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Why do cats like to have their humans watch them eat? My cat will have a full bowl of food and meow until I go into the room and sit there while he eats.

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Tale of two broke 20 somethings:

I consider myself a middle-class NYC resident with a combined household income of about $80,000, with my partner and I both making 40k/year. In any other city, this would be a comfortable income to live on, but in NYC I can barely afford to pay rent on a small, out of date one bedroom. Of course, I expect a higher cost of living here because of the popularity of living in NYC, but the continuously increasing costs of rent has gotten completely out of control. What are some policies you plan on installing as mayor that would make it easier to live here for middle-class residents making under 100k a year? Will I ever be able to realistically plan on having kids while living in this city?