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Huge fan Rhys! You were amazing on FotC, of course but you cemented my lifelong love when I saw you perform "This Way To Spaceship" live in Dublin.

My question is will you be touring the world with your latest standup? Please say yes!

Also, could you please call my brother Ben "ginger balls". I'd tell him but it doesn't have the same ring with my accent :(

Best DVD I've ever bought! http://i.imgur.com/JsdJIXg.jpg

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Sindarin. I like to keep it real.

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My Dad has this condition. He is 70 and thankfully he has never and still doesn't use a wheelchair. His spine is completely fused, he didn't get a diagnosis until he was 40 (none of the doctors he saw in my small country had ever really heard about it before then). He doesn't have great lung capacity as they can't inflate as much as a normal persons, as his ribs have also fused but thankfully to a lesser degree.

I have seen your answers before about meds not being covered for you but my Dad has been on Cimzia for the last few years and it's helped him an incredible amount. His pain is much less than it was. Is there any way you could avail of Cimzia or something similar? Also, do you swim? That was the best recommendation for my Dad. Best of luck to you. As my Dad's primary carer, I'm all too aware of the difficulties you face.