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too vulgar for the internet.

Captain, I hate to debunk your own personal mythology, but there's no such thing.

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Verified Tracy Morgan- visits pizza shop for 22 years, doesn't know the name.

Or is he keeping that info secret so we don't ruin it?


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Something very subtle was said here.... Either hozier just hit on her or he called her fat.

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The money is insured and the risk of danger is greater than the loss of dollars. Most retail places and banks will just give you the money and know that the vast majority of robbers fuck it up within 24 hours.

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2 questions about the act of driving a bobsled:

  1. How does the steering work? Are there separate blades that turn?

  2. How do you optimize turns? In a car, the goal is to shorten the length and maximize the angle for highest speed and shortest distance. Bobsleds have a very different dynamic and I've always wondered.

Thanks! Good luck!