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What is your favorite pet-related nonprofit organization?

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EDIT: There are sources for these numbers listed in the slides shown on this link.

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I second the trap-neuter-return group. Feeding and watering is fine (and kind!) but also do TNR. Do not contact animal control for them. http://www.commonsenseforcats.com/

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Mr. Shapiro, I attended the Second Annual Great Plains Conference on Animals & the Environment at which you presented. I enjoyed your presentation, but I wish that you had not touched upon the issues of homeless pets because it seemed outside of your expertise. You claimed that there was pet overpopulation and that shelters unfortunately had to kill, which has been disproved by over 100 No Kill communities in the United States that include open-intake and high-intake municipal shelters.

As a fellow vegan and animal rights activist, I am wondering how much HSUS is keeping up with the No Kill movement. Are you or is your parent organization aware that there are more humane, life-saving alternatives for all healthy and treatable shelter pets? What is being done at HSUS to promote, support, and help this movement?