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i wouldn't have believed this if it hadn't worked so well for my cats. one in particular had anxiety issues and had been on medication, now with simple regular play he is so much more relaxed and happy.

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you have a lot of valid points there but PETA itself criticizes other animal advocacy groups (namely no-kill) so to expect other groups not to do the same is indefensible.

in my opinion PETA needs to sort out what sort of organization it is and stick to it. most people are shocked to find out that PETA more often than not chooses to kill the animals in its charge, if that is not antithetical to the public mission of PETA they gotta find a way to reconcile that. because they lose credibility when they appear to be hypocritical.

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i've used the Spirit Essences a lot with our cats (mostly fosters), I've found Stress Stopper really does seem to do something to help calm the cats down (ie on the way to the vet). but i've always wondered, how can these products contain 'Reiki energy'?

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that's really disturbing, glad you finally got it sorted out. what did the original docs think was the cause of your 'conversion disorder'? it's scary to think they would get your diagnosis so wrong when dystonia is as common as it is.