Hi, I'm Rhys Darby. You may remember me from HBO's Flight of the Conchords, I played the band manager Murray Hewitt. I'm a standup comedian, I have traveled the globe bringing much mirth to many. And now I have a new TV show about to drop on Netflix called Short Poppies. You can watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcEG3IQ6vYs

Victoria from reddit helped me get started... Ask me anything!


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mc_jakie614 karma

Jermaine? Present. Brett? Present. Murray...?

RhysDarby836 karma


squats2286 karma

Hi Rhys!

My wife and I always thought you would have been the best person to replace Steve Carell on The (American) Office.

Were you ever considered/interested/offered? This just seems like such a missed opportunity.

RhysDarby468 karma

They were going to hire me. I even had a meeting with them. Then they decided not to. Shame. Oh well..

RhysDarby197 karma

Well thanks very much everyone. It was a blast. and by that I mean a real explosion. I have to go now and get ready for a nerd podcast and @midnight, which is a chat show. Be sure to catch my show when it hits Netflix tomorrow.. See ya dudes! #onlythepos

midas22193 karma

  1. Was the band meetings from FOTC mostly scripted or ad-libbed? Do you have an example of any accidents that made it to the final edit?

  2. Will you ever work with Bret and Jemaine again? You had great chemistry!

RhysDarby444 karma

  1. They started off scripted and then more and more they became ad-libbed. We constantly tried to crack each other up. Jemaine always broke first, he's a big laugher. The 'we shouldn't be arguing in front of the map' was completely made up on the spot...
  2. Jemaine directed 2 episodes of my new show Short Poppies. Of course the 3 of us will work together again one day, it's just a matter of someone getting us together...

DanKajito128 karma

I am a huge Flight of the Choncords fan and I learned to do a New Zealand accent by imitating your voice, so thank you so much for that!

As for a question, what's your favourite thing about New Zealand that you can't do or can't get anywhere else?

RhysDarby278 karma

Best pies in the world. Best coffee in the world. Best eggs in the world.

The_Best_Dong121 karma

What was your favorite episode of Flight of the Concords? If you don't answer this, I'll feel UNPROTECTED, LIKE A BABY IN THE SNOW, DEJECTED, LIKE A CLOWN WITHOUT A SHOW. So please don't make me feel rejected.

RhysDarby349 karma

I like it when Murray takes the band on the road. The swearing break down and the leather jackets! Oh and the mixed nut caper of course.

flannell111 karma

Thanks for signing your book for me (Fringe festival 2012)

RhysDarby100 karma

thanks for buying it. wait... was it one of my books?

Ninja_dwarf111 karma

What is your favourite type of pie? You never elaborated on this in 'leggy blonde'.

RhysDarby274 karma

I'm a steak and cheese man.

cptmsv83 karma

has anyone actually called you Ginger Balls?

RhysDarby212 karma

No, not to my face. Not yet... every one's too scared, they know I'm army trained and will smash them.

sufjan_stevens77 karma

How cool was Jim Gaffigan?

RhysDarby208 karma

very cool. like a big cucumber.

hurdur176 karma

What did you do when Brett won an Oscar? How did you feel?

RhysDarby143 karma

flabbergasted and proud. I stood up.

KidB9175 karma

Rhys! Just wanted to say, I saw you live at Edinburgh fringe a couple of years ago and it was the FUNNIEST show I've ever been to, absolutely hilarious! Love your work man, all the best.

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notthathunter69 karma

Have you ever been offered a part in Lord of the Rings?

(It's probably been filming nearby, after all...)

RhysDarby239 karma

I optioned myself as a manager of Bilbo, but Peter Jackson said no.

maxj9655 karma

Which gives better health benefits: being a band manager or working for the New Zealand consulate?

RhysDarby156 karma

Neither are good for your health. Lots of drugs and rock n roll.

ManagerMurrayHewitt55 karma

Finally, my time to shine. Mr. Darby, I hope you appreciate my user name. Does such a name elevate me on the friendship chart?

RhysDarby55 karma


SlickMittens54 karma

What do you miss the most about FOTC? The songs, the band meetings, or just the cast in general?

RhysDarby136 karma

Everything man...

Room4Cheese49 karma

Did you write your song on Flight Of The Conchords or was that Brett and Jemaine? Either way it's awesome! "I had a budgie but it died. Whoa-oh-oh. I like pie."

Also, any plans to do Funny As Hell again?

RhysDarby76 karma

The guys wrote that song... it's great tho eh?

mwilhe0146 karma

I'm excited that Stephen Merchant is in the Short Poppies trailer. Does he have a recurring role on the show? Any other names you can drop at this point? Can't wait for it to arrive!

RhysDarby88 karma

Sam Neil, Karl Urban, Bear Grylls... all guest star in eps.

mwrobbel44 karma


RhysDarby133 karma

I wasn't even aware that it was filmed.

nomads_38 karma

Hey Rhys! I’m a big fan of yours and my friends and I saw recently saw you in New York City at the Gotham Comedy Club. They can’t be here right now, so Mikey, Brandon and Matt say hello.

What I wanted to ask is how did you discover your talent of imitating noises and sounds? It is unlike anything I've ever heard! Also, I hope to visit New Zealand one day because sheep are my favorite animals and I hear that you guys have lots of them :)

RhysDarby94 karma

Oh yes. We love sheep in NZ. I can do weird noises because it... well it just makes sense to me. Why can't you guys do weird noises?

Frajer37 karma

What is Kristen Schaal like to work with?

RhysDarby86 karma

She is awesome. I really like her as a human lady. She's a very funny too. Top stuff.

ibenedict12734 karma

What's the best advise you can give a guy about sex?

RhysDarby160 karma

do it.

badjujupoo33 karma

What was it like to work on The Boat That Rocked? A cast like that must have been an experience.

RhysDarby92 karma

One hell of a ride. It was as fun as it appeared on screen. Very rock n roll. i even had a beer between takes once. ha ha... keep that quiet.

6675636b31 karma

What was the funniest scene to record in Flight of The Conchords?

RhysDarby105 karma

impossible to answer... but maybe the band meeting where 'Bret's the dickhead...' sandwich throw.

daniel_decrissio30 karma

If you had a friend named Carl would you call him Car?

RhysDarby70 karma

yes. how did you know that? Oh wait... that was in a movie. Hang on was that a movie?

ChristinaPerryWinkle28 karma

You made me laugh harder on that show than Brett or Jermaine ever could. Thank you for that, Rhys.

RhysDarby39 karma


lilee36024 karma

What's your favourite part of the newspaper?

What's your favourite type of sauce?

RhysDarby73 karma

The TV guide. Those bottles that you can put upside down. Amazing those ones..

Jorion24 karma

If you could go back in time, where/when would you go, and what kind of sandwich would you take as a snack?

RhysDarby80 karma

I would go back to the Inca days and explore their pyramids whilst they're active, munching on a pulled pork roll.

opiate4624 karma

I was always curious...why the name change from Nesbitt to Murray when you guys went from radio to TV?

Looking forward to Short Poppies!

RhysDarby45 karma

They felt the BBC may have retained ownership of Nesbitt. Hewitt is actually his cousin.

choboy45621 karma

Who was your favorite comedian to do standup with?

RhysDarby59 karma

who was? what do you mean... is he dead? I like Glenn Wool a lot. He's still alive though..

nacul20 karma

Will you be coming back to Dublin any time soon? Ireland misses you

RhysDarby35 karma

I miss you guys too. I hope I can get back there one day. It's an awesome city.

kuphinit20 karma

How was it like on set with Jermaine and Brett? I can imagine that many of those scenes took awhile to shoot due to just how funny they were. You gave the show such a great dimension, so thanks for contributing to the hilarity of it!

RhysDarby50 karma

We are old friends so as you can imagine, it's like hanging out with your mates... having a laugh and forgetting that there's cameras there!

Azzadazza19 karma

How do you look so good as a woman? Mary is the best!

RhysDarby33 karma

Thank you. I agree Mary is possibly the best. She's fun to be.

theArnoldFans117 karma

You're from New Z. There's talk that Arnold's "King Conan" will be filmed there. what are the best locations there for filming in Conan's world? Any suggestions?

RhysDarby122 karma

Pakuranga Plaza

TommyROAR16 karma

How did you land the role in District 9?

RhysDarby23 karma

I wrote it didn't I?

FishAreVegetables16 karma

Hi "Rice", when does Short Poppies hit Netflix (UK)?

RhysDarby28 karma

tomorrow man!!!!

DeclandoSantos15 karma

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

RhysDarby43 karma

well the... oh.

randomEODdude15 karma

First of all, you are fucking awesome. My question: What/who inspired you to become a comedian?

RhysDarby40 karma

Thank you. Monty Python were my first love.

RhysDarby25 karma

the distinct lack of them in New Zealand at the time... I saw an opportunity.

BlueVixen14 karma

Huge fan Rhys! You were amazing on FotC, of course but you cemented my lifelong love when I saw you perform "This Way To Spaceship" live in Dublin.

My question is will you be touring the world with your latest standup? Please say yes!

Also, could you please call my brother Ben "ginger balls". I'd tell him but it doesn't have the same ring with my accent :(

Best DVD I've ever bought! http://i.imgur.com/JsdJIXg.jpg

RhysDarby26 karma

Yes! Mr. Adventure... keep an eye out. Ben you're a ginger balls.

RhysJones9314 karma

Are you planning to be on another British comedy panel show again? much like you were with QI, big fan!

RhysDarby19 karma

When I'm in the UK if an opportunity comes up yes.

MrWhite9113 karma

What is the furthest you've swam?

RhysDarby27 karma

200 meters

TheMemoman13 karma

Sir you are one of the kindest, funniest, best improvisers I've seen in my life! You always manage to get your laughs off of me.

Do you wax your mustache?

RhysDarby23 karma

When it's longer I do. Thanks.

EED41613 karma

Do you prefer acting or stand-up? Also any news on a possible conchords movie

RhysDarby34 karma

Acting, that's why I put so much of it into my stand up.

duckgoober11 karma

What would it be like if Janson Skivvy and Murray Hewitt met? Do you think they would get along?

RhysDarby15 karma

Like a house on fire... that one of them possibly started. Most likely Janson.

velvetoverground11 karma


RhysDarby18 karma

sit down, shut up and pay attention.

dandino711 karma


RhysDarby19 karma

first gig, pretty bad. I did Frank Spencer impressions. I like Frank Spencer.

dugggy11 karma

Rhys, how did you get so good at making sound effect noises?! Loved your live show.

RhysDarby30 karma

brrrr brrr cha cha cha cha...ddddddgggggahhhh!!!!

Simonfree2210 karma

I just thought you should know that not only is your stand-up excellent and had me in shameless bouts of laughter, but also I was completely oblivious to the fact that you're also Bill Napier.

RhysDarby28 karma

What? I'm Bill Napier? No way... That guy's an idiot.

nick9010 karma

Who was your greatest inspiration growing up?

RhysDarby45 karma

Monty Python... and the Loch Ness Monster.

leftyboy8710 karma

What should I expect from Short Poppies?

RhysDarby12 karma

Hilarity. and nice scenery.

valvebody10 karma

Hi Rhys! I loved your singing on 'Leggy Blonde', did you help write it with the guys? Any chance we might get a Rhys Darby solo album??

RhysDarby29 karma

I'm working on a rap album at the moment...

IRodC10 karma

Hey Gingerballs... Did you meet any actual leg models before you started shooting Short Poppies?

Also, do you have another stand up comedy special in the works after the certain worldwide success of Short Poppies?

RhysDarby21 karma

Mr. Adventure will be my next stand up special... it should go to Netflix.

jwalterleavesnotes10 karma

I saw you on @midnight a while ago doing this character of an adventurer and I thought it was hilarious. Is that what your stand up is like? If so, where can I access / buy it?

RhysDarby17 karma


JefeRojo9 karma

Rhys, I love what you do. During college, my friends and I watched FOTC and and we imitated your accent and quoted you for...about a year after that. Does anyone ever come up to you and imitate your own voice in conversation?

Also, is New Zealand as magical as it seems?

RhysDarby35 karma

Yes, people impersonate me in front of me all the time. it's weird. New Zealand is a magical place. It's almost unreal.

sweetska7 karma

Hi Rhys :) I just finsihed watching all of Flight of the Conchords & loved every second.

What is your favorite song at the moment? And will you be in Montreal anytime soon??

Hope you`re having a great day xoxox!

RhysDarby13 karma

I like all songs.

HarryJHook6 karma

Who are your comedic influences? I'm going to assume Carl Winslow is one of them on account of the voices.

RhysDarby23 karma

Python, Goons, Sellers, Atkinson, Carrey, Chase, and Steve.

AlfredArcher6 karma

What's your favourite Italian dish?

RhysDarby36 karma


justrelax26 karma

Can we expect a new season of Flight of the Conchords with more of you singing? Please please please?

RhysDarby19 karma

Hmmmm. no, sorry.

MScroobs4 karma

Rhys! I'm a very large fan, and I'm excited to watch Short Poppies. Hearing you on FOTC was how I developed my Kiwi accent, as it's quite beautiful. Were the sound effects you do always a part of your stand up routines, or did they come in later?

RhysDarby10 karma

I developed them as a child and took them into my stand up stories, not realizing that not 'everybody' could do such sounds.

StevD3 karma

Apples or oranges?

RhysDarby9 karma

pears. sorry.

kjivxx2 karma

What's your favourite FOTC song to sing along to? My mum rocks out to Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor all the time....

RhysDarby4 karma

I like that one. I like crying. I also love hearing Angels live. Mutha Uckers is my favourite though..

DavidFuckingDuchovny2 karma

Did you know Jemaine and Bret before the show? I like to believe I was actually just watching a documentary and that you were really their band manager.

RhysDarby6 karma

Let's believe that then. It's real to me too...

AlfredArcher2 karma

Do you like Vampire Weekend?

RhysDarby9 karma

Yes. I even have there remastered extended album: Vampire Long Weekend.

FordyceRedbugs1 karma

Should I be planting squash now or should I wait for warmer temps? Last year I planted about this time but it has been colder that usual. How will this effect the harvest time?

RhysDarby2 karma

Keith answers these ones...

AlfredArcher1 karma

What has been your favourite project to work on? And which do you regret the most?

RhysDarby1 karma

Short Poppies. hmmm I can't say for legal reasons.

AlfredArcher1 karma

What's your favourite toast topping?

RhysDarby1 karma

peanut butter (crunchy)

The_Lux1 karma

This one goes out to Rhys Darby

First let me begin by saying you have been one of my favorite Adventurer-Thespian-Comedians for a LONG time, huge fan and thank you for doing this AMA.

As an American who has caught a lot of flak and contreversy here in the United States about taking a GAP year to Australia or New Zealand I was wondering that as a fellow adventurer if you had any (positive or negative) opinion(s) on the subject and if you'd recommend any particular programs.

RhysDarby3 karma

Go hell for leather. yes... buy leather. Adventure tells you where to go. You know it in your heart. Your studies can wait, or do them on the road. Life is about experiences not books. Unless you buy a book about experiences.

AlfredArcher1 karma

What's your favourite colour?

RhysDarby5 karma

blue. but I prefer green.

Reagansmash19941 karma

You're a funny man. That is all.

RhysDarby8 karma

damn it, that's it?

mythofechelon1 karma

Are you aware of Dean "Rocket" Hall and his project DayZ? Between that and Flight of the Conchords I think New Zealanders are getting some well-deserved attention!

RhysDarby2 karma

Never heard of him.

strag20011 karma

Big fan! Welcome!

Serious question that's been driving me insane: Did you play the AA Coach in The World's End? We never see their face but it looks and sounds like you, but I can't find a credit for anyone anywhere.


RhysDarby2 karma

No that wasn't me.

Lydia_Deetz1 karma

Oh, man. I totally had the hots for Murray .. You've got everything I'm looking for in a man: gentle, helpful, funny, ginger, a Kiwi...

That's not really a question. I just wanted to throw it out there. clears throat nervously

RhysDarby1 karma

call him.

The_Artist_Formally1 karma

Seriously, though, why was FotC cancelled?

RhysDarby9 karma

It wasn't cancelled. We still do it, they just turned the cameras off...

markmontgomerie1 karma

Are those your actual legs?

RhysDarby3 karma

One of them is.