You guys are used to me, so to spice it up, I brought David Ayer, the great director of my latest movie, Sabotage, with me. You probably know him as the director of End of Watch and the writer of Training Day, so you'll understand why I was excited to work with him on Sabotage.

We're here today because Sabotage hits theaters this Friday, but as you know, I'm always around. I hope David likes Reddit as much as I do. I think he should stick around.

Ask us anything you want. And watch the trailer here:

Edit: Thank you everybody. We have to run now and keep doing other promotion but you know I'll be back. And I will tell David to come back too! If you keep asking questions I will check in when I have time. Go see Sabotage this Friday. It is seriously a great ride and I'm really proud of it. You can buy tickets here:

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David_Ayer2843 karma

Thanks for having me on AMA… I've read them before so it's very cool to actually be on one for once. and these are great questions. I hope reddit sees the movie, it's going to be a great movie and not what you're expecting.

Consideritsketched2405 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do you want to crush a tank with a bigger tank?

Edit: thanks for the response, Arnold. This is definitely late, but better late than never:

GovSchwarzenegger3283 karma


DiegoVonCosmo1409 karma

Gov. Schwarzenegger, you were one of the first "movie stars" to have not adopted an Anglicanized stage name. How did you come to this decision, despite what may have been considered a career risk? Early on, did you ever have any issues with movie executives who were afraid to put a name like "Schwarzenegger" on the marquee?

GovSchwarzenegger3054 karma

It was a big barrier at the beginning. But just because no one has done something, doesn't mean you shouldn't. I always wanted to lead.

Executives would say, "We can't put Schwarz... Schwarzen... Schwarzenschnitzel on a marquee." But like the other barriers they put in front of me, I got past it, and now no one can forget my name.

TimvdW1403 karma

Did you guys plan the release of Sabotage on my birthday on purpose as a birthday present, or was it just a happy accident?

GovSchwarzenegger2774 karma

Absolutely. What do you think? That this is random?

leodown01312 karma

Would you do another terminator movie Arnold

GovSchwarzenegger2452 karma

I am!

SherlockBrolmes1167 karma

Hey Arnold,

No question, but just wanted to thank you. Five years ago, I received heart surgery. Of course, the surgery was a bummer, since I lost a lot of weight (I lost 15 pounds, and I was around 130 pounds beforehand) and I had been trying to bulk up beforehand (I was 18 at the time). Getting heart surgery made me feel that I couldn't achieve my athletic goals, but then I heard that you had heart surgery as well (and still looked like a boss). This greatly inspired me to get out of my hospital bed, regain the strength and weight I lost from surgery, and keep training myself. I am now in a lot better shape, both in terms of my health and athletic ability. This may not seem like much, but in a time when I was lacking hope, it was refreshing to see someone who went through a similar procedure I had and doing well for himself. So thank you Arnold for inspiring me to be determined and not give up on my goals.

GovSchwarzenegger1996 karma

Thanks so much.

El_Spike1134 karma

Any plans to do King Conan?

GovSchwarzenegger2198 karma

Yes, we are talking right now with Universal about a new Conan.

gordonsumner1076 karma

How do I stop being afraid to fail?

GovSchwarzenegger3054 karma

Look for small victories and build on that. Each small victory, even if it is just getting up 5 minutes earlier, gives you confidence. You realize that these little victories make you feel great, and you keep going. You realize that being paralyzed by fear of failure is worse than failure.

David_Ayer1010 karma

You can't get anywhere if you're afraid to fail. Go fail, and then live through it, and you're stronger. That's the way.

theArnoldFans1954 karma

David, I LOVED SABOTAGE! On the red carpet you told me you have a Commando reboot script. Does "reboot" mean NEW CAST with a NEW John Matrix actor or does Arnold get offered the role first?

David_Ayer1430 karma

I don't know if they are making it, but it would be a new cast.

GovSchwarzenegger2465 karma

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Make sure we talk.

David_Ayer1263 karma

We will.

pdoggie897 karma


I am a weak, scrawny 20-something girl. I have actually been "let go" from a job for being "dainty" (their words). I wanna get toned/in better shape but I am lazy. Can I have some advice?

GovSchwarzenegger2344 karma

You need to develop the will before the body. Every move you make will come from your head. So get your head straight and don't be lazy. It doesn't take much to start. Set goals and hit them. Start slow and you'll build the will.

OhHelloPlease876 karma

What is the best vehicle that you have ever driven both on and off the screen?

GovSchwarzenegger2313 karma

I have a tank, so that's easy.

GoldenRy007862 karma

what are the chances of a Kindergarten Cop 2?

GovSchwarzenegger1826 karma

Right now no one is talking about it. It would be fun to do a sequel with all the kids today. They're probably 30 now.

Leo4701 karma

Hello Arnold! I grew up on your movies. I'm in LA - when are we going to go get some tacos?

Do you have plans for a comedy in the future?

GovSchwarzenegger1479 karma

I am planning on doing Triplets, a sequel to Twins with Danny and Eddie Murphy as the third brother.

I also would love to do a full-feature about a character like Howard Kleiner. I need to talk to Johnny Knoxville about that.

Edit: typing Eddie's name too fast.

TheDuskDragon665 karma

Arnold, I'm sure you're aware of how easily people can do an impersonation of you, but can you do an impersonation of other iconic people?

GovSchwarzenegger1430 karma

You may not know him, but Joe Weider, the founder of the muscle magazines and the godfather of fitness brought me to America and I can do his voice well. I am uploading it to YouTube right now and will edit when it is up.


Mynamesjd570 karma

Can I meet you in a bar somewhere in L.A. and reenact the "Dillon, You son of a bitch" scene from Predator? My muscles don't compare to the awesomeness that is that scene but it would be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to have that happen.

Also, this picture exists and it's kinda my everything.

Finally, does Sabotage have the same "ass kicking" action that films like Junior or Twins might have?

GovSchwarzenegger588 karma

That image is fantastic. Thank you for sharing!

Sabotage has some really hardcore action. David doesn't mess around and makes it real and gritty. He forced us to train for months. So if you're expecting Junior, watch out.

AtlasEUdk528 karma

Hi Arnold.

Been working out for several years now, and I got this one question I have always wanted to ask you.

What is your favourite Latissimus dorsi muscle workout?

Best regards from L, Denmark!

GovSchwarzenegger1059 karma

Nothing beats a wide grip pull-up.

kaspar14491 karma

Hey Arnold, Big fan since I saw Terminator for the first time many, many years ago. You have so many great one liners. What is your favorite?

GovSchwarzenegger1399 karma

You shouldn't drink and bake.

AndrewNathaniel473 karma

Have you ever taken anything from the set of a movie you've done? A prop or some sort of memorabilia?

GovSchwarzenegger1166 karma

Always. In my office, I have the crocodile from Eraser and the plane from True Lies. The motorcycle from T2. I always take something to remind me of the fun we had.

David_Ayer1164 karma

I have Christian Bale's 40 ounce beer from Harsh times.

ChrisJonathan1472 karma

What is by far the most requested movie line by your fans?

GovSchwarzenegger1212 karma

Recently it has been "Get to the Choppa." That really seems to be this generation's favorite. They scream it at me everywhere. Last night at WWE I heard it a million times.

Mackened369 karma

Looking back, what are your thoughts on Batman & Robin?

GovSchwarzenegger770 karma

It was one of the most fun projects I have worked on, even though the make-up was tedious. Joel Schumacher was great to work with.

David_Ayer546 karma

I liked it? It was solid.

douche_353 karma

How good are you at ping pong? Be honest

GovSchwarzenegger847 karma

You probably saw the Bud Light commercial. So you know. Your eyes didn't lie. I'm not good.

David_Ayer659 karma

I suck.

FaptainObviously352 karma

Do you ever watch your own films once they're released?

Like you're bored one day and just grab some popcorn and watch Terminator?

GovSchwarzenegger664 karma

Many times I've watched my films with my kids because they ask me to sit with them and watch on television.

lilasbaby2343 karma

Arnold, do you like sushi? If so, what's your favorite?

GovSchwarzenegger763 karma

I loooove sushi. I like unagi.

Mrphilosopher300 karma

Mr.Schwarzenegger , Who would you say is your most influential historical leader?

David Ayer; Have you ever thought about writing another Fast& Furious movie?

Both of you; What superhero movie would you like to be in?

GovSchwarzenegger628 karma

I have a few. Reagan, Mandela, Gorbachev are at the top of my list.

Mandela's quote "It always seems impossible until it's done" is my favorite. I live by that.

In acting, I love John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. In sports, Muhammad Ali.

David_Ayer522 karma

No. I'd love to do a Batman movie.

BazingaacK283 karma

Arnold: Whats your personal favorite movie line?

What movie was the funniest to make?

If you think about it, how many years after 1975 would you have continued winning in "bodybuilding" whats your personal guess?

Whats your highest benchpress? (you ever reached)

You'r a LEGEND

GovSchwarzenegger561 karma

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" is one. "Do you feel lucky, punk?" is another.

I benched 500 in competition.

xhaze273 karma

To Arnold, which director would you like to work with that you haven't yet had the chance to?

To David, same but which actor?

David_Ayer601 karma

Daniel Day-Lewis.

Eldzik270 karma

Hello Arnold and David. Arnold: What is your favourite cheat meal? David: The important one - how many explosions are we going to see?!


David_Ayer824 karma

Fuck. I don't know if I have enough fingers to count.

GovSchwarzenegger656 karma

A good weiner schnitzel and some kaisersmarrn. Or a linzer torte. Almost any dessert, actually.

martinmayer264 karma

Arnold, what is your typical breakfast?

GovSchwarzenegger584 karma

Oatmeal with berries is my favorite, after I've done cardio.

GoochGewitter264 karma

What is your favorite type of ice cream?

GovSchwarzenegger598 karma

Rum raisin. No matter what, nothing with peanut butter.

David_Ayer592 karma

Mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins.

coozcrew236 karma

Question for the Terminator: do you take cold or hot water showers? I ask because after years of 15 minute hot water showers, I've been taking daily 6 minute cold water showers without fail (even on cold days) for two years now, and it's fantastic for both water conservation (you will NOT leave cold water running during soaping/shampooing due to the discomfort) and it's more refreshing (wakes you up better than coffee).

GovSchwarzenegger539 karma

I have to congratulate you on saving energy and water. I used to turn the hot water off for my kids after 5 minutes.

MikeSouthAfrica214 karma

Arnold / David - What are the chances of coming to do an epic movie about the Rhino poaching here is South Africa

David_Ayer365 karma

It's a story that needs to be told. Don't know if I'm on my way to Africa yet.

no-change174 karma

What was the funniest story that occurred on or off set while shooting Sabotage?

David_Ayer359 karma

Joe's cornrows were real. And he elected to do them.

Kknowsbest171 karma

If they made a movie about you, who would play you(other than yourself)?

David_Ayer411 karma

Christian Bale.

GovSchwarzenegger300 karma

Joe Manganiello is my buddy so I lean that way. But I think if they cast him the person who played Franco would have to be 6 feet tall.

r_antrobus150 karma

Heya Mr. Schwarzenegger, do you like chocolate milk?

GovSchwarzenegger356 karma

No. I'm sure you've seen Pumping Iron but I'm not the biggest milk fan.

gooseyoustud143 karma

Hi Arnold and David.

Arnold: What would you say your spirit animal is, and what is your favorite beer?

David_Ayer349 karma

Corona. And after midnight, it's Tecate.

GovSchwarzenegger325 karma

I would say a lion. That's because I'm a Leo, and it might surprise you that I know my sign.

David better enjoy Gösser. Although when I moved to America, I liked bud. But I still love euro beers.

aiming-low142 karma

Hi Arnold, David. I'm a techie so I'm curious. Right now, how are you two connected? Are you sitting in the same room with an assistant helping you type answers to questions? Are you two in separate rooms talking to each other on a phone conference call or skype? Do you just have an assistant sorting the questions sending them to one or the other of you to answer? Other?


David_Ayer264 karma

The magic of the phone!

doster25138 karma

What is it like to work with the talented Jaime Fitzsimons?

GovSchwarzenegger536 karma

Jaime? Is that you? You aren't tricking anyone.

Lkess132 karma

To both of you - What is one movie that you would have liked to be involved with, and how would you have changed it?

David_Ayer530 karma

Star Wars, I would have had Han shoot first.

(oh wait…)

kaleff126 karma

Hi Arnold and David, is there any chance to work together in another movie?

David_Ayer214 karma


evedamnededen120 karma

Arnold and David,

Which one of you do you think is better looking?

GovSchwarzenegger310 karma

David, he looks great in in his police caps and his hardcore gear.

David_Ayer254 karma

I'd say Arnold, he's the movie star.

BravoPapaWhiskey115 karma

What is your most memorable experience from serving in the Austrian army?

GovSchwarzenegger545 karma

Serious: the great discipline I got. They teach you about working to do the job no matter what.

Not serious: one day I was checking my tank's gauges in the garage. I was pressing buttons and running the engine and making sure everything worked. Then I heard a lot of noise so I assumed something was going on outside. Then pieces of the building started to fall on my head and I realized I was in reverse and crashed through the back wall. I got in a lot of trouble.

theArnoldFans198 karma

David, do you like to put yourself in your films? It looks like I may have spotted you in all black at the end of Sabotage. Was that you?

David_Ayer184 karma

Ha! No. I like to stay behind the camera. I don't want to have to yell at myself for screwing up on camera.

thegillinator87 karma

Hi Arnold and David! With how violent and graphic Sabotage is, were you ever under any pressure to tone it down to try for a wider audience, or maybe you did tone it down and there's even crazier stuff that didn't make it in?

David_Ayer201 karma

There wasn't any pressure to tone it down. I had freedom as a filmmaker. Real life is violent.

newsom29881 karma

Hey, Arnold!

Just one question: Did you have an idol of sorts that you modeled your acting career after, and if so, who was it?

GovSchwarzenegger251 karma

Clint Eastwood. No question.

XtCmnJHAHC5rR3GBQ44c69 karma

What is the best joke you know?

David_Ayer243 karma

I don't know any jokes. I have no sense of humor. I just make movies.

rory78565 karma

What TV shows are you guys currently into?

David_Ayer139 karma

I have Breaking Bad in my netflix cue, and 60 Minutes.

peternorthstar56 karma

If you could redo any scene from any of your movies, which would you redo and why?

David_Ayer151 karma

Training Day. I wouldn't kill Denzel so there could be a sequel.

AlexKliegman49 karma

Saw you on Fallon last night, do you ever get tired of constantly being made to say your famous movie lines all the time? The 'Get to the choppa' QVC bit was hilarious btw.

GovSchwarzenegger142 karma

Not at all. I would be more worried if I wasn't asked.

HabsBiznatch38 karma

For both...what is the most shocking request a fan has ever asked of you?

David_Ayer96 karma

All the requests have been pretty PG-13 so I've been pretty lucky so far. Or unlucky.

Matt2473424 karma

Both David and Arnold: What was a recently released film that you loved?

David_Ayer51 karma

I mean, for me it would be Black Swan. Because it's the story of being an artist.