(

BettyMWhite2406 karma

I love snakes too!

WubShrimp873 karma

Who do you think is the most famous person you have ever met?

BettyMWhite2389 karma

President Obama, President Clinton, President Bush Sr., The Queen of England.

did_it_right814 karma

What is a typical day in the life of Betty White? Also, what is your favorite food?

BettyMWhite1413 karma

A day in my life is up at 6:30am, usually either appointments or working at home before filming. I go to work and come home, catch up on mail, to bed about midnight.

benedictawesome785 karma

Holy wow it's betty white! I'm starting a new band. Name it?

BettyMWhite2913 karma

Rubber... Then you could be called Rubber Band.

gdawg99668 karma

What's your favourite memory from being on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?

BettyMWhite1529 karma

So many... being washed off the table during a flood scene. It was during a horrendous rainy season flood we were having here in LA. Johnny and I were sitting at a cafe table on stage and a ton of water came pouring out washing us off the stage! The producers said, pretend it washes you away. Pretend?! It was 500 gallons!

Qbw641 karma

Hello Ms. White. I am such a huge fan of all of your work!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

What is the best piece of advice you've been given in your life?

Thank you for being such a wonderful person both on and off screen. Much love from Toronto!

BettyMWhite1209 karma

The last time I smiled, was when I walked in my dressing room this morning and say these friendly faces. I try not to give advice to others I have enough trouble trying to run my own life.

15chainz594 karma

Hi Betty, is there any up-and-comer that reminds you of yourself?

BettyMWhite1955 karma

There's nobody old enough.

Kats0010554 karma

How do you do it? You're acting career has been solid for many years while others have fizzled out. What keeps you going? What's your secret to having so much energy? Thank you for being part of many of the shows I grew up watching with my family. You're an amazing woman!

BettyMWhite886 karma

Thanks to my mom and dad, good genes.

PharOutMan551 karma

What an honor it is to be able to host you on this here glorious website Mrs. White! I understand that the Queen of England was so enamored by “The Golden Girls” that she requested you girls do a live show for her and the crew obliged? What was the plot and did you have to “tone down” some of the jokes, particularly those by Rue Mclanahan? Also, you and Rue decided to “swap personas” from your previous shows “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Maude”. Are you happy with how Rose Nylund came to be, or does a little part of you wish you had been the more promiscuous Blanche character?

Also, it would mean a lot if you and fans alike would visit the young and upcoming sub, dedicated to the best show to ever air, /r/BackInSaintOlaf . Thanks for the laughs!

BettyMWhite1208 karma

It was very exciting. The Queen was lovely. We were told not to address her unless we were addressed. She was up in a box and she came down on stage after with Princess Anne. She said lovely, pretty girls. I said and not bad body, and she said, "oh, no, not bad bodies!"

BettyMWhite1024 karma

(in a very British accent, she said.)

sassinator1423 karma

What did you think of the fish tank that they made you on Tanked?

BettyMWhite574 karma

It was perfectly beautiful.

grova13407 karma

Hi Betty White! What's one thing you miss about television that isn't the same as it was when you started acting, and what's one thing you're glad to have now that you didn't back then?

BettyMWhite719 karma

Fortunately, I still get to do live television. It's the most fun of all. You look in to that camera and you're talking to only 2 or 3 people. If there are more than 3 people in a room, they are talking to each other and not listening to you, so that camera becomes you're most intimate conversation.

nfriel365 karma

What's your favorite movie?

BettyMWhite669 karma

"Out of Africa"

oosnakeoo365 karma

Betty, huge fan here!

If you never did acting, what would you have done?

BettyMWhite1034 karma


shinyreindeers299 karma

Where do you get the ideas for the pranks on off their rockers?

BettyMWhite693 karma

I fortunately don't have anything to do with getting the ideas. That's up to other evil people.

zipbogg19297 karma

I like to ask questions that really matter so... pancakes or waffles?

BettyMWhite631 karma


BillDauterive259 karma

What was George Burns like in person? Do you have an interesting story about him that not many people might know?

BettyMWhite415 karma

George was a delight. He could crack me up just by saying hello.

Didi63253 karma

Loved Password as a kid, learned a lot. Do you have any interesting stories about the show?

BettyMWhite652 karma

I was rather fond of the man in the middle. Allen and I met on Password.

BlazingCondor229 karma

Being such a large supporter of the LA Zoo, how do feel about all the new additions to the zoo? What's your favorite animal in the Zoo?

BettyMWhite423 karma

Toto the chimpanzee. He was so special.

Belle1010177 karma

Hi Betty! I know you love animals, can you tell us about any recent involvements with any particular group/organization?

BettyMWhite421 karma

I've worked with the Morris Animal Foundation for over 50 years. We're an animal health organization working for dogs, cats, horses and zoo and wildlife. We have helped developed the feline leukemia vaccine, the parvovirus vaccine, and many more.

I've also worked with the Los Angeles Zoo for over 50 years, as well as many others. Our biggest fundraiser for the LA Zoo this year is Saturday June 14, the Beastly Ball.

brookardy7150 karma

Hi Ms. White! Thanks so much for doing this. You are my favorite funny lady! What is your favorite guilty pleasure song?

BettyMWhite267 karma


Maxtrix07137 karma

Hi Betty, what was your favorite experience in the film industry?

BettyMWhite256 karma

The film industry gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people.

NoThnxIAlreadyAte131 karma

What is your most cherished moment in your acting career?

BettyMWhite225 karma

Oh, after 66 years, that's a tough call.

thelivingweapon126 karma

What do you miss most about minnesota? I miss ice fishing

BettyMWhite459 karma

Not very much because I've never been there.

BettyMWhite256 karma

But two of my characters were both from Minnesota!

Celia_Welia90 karma

Hi Betty! Love you! What is your favourite role you've played? Who do you wish you could play again?

BettyMWhite157 karma

It's a toss up. Sue Ann Nivens and Rose. But I'm having a ball with Elka!

colejosephhammers73 karma

If you had to play any real life person in a movie, who would you want to play?

BettyMWhite230 karma

I would want to play Jane Goodall.

jessiferocious60 karma

Betty White, you are too cool and thanks for doing this AMA! What's a fond childhood memory you have?

BettyMWhite138 karma

Packing into the high Sierra's on horse back and staying for 3 weeks every year, without seeing another human being. It was heaven. All our supplies were on mule back.

RHS_Hefty_1742 karma

How did it feel to get tackled in the snickers commercial?

BettyMWhite84 karma

It was icy cold in that water.

CookieOPuss26 karma

I love your book Betty & Friends, My Life at the Zoo. How did you become involved in working with wild animals?

BettyMWhite41 karma

Since before I can remember.

Slave_to_Logic23 karma

What are your best memories from Match Game?

BettyMWhite37 karma

Oh, yes, Gene Rayburn was such fun. Once we'd break each other up, it was hard to stop.

Snakeoilsage10 karma

Hi Betty! If you had once piece of advice for women everywhere, what would it be?

BettyMWhite17 karma

Again, I don't give advice.