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Loved Password as a kid, learned a lot. Do you have any interesting stories about the show?

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I live overseas. Will Outlander be available on iTunes?

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Haven't gotten the new book yet, but I loved Nickle and Dimed. It's made a real impression on me. Do you ever go into WalMart? Have you made personal plans for your eldercare?

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Hi Chip, I've enjoyed your shows. I love seeing something not so great turn out wonderful. My dad has a 57 Chevy Bel Air that I would say he loves more than us, however he sold his first 57 when I was born, to get something more reliable. His second 57 he sold to help me buy a car after mine was trashed by a falling carport. Can you think of something 57 Chevy centric I can get him for Father's Day to show him how much I appreciate him?

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Thanks, I'm going to start looking!