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Ok ok. Picture a guy about the size of a football player. He was a cross dresser which was no big deal, we had plenty of guys that were into that and I was glad to help them. He came in with neon pink fishnets, a stained tank top, a butterfly print skirt and dirty sneakers with a bad wig and makeup done like a 5 year old on speed. He was wondering about the store and no one wanted to help him, so I did. He decided he needed to sniff and sigh lovingly at all the different types of dildos... Whatever, I take them out of the package for him to check out. Then he proceeds to tell me about how he enjoys putting mayo on his dildos and licking it off, he just kept talking about his love for mayo lube while I looked on horrified. Tldr- I can never use mayo again without thinking of a large Hairy man sticking it in his ass.

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At my shop we had a "unique" individual of a customer who would buy large dildos and large life sized ass and pussy flesh light type creations. We think he would use then on each other. He was a harmless, but very strange man, which is saying something since him and mayo guy are the only weirdos I remember from a 3 year job.

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How do you feel about apartments that require your cats to be declawed to live there? We are having the hardest time finding our ideal apartment in Colorado Springs that's cat and reptile friendly that doesn't require my cats to be declawed.

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they should do something like having a hidden magnet or two in women's button ups, having a gap at the bust is annoying, but I'm not about to sew a button on there.

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I will ask about the soft paws, maybe having the landlord talk to my past landlords about how my cats never destroyed any carpets or walls would help too. They only destroy my own stuff, RIP half of my glasses and a free pleather chair. This is the 4th state I'll be living in and never have I seen this kind of requirement before in California or North Carolina.