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Give me the map, Scott!

How was it working with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

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I'm a male in his 30s, and I listened to the audio book version of The Handmaid's Tale performed by Claire Danes just this last month. What an incredibly thought provoking piece of literature, one I think all genders should read. How do you feel about the audiobook platform in general, and what concept in the story plaguing the narrator is most terrifying to you?

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What are your four Mouseketools that you can't live without?

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Kristin, thanks for doing this AMA.

Back in 2012 you were scheduled to appear at Gencon in Indianapolis, but there was a last minute cancelation. Could you shed some light on what happened? Any chance you'll be making a future appearance?

What is your favorite part about playing Pam? You and Alexander are the driving forces behind my watching of True Blood. You have fantastic chemistry and your delivery is always top notch.

"I'm so over Sookie and her precious faerie vagina and her unbelievably stupid name! Fuck Sookie!" should go down as one of the best lines in the history of TV. Bravo.

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I've never watched Criminal Minds before. How would you convince me, random Internet stranger, to do so? Sell me, good sir!

Also, what is your favorite episode of any series in which you have acted, and why?

Thanks for the AMA, I always enjoyed Xander in Buffy.