Hey ya'll it's Tracy Morgan! Be sure to check out my new Comedy Central special, Bona Fide, premiering this Sunday, 4/20 at 10 pm with an uncensored version airing at 1 am. Victoria from reddit's going to be helping me out today.

Some sneak peeks...

Growing Up in Brooklyn

Meeting the Neighbors

Too Much Girth

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I’ll also be in a city near you for my newest stand up tour Turn It Funny. Hit up Live Nation for tickets: http://www.livenation.com/artists/78628/tracy-morgan



To all my fans and everybody out there, I love you. I love you SO MUCH. Until next time, and there WILL BE A NEXT TIME, I'll see you later.

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SmartyCoulottes3063 karma

Who is the most famous person you have farted around that you are definitely sure smelled it?

RealTracyMorgan3565 karma

Kate Upton.

TheSmokeDawg2082 karma

Hey Tracy!
You are amazing.
I have but one humble request.
Please name my kittens.
If you need to see their fighting styles, a .gif is included at the bottom.
Kitten 1
Kitten 2
Battle Prowess

RealTracyMorgan3099 karma

Smokey and the Bandit

the_torso2026 karma

Hey Tracy, because of this GIF, I need to know: Waffles or pizza?

RealTracyMorgan2068 karma


jdlacamp1553 karma

Do you still observe Ludacristmas?

RealTracyMorgan1664 karma

Yes I do.

514Slap1247 karma

What's the dumbest purchase you've ever made?

RealTracyMorgan2889 karma

Bottled water before going through security at the airport. Then they make you throw the water away.

-eDgAR-1239 karma

Mr. Morgan, thank you so much for doing this AMA. I think you are awesome and it’s my birthday today! It would really make this one of my best birthdays if you could share your favorite joke or funny story.

RealTracyMorgan2142 karma

what if I sent you a picture - here you go: https://twitter.com/RealTracyMorgan/status/456872894585245696

-eDgAR-1134 karma


That's an even better gift, this is definitely one of the best birthdays I've ever had!

RealTracyMorgan1283 karma

You are the coolest dude in the world right now. I'm at home at my house and you got a picture of it. For your eyes only!

TheDuskDragon1075 karma

Hello Tracy. I have a more serious question to ask you.

You and your family have been affected by diseases such as AIDS, and diabetes. What helps you get through each day, and are there any non-profit organizations that we should know about?

RealTracyMorgan1673 karma

Yes, AIDS Healthcare foundation is one of them. Diabetes America, diabetesAmerica.com, is another one. And what affects one of us affects us all, I think that half of America is affected by diabetes. Any organization that you are able to champion is cool with me, as long as you're helping to give back, and helping be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Kknowsbest990 karma

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?

RealTracyMorgan1900 karma

Will Smith.

CokeFryChezbrgr946 karma

You're in an elevator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock, Terry Crews, and Bruce Lee. Who do you slap?

RealTracyMorgan2380 karma

I'm not slapping ANY ONE of them. I'm not going to slap any one of them. Everybody in the elevator could beat me, if that's what you want to hear. Everybody in the elevator could whoop my ass, and I'm not slapping nobody.

optimatez796 karma


RealTracyMorgan992 karma

It felt good. I hope it felt good for Liz Lemon too!

RealTracyMorgan903 karma

It felt great to get there.

r_antrobus760 karma

Do you still have your pet octopus?

RealTracyMorgan1293 karma

As a matter of fact, we're cleaning the tank right now so she can be more comfortable. They're going to take a picture of it being cleaned right now.

Masterdan759 karma

Hi Tracy. There was a big ordeal regarding some perceived homophobia from yourself. I guess my question is, what is your actual position on homosexuals? (not the media nonsense) and if you do have any issues with the gay community, why? I could never understand why anybody cared what sexual orientation other people were.

RealTracyMorgan1612 karma

Well that's where I stand with it. If you love me I love you back. I've got love for everybody. I'm the one that played Brian Fellows dude. I don't know why people are trying to surround my career with that. I agree with you man. No issues here.

RealTracyMorgan2121 karma

I don't know who Bert is, and I never smoked PCP in my life, EVER. I've never touched it. I'm from the ghetto, I know better. We know what PCP can do at 3 years old. I smoked weed, but that was when I was a kid. I haven't smoked weed in 10 years. I wish this Bert Kreischer would stop telling people I smoked PCP with him.

RealTracyMorgan1719 karma

I used to buy my own weed, and it wasn't laced with PCP. I knew what I was smoking. I would never do that.

hasurds678 karma

Hey Tracy! What's Ice Cube like?

RealTracyMorgan1230 karma

He's the coolest dude in the world man.

Frajer586 karma

Who came up with Brian Fellow's Safari Planet?

RealTracyMorgan1049 karma

Me. I did. I went to school with a guy named Brian Fellow.

RoscoesWetsuit93585 karma

How was it working with Donald Glover?? Big fan of your work!!

RealTracyMorgan931 karma

Donald Glover, he's a young, talented, talented man and it was fun.

rlrguy536 karma

What does a celebrity like you do in your freetime?

If you watch your movies, do you come out the way you think you came out?

What is your favorite food?

RealTracyMorgan969 karma

I look at my shark tank.

My favorite food is the Big Mac. And when I watch my movies, how I feel about them doesn't really matter. I worked on them, but I hope America loves them. That's what counts to me. So far so good.

fy_pool_day488 karma

Whats your favorite smell?

RealTracyMorgan1708 karma


showstopping484 karma

How is that great fish tank working out? Sharks get too big?

RealTracyMorgan822 karma

No, the sharks are doing great. They're growing, but they're being fed. They're majestic creatures and they are doing fine.

PajamaPokey435 karma

What would be your first act as President of the United States?

RealTracyMorgan1587 karma

I would get the Government Cheese program up and RUNNING. Government Cheese! Because if you want to bring crime down, if you get the Government Cheese program running, people will be too constipated to make crime. Too much blockage to make crime.

luke5986434 karma

How does uncle Jemima's syrup compare to aunt Jemima's syrup?

RealTracyMorgan779 karma

Uncle Jemima went defunct. He never got the syrup brand out. He went bankrupt before the syrup came out. But it was delicious. FILLED with butter.

number_1_swimfan418 karma

Give me the map, Scott!

How was it working with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

RealTracyMorgan595 karma

I was only there for a day but I had a great time and from that, me and Kevin developed a great relationship. We've worked together several times since then, including on Cop Out.

necropantsed405 karma

Hey Tracy! Thanks to you, I try to live every week like it's Shark Week.

I know you already have two Batmobiles and a solid gold jetski, but if you could own any object in the world, what would it be?

RealTracyMorgan545 karma

I would like to know where the fountain of youth is.

RealTracyMorgan718 karma

I'd go back to being 18, and be trouble, with what I know now. Youth is definitely wasted on the young. With experience and knowing a little something now too.

duluththrowaway352 karma

How much of Tracy Jordan is Tracy Morgan?

RealTracyMorgan761 karma

The only thing they ever had in common was the name. I'm an actor, just like Tina, or Alec, or anyone else on the show.

pearlbullets342 karma

How are Grizz and Dot Com doing?

RealTracyMorgan543 karma

They are doing great. No news is good news. They are with their families and doing great.

drewbones337 karma

your gerbil commercial for Wheat Thins is the greatest moment in advertising of the 21st century. Did you ever find your invisible pants?!?

p.s. my mom is making lasagna tonight with SIX DIFFERENT CHEESES

RealTracyMorgan678 karma

I found my invisible pants! But your mom is making lasagna tonight with SIX DIFFERENT CHEESES? That's a good woman.

lb730297 karma

Hey Tracy! What's your favorite kind of pizza?

RealTracyMorgan748 karma

My favorite kind of pizza? I like just pepperoni and cheese. There's a small pizza place in the Bronx that I've been going to for 22 years. I don't know what it's called but it's a mom & pop pizza shop, and they have the best pepperoni & cheese.

PAdogooder333 karma

Verified Tracy Morgan- visits pizza shop for 22 years, doesn't know the name.

Or is he keeping that info secret so we don't ruin it?


RealTracyMorgan649 karma

There is no name it's in the hood in the bronx it's on the corner of 231st and Broadway in the bronx. There's only one pizza place there.

HeckMonkey626 karma

231st and Broadway

Is it Broadway Pizza?

RealTracyMorgan601 karma

there you go.

sp0ngew0rthy286 karma

How do you stay so fresh?

RealTracyMorgan921 karma

Well, you know, just wake up everday, know what I'm saying? And having a short memory, you know? Yesterday is yesterday, and that helps keep things FRESH. F-R-E-S-H, Fresh! And I'm not just fresh, I'm so fresh and so clean-clean.

deaddogseye81279 karma

If you could play any superhero, who would it be?

RealTracyMorgan668 karma

The Incredible Hulk. He has no weaknesses. He is the strongest man. He is made of muscles. I think.

FatGrLzNeedLuv243 karma

Have you ever played pranks on fellow celebrities? If you have who, and what did you do?

RealTracyMorgan1406 karma

I never played a prank. In the ghetto we don't play pranks. You get killed for playing a prank in the ghetto.

Bag_of_Ducks238 karma

What are you going to eat for dinner tonight?

RealTracyMorgan649 karma

Filet mignon, sweet potatoes, a little bit of corn, and some spinach with garlic on it.

ragingroger228 karma

Did that bird ever give your credit card back?

RealTracyMorgan548 karma

Yes. And he was arrested for credit card theft.

yea_but_no213 karma

Is Ernest Borgnine your father?

RealTracyMorgan510 karma

I thought he was. I just recently found out that Charlton Heston was.

RamsayK211 karma

Please tell me your fondest SNL memory Tracy? Do you have a favourite 30 Rock episode? Oh, and was there ever cornbread at craft service worthy of you taking behind the middle school and impregnating?

RealTracyMorgan458 karma

My fondest SNL memory was the very first show with Tom Hanks hosting and I got to say goodnight America. For 30 Rock I liked the christmas episode when we chopped down the tree. And I have another one when we did the Gladys Knight Midnight Train to Georgia.

blazob207 karma

Hey! Whats up?

RealTracyMorgan498 karma

ain't notin. slow motion

i_am_blondboy154 karma

Tracy! What is the meaning of life?

RealTracyMorgan364 karma

Good Health, Joy and Prosperity

RealTracyMorgan818 karma

and lots and lots of sex

zefareu140 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

RealTracyMorgan294 karma

Peanut butter and jelly.

ibestalkinyo137 karma

What was your favorite sketch on SNL?

RealTracyMorgan299 karma

Woodrow. I loved playing all of them, but I loved playing Woodrow. And all-time is the Richard Pryor Chevy Chase, and the second one for all time would be Cowbell with Christopher Walken.

Balthanos134 karma

What does it feel like to be Tracy Morgan today?

RealTracyMorgan312 karma

I love myself. I love it. It's beautiful. It's an awesome thing.

LovesTheLadies132 karma

Ninjas or pirates?

RealTracyMorgan403 karma

Ninjas. Why ninjas? Stealth. Pirates you can see them coming.

RealTracyMorgan310 karma

Ninjas are assassins.

rporterfollo109 karma

Where did you get the inspiration for Werewolf Bar-mitzvah

RealTracyMorgan147 karma

The Wolfman, watching the movie the Wolfman

emceeflurry105 karma

How's Dr. Spaceman doing?

elinger_88 karma

That's Dr. Spacheman to you.

RealTracyMorgan260 karma

Dr. Spacheman is DOING GREAT

imba888 karma

Favourite video game?

RealTracyMorgan216 karma


ErikKarlssonsTendon83 karma

How far are the Rangers going?

RealTracyMorgan116 karma

I hope they go all the way.

StripedNovember81 karma

What is the best thing about Cop Out?

RealTracyMorgan156 karma

The whole experience, man. I did a movie for Warner Bros called Cop Out, starring me and Bruce Willis and directed by Kevin Smith, and all of that is self-explanatory. All the people that worked on it and in it. It was in my old neighborhood, and it was great.

bookfuck79 karma

Hey Tracey! what current cartoon would you like to voice act on?!

RealTracyMorgan207 karma

Anything for my baby girl. A cartoon like a Mickey Mouse, anything my little girl can watch, she loves My Little Pony, because she laughs when she hears my voice and she watches it all the time.

deathbybears70 karma

Tracy! Let me tell you: I love the way you deliver a punchline. It's a work of art, brother. Question:

At which point in your life did you begin to take yourself as a comic seriously? At which point did you say to yourself: "shit, I'm hilarious, and I know others think I'm hilarious. I can do this shit." Was it natural? Did you just do it? What's the reasoning like? Or was it something you just wanted to do really badly?

RealTracyMorgan125 karma

That realization happened for me really in high school. When I was in 9th grade, that I was really funny. When I made the girls laugh, and girls wanted to go out with me. If you're a comedian, and you make the ladies laugh, you got 'em.

coloneljeremy65 karma

What's your favorite flavor of pop tart?

RealTracyMorgan145 karma

Chocolate, chocolate on chocolate.

jcsimpson60 karma

Who's your favorite Pokémon?

RealTracyMorgan161 karma

My favorite Pokémon? Pikachu.

shtaaap59 karma

Tracy, One of my friends swore he saw you in Ireland last month.. i didn't believe him, he said i've no way of proving it.. Now is my chance Tracy..

RealTracyMorgan95 karma

I was not in Ireland last month. I would love to visit there, I heard it's a wonderful place, but I was not there. I wish I was.

sap9150 karma

Can you tell us a little more about your project with the Always Sunny crew for FX?

RealTracyMorgan106 karma

Yeah! You know, we haven't really started writing it yet, but we should be up and filming in August, and on air in January. I think they're the bomb squad as far as producing and writing. I'm a motivational speaker with crazy methods.

TheArtOfAvoidance40 karma

What's your favorite place in New York?

RealTracyMorgan81 karma

My favorite place in New York is any comedy stage around.

Andyman60238 karma

If you could have one song sent into the minds of everyone on earth, what would it be?

RealTracyMorgan94 karma

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

eeninety36 karma

Tracy - You ever considered a serious career in the rap game? I would buy your album.

RealTracyMorgan90 karma

No, I am going to leave the rap to the rappers and stick with comedy and acting.

FlyingQueso36 karma

Mr. Morgan,

I'm having a bad day. How can you cheer me up?

RealTracyMorgan152 karma

If somebody got you upset early in the morning if you can get it together by 11am 70% of day is still good. You gotta let of of stuff because like Bob Marley says every little thing is gonna be all right. And that's from my heart. We all been there. That's from my heart. You not the only one

Lunchbox35934 karma

Who the most interesting famous person you've met?

RealTracyMorgan101 karma

Eddie Murphy. He's the funniest man on the planet.

PrinceOberyn_Martell26 karma


RealTracyMorgan311 karma

I was taken to the Dagobah system. There, a Jedi master named Yoda taught me the ways of the Jedi.

framk2025 karma

What's your favorite thing to do on a day off?

kazanshin24 karma

who's your favourite comedian?

RealTracyMorgan46 karma

Richard Pryor.

Nureidad22 karma

Hey Tracy. I saw you at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY but I didn't say hello because I didn't want to bother you. Is it cool for fans to approach you in public or would you rather be left alone? P.S. My girlfriend asked if you could adopt her (she's 25 years old).

RealTracyMorgan30 karma

I've always been approachable, and I don't mind. As long as you're not indignant and polite and kind, I don't mind.

glassescontacts22 karma

Tracy, big fan. What is your all time favorite impression to do?

RealTracyMorgan50 karma

Dr. Zias from Planet of the Apes or Lefty from Donnie Brasco. MY MOTHER

FromMontreal21 karma

Favourite animal?

RealTracyMorgan48 karma

My favorite animal is the lygra. A lion crossed with a tiger.

katie_didnt17 karma

Tracy Morgan, what would you say is the most awesome part of being Tracy Morgan?

RealTracyMorgan52 karma

Being Tracy Morgan.

SonOfHelios7 karma

Hi Tracey, I've waited years to ask you this question:


RealTracyMorgan10 karma

I gotta golden for that one. Jordan got a golden globe