Hey, I'm Joe, I make the web series "Joe Goes" on http://YouTube.com/BadgeofShame

I'm doing a fundraiser to make "Joe Goes To Canada" & "Joe Goes Juggalo." Click here to donate - 2 days left! - http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/joe-goes-to-canada-juggalos

(We just made our goal, but if we go over the amount by enough, maybe we can add another trip. Like to Germany or to Tuchanka. Time to plant another genophage.)

Recent "Joe Goes" episodes:

Beerfest - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlfUWaGudxs

Fashion Week - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q5bH31TbmM

Proof: http://twitter.com/BadgeofShame/status/454345996617515008

EDIT - Gotta run. It's been fun - thanks everyone, and Wu-Tang Forever!

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enlightened-giraffe84 karma

Joe keeps going, but when will he ultimately arrive ?

BadgeofShame80 karma

That's deep.

dirtybillclinton35 karma

There was clearly a connection with you and the Swedish girl ("I loooevb badge ahf sheyme. you shud come and luk it...at...its."). Is she still living in your basement and can I visit her?

P.S. Joe. Let's bone.

BadgeofShame32 karma

"I loooevb bassss ahjment. you shud come and luk it...at...its."

Jesus_Faction27 karma

  • What do you say when you initially approach people? Could you upload unedited footage ever?

  • How many times has your channel gotten you laid?

BadgeofShame45 karma

Hey, we make a Web series called Joe Goes, where I go to different events and interview people. Do you have a few minutes?

Okay, cool. Do you mind signing a release form? It's pretty standard. There's nothing in there requiring you to sleep with me...I promise...

Kennigit27 karma

Do you ever spontaneously break out into "youve got the brains...ive got the looks...lets make lots of money." Or have you blocked that stage of your life out?

BadgeofShame32 karma

I don't know what you're talking about.

Kramerskattmat19 karma

Did you ever actually go on a real date with any of the chicks you've interviewed/spoken to in your videos?

Looked as if you had some good connection with the chick in the blue dress in the fashion week-video!

Love your videos Joe!

BadgeofShame49 karma

Once in a while, nothing really serious though.

(pushes Tanya Tate's head down)

nuckleheadedmonkey19 karma

Did it hurt when that guy punched you during St. Patrick's day and were you surprised that he did punch you? He did ask you several times if you really wanted him to punch you.

BadgeofShame28 karma

Not really, it was just very surprising. I thought his reaction would be "ha ha ha, no I'm not doing that." For him to actually do is insane to me - I would never do that to anyone. It's a joke. Anyway, that question is retired.

mjpanzer19 karma

When is the lovely Tanya going to be joining you in another video?

BadgeofShame43 karma

She's in the music video for "I Got 200,000 Subs." Shot it like six months ago. Now I just need to get 200,000 Subs so I can release it. (Stuck at 180,000)

jesperbj18 karma

Hey man. Did any of your Joe-dates turn into another date? I love you.

BadgeofShame48 karma

Nicole had lunch with me once. Then never again.

PoorCoyote16 karma

Why was "You Suck" music video deleted from your channel? It was my daily motivation video!

BadgeofShame36 karma

The comments freaked me out. When I made the video, I just thought it would be funny to take a really motivational beat, and make a demotivational song. Some people got it, but a lot of people didn't. It seemed like people were using the song to bully others, and I just don't feel comfortable having it up anymore.

manicmailman16 karma

When you were in Scotland did you try our delicious national soft-drink IRN BRU?

BadgeofShame16 karma

Of course - it was everywhere! Very sugary.

megahurtz8316 karma

Congrats on meeting your funding goal, where in Canada are you planning to visit?

BadgeofShame36 karma

  1. Justin Bieber's house.
  2. Rob Ford's house
  3. A moose's house.
  4. McDonald's

tibanul13 karma

What do you do for a living?, you did say you got your joe back :)

BadgeofShame45 karma

I write for Game of Thrones. And by "Game of Thrones," I mean clip shows on TruTV. But those shows are the "Game of Thrones" of clip shows.

Is "Game of Thrones" hiring?

Also, Game of Thrones.

Splaze00112 karma

Hey Joe. Have you considered coming to Denmark some day? Marijuana march is at the 3rd of May. There's also Roskilde Festival, you will find the most craziest people there.

BadgeofShame21 karma

I'm planning to go to the Marijuana March to sell Girl Scout cookies.

antiDesiDesi12 karma

Hey Joe! I remember seeing you back when you were on Current TV. You studying in Chicago made me consider it an option and I ended up going to University of Illinois at Chicago. I showed my friends your videos and they are madly in love with them.

  • You seem to be very good at making people feel awkward during interviews. But has there ever been a moment where you were weirded out by an interviewee?

  • Of all the youtube stars you have talked to, who was the most fun?

  • If you could be with any woman in the world, who would it be?

BadgeofShame28 karma

So you were the one Current TV viewer! Nice to meet you!

Well, my approach to every interview is just to have fun and have some funny moments. I'm not really thinking about what will be awkward or not, you can't predict people's reactions. The Bronies and Power Rangers fans were pretty awkward.

Of the YouTube stars I've talked to, I think The Wing Girls are the most fun, because they don't have egos and I can joke with them (or tear up their book) and they don't take it seriously.

To answer your last question - my Shepard on Mass Effect

Rimdyx11 karma

I've been a subscriber since Joe Goes To Blizzcon, which brings me to my question... Will you return?

BadgeofShame17 karma

No, I feel like I already did it. Joe Goes Gaming was basically Joe Goes To Blizzcon 2, and Joe Goes To DreamHack was basically Joe Goes To Blizzcon 3...I'm burnt out on gaming events.

hugemadeafan9 karma

Hey Joe big fan.

What person alive or dead would you most like to interview?

BadgeofShame12 karma


possiblelion9 karma

Has someone actually threatened to violently attack you?

also are you planning on coming to Estonia anytime soon?

BadgeofShame25 karma

No, why would they?

We had a layover in Talinn for an hour on the way back from Helsinki last summer. Why weren't you at the airport at 7am? So lazy.

We took the ferry from Helsinki to Talinn because a direct flight from Helsinki to LA was too expensive. The Estonian cab driver was like, "What are you doing in Estonia? There's nothing here. Why would you come here?"

BriskaN9 karma

I'm sad that I missed you at dreamhack. I feel asleep as I was up all night with the ladies.

BadgeofShame14 karma

Sure, you were. Uh...me too.

RedStarJ7 karma

Love it when you travel, I especially liked the stuff you did in Scandinavia. Anyway, where in the world would you really like to go next, after Canada?

BadgeofShame14 karma

Germany or Australia.

Yukianesa6 karma

Would you ever consider coming back to England? You seem to have bumped into mostly assholes when you were here.

BadgeofShame13 karma

As soon as you stop calling soccer "football."

hawwk576 karma

Favorite ice cream flavor?

BadgeofShame18 karma

Americone Dream

Visazo6 karma

Hey Joe, I love your videos!

I've also got two questions: what was the, in your opinion most inapropriate question you ever asked in one of your Joe Goes videos? Also, you're probably cutting out a lot of stuff that happened, is there any material you would have loved to have in a video but then decided against it for what ever reason?

BadgeofShame11 karma

The KKK thing at Fashion Week, maybe...I don't try to be super inappropriate, though.

In every video, there's stuff that I think is funny, but it's so off-topic, there's nowhere to put it - it usually ends up in the deleted scenes.

Slaaa6 karma

Having never tried, how would you say surströmming really smells like? And why don't you try filming in Eastern / South-Eastern Europe? Except for the flights, it's pretty cheap over there. Plus all the old footage is hilarious, keep on uploading them.

BadgeofShame14 karma


It's expensive to film anywhere, but I'm not against mailing myself to Belarus.

Glad you enjoy the classics! (whispers) CLASSSSIC

Hatec6 karma

How many women have got pissed off at you for kissing them? In the videos or real life, it's up to you how you answer.

BadgeofShame17 karma

They're only angry that it ended.

No, I don't do it unless I get a vibe in the interview that it would be okay. And I don't do it as much as people think.

Rozzelsniff5 karma

Hey what happened on that 'joe knows hip hop' video after the black guy approached you after you almost said the 'n-word?'

BadgeofShame14 karma

He gave me written consent to use it four times, during my life. But only four times.

sneaky__snail5 karma

At the beginning of some videos there's a date (e.g. 2006). What's the story with that, did you film a load of stuff from ages ago that you're only releasing now?

BadgeofShame15 karma

The world wasn't ready. And there's a lot more coming - just wait till you see the videos from 1947. I mean 2007. I don't have a time machine. Ha ha ha! That's crazy! Ha ha ha! [VANISHES]

Visazo5 karma

if you'd ever travel to Germany to make a couple of videos, which cities/areas would you like to visit?

BadgeofShame9 karma

I would like to do three parts. Part 1 - Berlin Part 2 - Munich Part 3 - Oktoberfest (in Munich)

SwedishMoosey5 karma

Hey Bino White.. Just a Swedish fan saying hi! So... hi!

BadgeofShame10 karma


crovax30004 karma

Have you ever abandoned an interview half way through because the other person just doesn't want to be fucked with?

BadgeofShame5 karma

No. I don't try to fuck with people, I just try to have fun interviews. If the interview isn't going to be fun, I can usually tell, and I'll just wrap it up.

sneaky__snail4 karma

What was your favorite 'go'? pls do more Joe dates!!!

BadgeofShame14 karma

Recently, Fashion Week. We had a lot fun last summer in Sweden and Finland, even though they didn't start a war, like I wanted. Thanks a lot guys. (opens can of surströmming, runs)

mpgiii4 karma

Joe, I'm glad it found your channel through Julian Smith. Just wondering, where's you meet Julian at?

BadgeofShame6 karma

We were both cast as hosts on the clip show "Smash Cuts" in 2009.

chancellorjay4 karma

If you're looking for southern areas to visit, try and look for Testical Festivals. They're nuts. And they're pretty crazy, too.

BadgeofShame9 karma

You're hired as a writer.

Im_Hitler4 karma

Hey Joe. Ive been following your videos for quite some time all the way from Australia! Would you ever consider travelling to Oz to film? What would be the first thing you'd want to do here?

BadgeofShame11 karma

Start a beef with Beecher.

dokuhabi4 karma


BadgeofShame4 karma

Depends on much we raise on fundraisers!

DoubleDibble3 karma

Hey Joe,What was one reaction that you got that went better/worse than expected?

BadgeofShame6 karma

Who wore it better, with KKK members went well.

Asking to get in a fight on St. Patrick's day did not.

ArchBlox_3 karma

So answer me this, are you or are you not the whitest pimp in the United States?

BadgeofShame16 karma

I'd like to use a lifeline.

(calls Snoop Dogg)

"Yo, yo, yo, what's crackin'?"

"Hi, Calvin. Quick question. Am I the whitest pimp in the United States?"

"Fo shizzle, my wizzle. You dig?"


"Fo shizzle."

"Fo...fo what?"

"Fo shizzle."




"(SIGH) Yes. Yes, you are, Joe."

"Okay, cool. Thanks."


The answer is yes.


"Hey! Calvin! What's up!"

"Never call me again."


TacticalSheep3 karma

Thanks for the AMA! My question: do you have some kind of life motto? If so, what is it?

BadgeofShame7 karma

Be yourself, avoid jerks, do what you like.

Shoegun3 karma

Any favorite country you filmed in?

BadgeofShame15 karma

The one you live in.

Kalieat3 karma

what was the worst and best beer at beerfest?

unsure if you said it in your video , sorry if you did.

BadgeofShame6 karma

The answer to both questions: PBR

No, I can't remember. There were a lot of good ones. We only had three hours to film, so I was mostly just thinking about getting interviews. I grabbed random beers from booths with short lines. Next year I'll go for real.

Visazo3 karma

why were all the beer glasses so small? Here in Berlin at the "Biermeile" (something similar to beerfest, could be translated with 'beer strip mall') all beers usually are served in 0.4 L or 0.5 L glasses or bottles. And never under 0.33 L.

BadgeofShame5 karma

I wish I would have commented on them in the video, but I didn't realize small beer glasses were weird, because they have so many samples there, and you only have so much time to try them all.

The answer is, we're pussies.

MightySpaghettiKing2 karma


BadgeofShame8 karma

I love making content and putting it up on YouTube. I hate that the revenue is so shitty, and no one helps promote you. The only way to gain subscribers is to put out content every week, and with the type of videos I make, it's difficult.

I'd like to visit Germany and Australia...the only event I'd really want to go to again is Comic-Con.

Globalize2 karma

Hey joe, big fan. Love your rapping skeelz, how did you get so funky fresh?

BadgeofShame5 karma

How did I get so fresh?

Listening to John Tesh

While wearing mesh

And eating human flesh

vanilla-thrilla2 karma

Hi Joe,

Broke student from Canada here, I hope to contribute to some of your future trips when I have a full-time job starting this summer. But will you still have open-call meet-ups with fans such as myself and would it help if I wear something seductive?

And no i'm not a hot chick in-fact i'm a guy, possibly a mop that is in a human body who is too smart and repressed memories of ever being a mop but who knows........

Also thank-you for all your amazing videos they always make my day!

BadgeofShame7 karma

Thanks, mop. I'll be doing one meet-up in each city. The theme is My Little Pony - come in costume.

klam19872 karma

Just wanted to say I love your channel. Keep up the great work. It's very entertaining. Any plans on bringing your shtick to conventional broadcasting?

BadgeofShame14 karma

Yeah, in fact - I'm really close to replacing Letterman on The Late Show.

(checks front page of Reddit)


Kknowsbest2 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

BadgeofShame21 karma

Don't go to a wedding at House Frey.

erg9902 karma

You should make "Joe Goes to HEAT WAVE" It's a car show in Texas. Awesome cars, hot women. I think you'll have a good time there, just bring gallons of sun screen!

BadgeofShame6 karma

Well, they always say you should mess with Texas.

Groet2 karma

Have you ever felt threatened doing any interview?

Is there a group of people or a convention that you haven't been able to visit that you would like to in the future.

Btw I wanted to say hi during dreamhack but the meetup was at the same time as the Starcraft final T_T.

BadgeofShame5 karma

Never, why would I? I don't want to piss people off.

Probably a Redneck Festival or a UFC expo.

Have fun dancing with the Starcraft

bonyhawk2 karma

What's your favorite Wu-Tang song?

BadgeofShame12 karma

4th Chamber or Triumph.

Per album...

Enter the 36 Chambers - Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin To Fuck With

Tical - Bring The Pain

Return to the 36 - Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Cuban Linx - Criminology

Liquid Swords - 4th Chamber

Ironman - Winter Warz

Wu-Tang Forever - Triumph / Reunited (tie)

Uncontrolled Substance - Friction

Bobby Digital In Stereo - NYC Everything

Golden Arms Redemption - Rumble

Supreme Clientele - One

The W - Hollow Bones

I'll stop here, because the RZA just called me, and invited to join the Wu-Tang Clan.

koriboy2 karma

When is your feature-length motion picture coming out?

BadgeofShame11 karma

Ask Marvel

onetwothetwo2 karma

Hey Joe! Just wanted to ask: when you're not making videos for us to enjoy on the internet, what do you do in your spare time? Also I wanted to get your opinion on the new "secret Wu-Tang" album thing: do you think it's an awesome idea or do you think they're selling out? You are easily my favorite Youtube channel EVER, thanks for doing what you do!

BadgeofShame8 karma

I write, read, play video games...

I think the secret Wu-Tang album is great for publicity. I'm really curious to hear it, but I wish they'd just release it like normal...I like listening to music in the car or at home, not on earbuds at a museum. Where am I going to ash my honey-dipped blunt?

Thanks for the support!

D-Feeq2 karma

What do you have planned for the Vancouver visit? I'm hoping to make it out, but i've got school n stuff. Love the vids, keep it up!

BadgeofShame9 karma

Just going to stay in the hotel room.

GeauxSteve12 karma

Hey Joe,

What is one event/topic you haven't gotten to do that you really want to do?

BadgeofShame3 karma

Redneck festival, UFC expo, Germany, Australia

bearsfan6542 karma

What place in the world (or universe) do you want to visit the most?

BadgeofShame8 karma

The Citadel

Owlhair2 karma

I love what you're doing, Joe. And as a fan, I would love to see some of the unshown footage! I KNOW you must have hours of shitty/fan stuff.

BadgeofShame13 karma

I keep trying to upload it, but YouTube keeps saying, "No, sorry. Too shitty."

matthewguitar1 karma

Big fan since back in the days of Blizzcon videos!

  • Will you come to NYC soon? There's so much stuff going on you could visit tons of events this summer.
  • Do you think up questions before or just say whatever comes off the top of your head?
  • What do you think of BabyMetal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIKqgE4BwAY

BadgeofShame5 karma

Hey Matthew. Nice neckbeard.

When I worked for Current TV, I did three episodes in New York - auditioning for Avenue Q on Broadway, skateboarding school, and street basketball at West 4th Courts. Those eps will pop up classics one day.

It's a combination of both - I don't do a writing session or anything, but if an event is coming up and I think of something, I'll write it down in my phone. Maybe 5 lines per ep are pre-thoughtof.

Never heard of it - Is it as good as GeezerMetal? Shout out to Christopher Lee.

49th1 karma

I'm a fan from back when you were shown on Current TV in the UK. I think I might be the only one literally. I have two questions related to this:

  1. Why don't you include the "Joe Gets" rap with each classic episode? That is one of the best parts. The lyrics are pretty catchy... all I did was upload this, Joe Gets, this is my magnum opus...

  2. Do you know the name of the guy who was also on Current TV and did comedy tech reviews?

BadgeofShame1 karma

  1. Thanks! Great to hear you enjoyed it. I feel like on YouTube it's a drag to have the intro music attached for every episode. I might upload it on its own as an extra eventually. There are two versions, I like the second one more, but that one has a lyric - "T-Mobile sponsors me!" - can't use that one, haha

  2. No, sorry

SnubelSnabel1 karma

Excuase me I didn't catch what you said?

BadgeofShame4 karma