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What's your favorite technological innovation of the past 25 years?

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What was it like working with Vince Gilligan, and what do you think of Breaking Bad's success?

Also, "the springfield files" remains to this day the funniest Simpsons episode i've ever seen.

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I could just be deep in poverty, but I can't imagine 3k/mo being "not enough" under any circumstances, short of raising multiple children or having major student loan debt.

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The languages are very different though - Tuvan is a Turkic language, whereas Mongolian is nearly a whole language family unto itself, Mongolic. It's like how Finnish has a lot of words from Swedish and a very similar culture, but the language is completely different. There are only eight other languages in the Mongolic family and they're all about as closely related as Italian and Spanish, whereas for contrast the family English is in (Indo-European) has 445 languages.

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You say that like you think it's any worse than having games at Maracana in Brazil or at any stadium in Johannesburg.