hey #TeamCatMojo, Thanks so much. this rocks and we will definitely do it again. In the meantime, I'm going to split in about 5 minutes. instead of writing more questions, take a look at what's here and upvote the hell out it - I'll answer the top ones.


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tragerstreit344 karma

Have you ever shown up to a client's house and had to have animal services confiscate the animal for its own good?

jackson-galaxy779 karma

Ive actually called animal control myself in the middle of consults. If I think it's an unsafe environment, it's game over. My job is to speak for the cats, not protect anyone's investment.

tragerstreit225 karma

Have you ever had to do it for someone you were supposed to be filming with for your show? (Which, by the way, yours is the only reality type show I watch ever. You've taught me amazing things.)

jackson-galaxy281 karma

I've gotten close.

...and thank you!

brooklynbitch279 karma

Why do cats like to have their humans watch them eat? My cat will have a full bowl of food and meow until I go into the room and sit there while he eats.

jackson-galaxy515 karma

not all cats for sure. They're like furry snowflakes; no two are alike.

That said, your cat is just very social. Some people/cats/dogs/seahorses. etc just want company during dinner

copseatflowers250 karma

That slow blinking thing really works. Did you really discover it in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm?

jackson-galaxy329 karma

Yes and no... Yes, it was the first time that I discovered that it worked universally as I tried to calm a roomful of hysterical cats in the shelter I worked at in the middle of the night during a raging storm.

No, because my "remote mentor" was Anitra Frazier, author of The New Natural Cat. That book opened my eyes///so to speak ;-)

sdrakkan190 karma

Hi Jackson! I've been a cat lover since I was born, have two rescues (Both bottle babies raised by me) and foster on occasion. Love your show and very happy to see owners giving the cats the enriched lives they deserve.

To my question. What is the littlest change that will make the biggest difference in a cats life?

jackson-galaxy373 karma



Like their wellbeing depends on it. Mimic the hunt. Be a bird, be a moth, be a mouse.. with toys, of course! Speak to "THE RAW CAT" and they will thank you.

GongGong13171 karma

I live in area with many street cats/ strays. Should I feed/ water them or leave them to their own devices?

jackson-galaxy417 karma

Yes! Do feed and water, but have a bigger plan..Have you heard of TNR? Trap-Neuter-Return is totally the way to go. We can help solve the problem - millions of "community cats" are breeding and with TNR we can stop the growth and make their lives more bearable. Go to www.alleycatallies for more info

TheSmokeDawg169 karma

http://www.alleycat.org/ I believe is the link!

jackson-galaxy125 karma


SituatedSiren43 karma

Definitely look into contacting your local TNR group, or non-kill shelter(s) (or both). Getting those cats spayed/neutered is super important, and they should be able to take a look at the colony and give you some advice if you're willing to help out.

GongGong1337 karma

I live in Korea, there are few options for non-kill shelters and TNR programs. If there were, I would follow your advice.

jackson-galaxy111 karma

it's not easy, but remember we all started somewhere. The technique is rock solid, the community is strong and supportive. It just takes you. All love to your efforts.

jackson-galaxy143 karma

hey #TeamCatMojo,

Thanks so much. this rocks and we will definitely do it again. In the meantime, I'm going to split in about 5 minutes. instead of writing more questions, take a look at what's here and upvote the hell out it - I'll answer the top ones.

Khaotic1987131 karma

How do you feel about apartments that require your cats to be declawed to live there? We are having the hardest time finding our ideal apartment in Colorado Springs that's cat and reptile friendly that doesn't require my cats to be declawed.

jackson-galaxy351 karma

It disgusts me that a landlord would require mutilation in order for you to live there. Hopefully soon, with enough of us being very vocal about this issue, we can change it. For more info on what you can do contact www.pawproject.org Also, ask your landlord if soft paws, acrylic nail caps, are an acceptable compromise. You can appeal to their sense of compassion to ask for a middle ground.

BogsieMalone129 karma

Hi Jackson, I just want to say your show has helped me out a lot, other than being entertaining. I adopted Iggy pic year ago through a user on r/nyc. She witnessed him pushed out of a car in Chinatown while sitting at an outdoor cafe and was fostering him. I just had to get him!

And he's such a great cat, but incredibly rambunctious which was getting too much for my boyfriend and roommate (who are both dog people.) I showed them an episode of your show and they started watching even more on their own, and applying a lot of what you were saying to our situation. Things are soooo much better now, and my boyfriend even refers to him as "my cat" which means so much to me.

Thank you, Jackson!

As for a question, what was the first tattoo you ever got?

jackson-galaxy192 karma

I have a tiny pink panther on my left arm that I got in a guy's basement in Lincoln Nebraska back in 1989. Just to see if it hurt. It did. I apparently liked it.

lacey198187 karma

My cat has horrible vet anxiety. The ride in the car is fine but once we get to the office he always has "accidents" in his crate and then once we get home from the visit he will throw up several times over the next few hours :-(

Do you have any tips to ease vet anxiety?

jackson-galaxy168 karma

Get him to know that the carrier doesn't always equal a horrible experience. Make the carrier into a bed which lives in the middle of a big family social area. Feed "JACKPOT" snacks only in his "bed." Make it more of a bed by taking off the door and top at first. Make it a good thing and the vet still might not be all rainbows and unicorns, but it definitely won't be AS bad because the experience of getting there won't be so apocalyptic., Also, try my natural flower essence remedy called Stress Stopper. It's a great compliment.

Iggybrows85 karma

How did you get such a badass name?

jackson-galaxy220 karma

from my badass self.

keepsmilen82 karma

Hey, huge fan. I used your show to teach my boyfriend how to be around cats before I picked up my little girl. He's now most assuredly a cat dude. Unfortunately my kitty is a bit of a butterball but still full of energy. What's your favorite way to get overweight or lazy cats to play?

jackson-galaxy249 karma

1) My approach to play is inclusive to food. HUNT-->CATCH-->KILL-->EAT! imitate prey and then end play with a meal. Which brings me to.. 2) Feed grain-free wet or raw food. Cats are obligate carnivores and their bodies will process that more efficiently. 3) don't free-feed. Meals only 4) treats are for reward, not because your cat's face is adorable.

katwag78 karma

We lost a kitty in October, leaving our 15 yr old alone. Do we get him another buddy or is he too old to accept another cat?

jackson-galaxy170 karma

thats a tough one. Remember, just like with humans, you can't replace a loved one even though we hate to see our friends suffer the grieving process.. I see nothing wrong with multiple cats, obviously but it's touchy when trying to gauge the timing of a cat's mourning. That said, when the time is right, adopt another senior. He'll be much happier having his energy level matched. And don't forget to introduce slowwwly.

JBirren36 karma

Great question...I'm so sorry about your kitty. That time is approaching for us as well (age 16 old man and a 10 year old tortie - old man is going soon, and tortie is going to need company).

jackson-galaxy67 karma

and of course, my prayers to your family as well.

Studebaker_Hoch56 karma

Hello Jackson! Thanks for doing an AMA! I love your show and it has truly changed the way I interact with cats. The episode that has stuck with me the most was the one with Fi, the declawed Persian. Anyway! Some quick questions:

  1. If someone wanted help with a large, exotic cat (like a cheetah or ocelot) would you try to help them? Do you have much experience with exotic cats?

  2. What is your favorite breakfast food?

  3. What is your favorite TV show?

jackson-galaxy117 karma


2) Oatmeal with almond milk, fruit, nuts and brown sugar...yummmmmm

3) Tossup.. I'm a huge UFC fan so anything MMA related...and Modern Family.

CammysComicCorner43 karma

Who in Modern Family would win in an MMA fight: DeDe or Gloria?

jackson-galaxy187 karma

as weird as is is that I'm answering this, Gloria. Why? Because she has killed before. I just know it.

loveplumber49 karma

Jackson, I'm a huge fan and I have watched all the episodes like any good cat lover should and I was wondering if you'll ever discuss your background and how you got into working with cats? I have read your book and was blown away by how intense your past sounds and I think that your viewers might connect with you even more if they get some of the contextual history behind you as a person and how you came to be so passionate about what you do.

jackson-galaxy93 karma

well the book, Cat Daddy, is the best introduction to the context you're talking about. You should check out the audiobook - it really gives depth to the context. On the show, I sneak things in, but remember each segment is about 21 minutes and in that amount of time we need to tell my client's story. So much gets cut out! Also, check out "Live From The Cat Cave," My monthly Google hangout. I answer questions live!

Doctorwho00745 karma

Your facial hair is amazing. And also, what is the best connection you've ever had with a cat featured on the show?

jackson-galaxy94 karma

ummm.. why thank you?

And although I truly feel connected with every animal I've ever met, Some have definitely impacted me in a profound way. Off the top of my head, the first that come to me are Buddy, the semi feral scottish fold from last season, and Lux, the infamous 911 cat, which will be coming in a few weeks time.

zefareu37 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

jackson-galaxy80 karma

The nutburger supreme! A killer veggieburger at a restaurant called Follow Your Heart, near my home in LA

igku_env73132 karma

What is your favorite pet-related nonprofit organization?

jackson-galaxy125 karma

I support many organizations. I'm scaling back my efforts a bit right now because my dream, the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, is about to become a reality. YAY!

esurkareality30 karma

Has there ever been an instance where the situation between a cat and its owner(s) just turned out to be unsuitable to air on the show? Unsuitable situations meaning one that's unpredictable, uninteresting, agressive, etc.

jackson-galaxy52 karma

nope - what you see is what we've done. All 104 of them!!

Midgardcat29 karma

I'm thinking about going into animal behavior, I have years of experience with Vets and Sheleters and I was wondering if IAABC is a recognized and reliable association. If not what course of action would you suggest for me?

jackson-galaxy44 karma

here's the thing..

Do what you do. I refused to be defined by letters. I'm defined by the lives I've interacted with. That said, whether IAABC or other organizations (or a forum you can start yourself...I plan to soon!), knocking ideas and experiences and knowledge around with like-minded humans is alwyas a great thing. In the end your curiosity, fascination, passion and commitment to change will propel you.

kalichibunny28 karma

Have you ever met two cats that were just NEVER going to get along and the only answer was to rehome one of them?

jackson-galaxy76 karma

absolutely. Listen, we can go through all types of exercises, try to re-associate the two if they weren't hitting it off, tons of things. But in the end, just like your worst nightmare roommate whose socks smelled like old cheese and who left sandwiches under the couch, your cats could possibly hate one another. We always have to ask the cats what they want, and if it's reasonable, work towards the greater good.

gerglesworth23 karma

Hi Jackson! My roommate and I love your work, and we recently got a four month old kitten, who is a ball of energy (and teeth). Do you have any tips on how to condition her not to bite? She loves to gnaw on people without any warning.

jackson-galaxy86 karma

the first question I have for you is.. do you have another cat? If not, do not pass go, do not collect 200$, go to the shelter and get another. Many of those lessons, like what is a play (or inhibited) bite and what is a BITE, are taught by each other during the crucial phase of development. Also, a toy is a toy. A hand is not a toy. You have to be absolutely consistent about not presenting your hand as anything but a hand, and give a great toy as an appropriate victim.

chrisgee4 karma

i've used the Spirit Essences a lot with our cats (mostly fosters), I've found Stress Stopper really does seem to do something to help calm the cats down (ie on the way to the vet). but i've always wondered, how can these products contain 'Reiki energy'?

jackson-galaxy7 karma

Reiki can be given remotely, which is exactly what we do. We employ Ingrid King, esteemed cat blogger (www.consciouscat.com) and Reiki master, to infuse our remedies. Many have scoffed at our "woo-wooiness" but I have seen an energetic difference between remedies that have and haven't been 'infused.'