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  1. Would you rather apologize to Frodo or actually have that conversation with Jon Snow?
  2. Do you plan to work your way into the new Star Wars trilogy so that you can die in the first installment?

Somebody spared no expense and found the leprechaun in the tree, so thank you. Also, let the record show that Mr. Bean is the first member of the Fellowship to respond to my humble inquiries. I hope Sean Astin and Dominic Monaghan feel bad now. One down, eight to go.

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Except that the new movies don't take place in the same universe as The Dark Knight trilogy.

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Well thank you. I'd also like to ask Mr. Bean if it's weird to be called Mr. Bean...because of Rowan Atkinson.

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Finally, my time to shine. Mr. Darby, I hope you appreciate my user name. Does such a name elevate me on the friendship chart?

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Thank you for doing this AMA. I am currently taking a class to learn about Islam. Could you possibly explain fatwas to us? Could you weigh in on the one recently declared due to the film Noah?