despite my poor english, i'll try to answer some questions about current events


(I didn't know how to make a correct proof at the beginning, sorry for that, first time on reddit. Some experienced users advised me, I corrected)

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Attention people who don't know about the situation in Crimea: 0x1055566 is Pro-Russian. Most people on reddit (including Ukranians) are not - Pro-Russians hang out on other forums. This person's side of the story/etc will be different from what most other redditors believe.

Also, I myself am Pro-Russian.

Edit: Question for you OP: have you participated in any protests/rallies/etc?

Привет! Я учусь паруски. :)

0x105556612 karma

  • Нет, я не участвовал ни в каких протестах, был один митинг, на котором присутствовал, но он был очень мирный и спокойный, просто люди города вышли поддержать общий курс, которым пошел Крым.

  • еще, был момент, когда казаки собирали контактные данные, на случай возникновения внешней угрозы из центра Украины, чтобы иметь возможность быстро собрать людей для защиты города и Крыма. Данные сдал.


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As another one asked, do you agree/disagree with this image? Do you believe the referendum is going to be fair if no UN representatives are allowed, under shadow military rule?

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just think about it - on the very first day of new "government" ruling, they annulled the "russian language law". Why did they do it? Why on very first day? Country is in deep debt. Kiev is partly ruined... don't they have much more serious desicions to discuss? But they DID it to please the nationalistic Maidan.

And only after East and South part of the county raised (after this event, by the way), thay made up an explanation ... "this law approval procedure was incorrect... we will make another law... blah blah blah". But this is a lie, they just so unti-russian, so they did it, without even thinking...

So this picture is quite accurate. This is my opinion.

Why do you think that representatives are not allowed? EU controllers will be present, as far as I know

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This whole conflict is rather new to a lot of us in other parts of the world, how long has their underlying issues in your country?

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This conflict between russians in Crimea and west ukranians allways was here, but it wasn't so sharp. You have to understand, that Crimea - is a "country inside a country", we speek russian language, we think in russian, we live by russian traditions, but - we forced to watch ukranian tv, our cinemas are in ukranian language, our laws are ukranian, schools are in constant proccess of translation to ukranian also.... we don't want it now, we didn't want it 22 years ego...

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what is the situation there like currently?... how much of the population actually wants to join Russia and how many wants to remain in Ukraine?..

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About 60-70% supports Russia. Those, who doesn't want to join Russia are: - beach holders, which profits from semi-legal businesses - traders, which buys their goods in Odessa traiding port - tatars (in my opinion, 50% of tatars) just because of historical reasons

AmericanChinese8 karma

60-70% Wow...

iREDDITnaked-11 karma

Its important to remember that the OP can be biased. Take everything he/she says with a healthy dose of skepticism.

edit: OP is supporting Russia invading, occupying and taking over part of another country. And some of you are down voting the guy who says to be skeptical of him.

0x10555667 karma

yep, 70 percent of definitely biased people, and Kiev allways took everything we said with healthy dose of skepticism

0x10555665 karma

previous results - ~90% of biased people

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I would love to see a reply to this. Although I'm certain to be very skeptical of any answer given, obviously.

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well, your skepticism is rather justified, taking into account all those contradictions in mass media

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Are you worried that joining Russia could mean inheriting their censorship of media and Putin's authoritarian rule?

0x105556636 karma

do you think Ukranian tv-channels are better? :) they allways show stricktly 1 point of view, and they all belong to ukranian nationalistic opposition, which came to power in Kiev.. maybe you didn't even see tv-channels more one-sided, then Ukranian, brainwashing all day long..

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Well, I now suspect you of being a troll. Inter was owned by the very pro-Yanukovych Dmytro Firtash, the gas tycoon arrested yesterday in Austria on suspicion of bribery in India and forming a criminal group.

In fact, a lot of tv channels are always pro-authorities. And almost NONE of them belong to the Ukrainian opposition.

Channel 5 tv does belong to Poroshenko, I'll grant you that. But INTER, ICTV, 1+1, hardly belong to nationalistic opposition.

Here is a site for those interested in media in Ukraine:

you'll need Google Translate, but even with that, I think people wil get a wider views of media in Ukraine.

0x105556611 karma

INTER, you say, pro-Yanukovych, you say ... check this out -

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There's a referendum in Crimea right now to determine whether or not Crimea will become an independent nation. The Secretary of State is claiming that it's a sham. Did Russia put this together or is it something that Crimeans legitimately put together to become their own country?

Do you think that Russian troops will eventually cross into non-Crimean eastern ukraine?

I'll take my responses off the air, thanks.

0x105556636 karma

to determine whether or not Crimea will become an independent nation

no, there are two questions: 1. to become a part of Russia 2. to remain a part of Ukraine, with more sovereignty, but we all think that if we choose #2, this referendum well be annulled by Kiev as soon as possible. Crimea was a sovereign Republic in 92, and Kiev annulled our constitution at that time.

I don't think russian troops will cross non-Crimean, what for ? If Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk want to stay in Ukraine, nobody will force them. Crimea is special because there are many russian people here.

CrazyK98 karma

Would you like to have a third option on your referendum of forming a totally independent country?

0x105556615 karma

no, I don't

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What will happen to the Tatars if Crimea joins Russia?

0x105556623 karma

Nothing bad will happen. We lived together all this time, we have many friends among each other, and we indend to countinue so.

8236412 karma

I ask because we've gotten reports of Tatars's doors being marked with 'X's. Have you heard anything about that?

Thanks for doing the AMA.

0x105556618 karma

At this time, some people, i'm sure, have very much at stake, so provocations happen on both sides to heat up this whole situation. But i don't see it in real life

Tbejos182413 karma

How do you view Vladimir Putin and the act of Russia taking over your home? Do you see it more as a hostile take over, or do you see it as being your own choice to succeed from Ukraine and join Russia?

0x105556644 karma

we asked to support us, we put russian flags in our citie's administrations, and Putin, after almost 10 days of waiting, finally acted, and this action was focuced on the most important problem - ukrainization of russian people in crimea and returning Crimea to where it must be, and to where it always was. Ofcourse, there are other goals, which Putin aims in Crimea, but after long living as part of Ukraine, and especially after 3 months of Maidan, we almost hate Ukraine, so those other goals don't bother us

banankontakt13 karma

Good luck with everything and i hope all the Crimean people get the independence from Ukraine that they need! I'll be sure to come visit when the situation has calmed down :)

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gubenatorialfrenchy12 karma

What is your opinion on the friction between the U.S.A. and Russia over Russia's presence in Crimea?

0x105556633 karma

I think Russia is doing a right and straightforward move. I think that U.S., as one of powerfull countries, doesn't like such moves anywhere without it's approval I also think that U.S. sholdn't intervene, just give is a chance to conduct a referendum on march 16

JagdTurkey16 karma

What guarantees that this vote will be fair and not swayed? How will this be grounds for taking part of another country? How is a regional vote grounds for a whole area of a country to detatch without acceptance from the actual government that is under control? How do you explain billboards like this showing up in Crimea : ?

Domeee1237 karma

You can't just invade another country even if the majority is russian at that region ...

0x105556617 karma

we don't mind their presense, belive me or not

Astralife10 karma

With all of the people protesting in Ukraine, were there any protests happening in Crimea?

In your opinion, are we likely to see the people of Crimea pass the referendum on Sunday?

0x105556620 karma

  • no, there is no support of new Ukraine goverment in Crimea, and if there were any protests - they were against new goverment and in support of Russia
  • yes, the referendum is our greate hope, and we all hope it'll pass

recurrence6662 karma

Does your referendum really not have a NO option

0x105556617 karma

really only two questins: 1. part of Russia 2. maximum autonomy inside Ukraine

personally, i think that it has to be 3. leave it like it was before

just for completeness

ergzay4 karma

It's exactly that reason that no one outside of Crimea and Russia will accept the referendum...

osushkov5 karma

Having a 3rd option would actually be LESS legitimate. Why? Because you have 1 "pro-Russia" option and 2 "pro-Ukraine" options. This would split the pro-Ukraine vote, while the pro-Russia vote would be a solid block. It is MUCH more fair to only have 1 pro-russia and 1 pro-Ukraine option.

0x10555662 karma

hmm, good point

thewelsh531 karma

What about that large pro Ukraine protest in the Crimea capitol a few days ago?

0x10555664 karma

And what about it ? none of them says "i support new Ukranian government, it's legitimate and fair" ... they say "Crimea should stay in Ukraine" ... well, of course 100%-support rate of any choice is impossible. If you read this topic, i've mentioned that i beleive (based on my personal talks to people, opinions, and experience) that 60-70% will support rejoining Russia. This figure, by the way, could even be higher (!), but it'll be icing on the cake....

Moreover, this meeting took place after i've wrote the message above... so no contradiction to my post. Yes, there were some people supporting other position. It's, by the way, proofs that no one shoots them, beats them or pointing gun to their head. As i can see on the video, there are about 1000 people maximum, maybe 500 :) Compared to Crimea population of near 2 mln, it's 0,0005%

They scream in Ukranian.. no one speaks ukranian in Crimea (well, very very very very little) so that makes me think they are not from Crimea. This is not a fact, of course, just a speculation.

ergzay0 karma

That's complete and utter lies. There's been video released of protesters in Crimea for the new Kiev government.

Are you being payed by Russian media to come here?

0x10555661 karma

don't confuse two different things: 1. tensions between Crimeans about "be with Russia" or "stay with Ukraine" with 2. supporting Ukranian government. Those protests, which were conducted in Simpheropol, were not supporting new, illegal government, they were supporting "stay with Ukraine" point of view.

as I early mentioned, there are 30%-40% which want to stay with Ukraine, but this armed Kiev situation really has very very little amount of supporters

patseidon10 karma

Thanks for doing this, I have so many questions!

1) To Establish Credibility can you tell me about yourself as much as possible?... how you identify yourself (Pro-Russian or Pro Ukrainian or something else (OSE), liberal/middle/conservative OSE, What you want to happen in the region,

How can we be certain that the people of Crimea actually want to secede/become part of Russia and this is not some sort of puppet government loyal to Russia?

Would you prefer to be an independent Crimea or part of Russia?

I hear that the vote will decide what to do with Crimea but how legitimate is this vote with so much political, military, and influence coming from Russia?

Do you feel like the people of Crimea have a say/political voice in Crimea's next steps?

0x105556623 karma

1) i think that "pro russian" is not quite correct term. We are just russian people, separated from Russia some time ago, when USSR splitted. Formally, Crimea was given to Ukranian SSR somewhere at ~1950, but you have to understand, than it was only formally. Nothing changed till 1992, and then suddently - you in another country. in 1992 there was a first referendum, and 87% voted for reuniting with Russia (google it), but nobody listened. And Russia, at that time, had so many it's own problems, so the question wasn't solved ....

2) well, you can come to Feodosia, talk to people :) there are some funny proofs: we often call our money 'rubble' even when it's 'grivna', we support russian hockey team (even when it's looses:)) , we speak russian language, we read russian books

3) part of Russia, independency of Crimea is not a question now, if the majority will vote for "sovereignty as part of Ukraine", this referendum will be annulled by Kiev as soon as possible. But, it's very very unlikely the majority will vote against Russia

4) they are not influencing, we are the first who started this process, we called!! search youtube (russian flags in Kerch, Sevastopol ...)

5) of cource, who do you think is doing all this? just Russia by itself? :) no, Russia didn't intervene for 20 years... it's we - who remembered all the time, and we just feel that ONLY chance is now. If the nationalistic Ukranian government will gain power, it'll crash us someday, i think. So it's now or never

riseagainst26157 karma

How do we know this isn't just propaganda to sway the minds of the western countries?

0x105556624 karma

well, i think this iama is just a grand of sand comparing to all information streams, currently circulating about the issue

confusedblues6 karma

Can you describe how the Russian Government differs from that of Ukraine? Also, what benefits are there from becoming part of Russia?

0x105556611 karma

  1. Russian economy is much stronger, and with right approach and right investments, Crimea can easily compete with Sochi. With Ukranian government, 22 years were just wasted...
  2. language (schools, tv, laws, etc) .. this is very important

CatInPlate6 karma

Надо же, кому-то не лень:o
Ну занятно пролистать было.
Где-то наткнулся на заявление от кого-то из татар постарше, что у них там сорвиголовы есть, которые не рады России. Как думаешь, с ними проблемы будут или они там сор из избы выносить не станут и сами их утихомирят?

0x10555666 karma

Сорвиголовы есть везде, по сути если подумать, Татарам пофиг и на Украину, и на Россию. Давай рассуждать откровенно. Им просто нужна земля в Крыму, все, точка.

Это просто элемент политической борьбы, им сказали взять в руки флаг евросоюза, они собрали толпу в Симферополе, взяли эти флаги, и пошли.

Если им доходчиво объяснить, что Россия на данный момент уже не Сталинская, и что никто не будет их притеснять, и что так или иначе договоримся, то вполне возможно они примут логичную позицию большинства. Да что тут рассуждать, сам Татарстан находится на территории РФ!!! Куда уж логичнее. (Правда лично я в этом как раз проблему вижу ;)

danvolodar4 karma

А в чем проблема с Татарстаном? У нас с татарами нормальные, ровные отношения. Они вполне адекватные ребята (особенно пока трезвые).

У меня и на работе в Москве есть несколько татар, ничем они особо не отличаются от русских кроме фамилий да черт лица.

0x10555665 karma

Согласен полностью. Я выше в одном из ответов как раз сказал, что мы все общаемся, и в большинстве случаев прекрасно ладили все это время.

Человек просто спросил про как раз те ситуации, когда ладить не получается. А такие ситуации, как ни крути, тоже имеются. И их нужно учитывать.

danvolodar3 karma

Я вообще когда в Крыму бываю, много слышу про самозахваты, наглость, етц. Насколько это все правда? Меджлис представляет этих неадекватов или таки всех?

0x10555665 karma

самозахватов полно

нужно просто обратить внимание на равнины, в основном возле городов, где стоят странные небольшие постройки, ну как будто кто-то хотел построить сарай, но сделал его ниже, уже, и вообще лишь бы было... вот это и есть самозахват. В представлении Меджлиса, это какбы дом. И если ты туда придешь и его снесешь, то это какбе "гонения на исконно крымский депортированный татарский народ", и они всей толпой соберутся и поднимут панику

Разумеется русские, в противовес, по таким поводам толпами не ходят... менталитет у нас другой (что кстати очень плохо). Поэтому постройки стоят, и их, хоть и очень неохотно, но часто все-таки оформляют в земельных комитетах. А после оформления на этом месте вырастает уже нормальный дом.

Только ли Меджлис в данном случае участвует, или нет, я таких деталей не знаю.

CatInPlate3 karma

Ну вопрос был больше:смогут ли татары по-мирному и тихо между собой всё разрулить. Мало ли ты знаешь, как у них там устроено.
О, и ещё вопрос: они там, как я понял, упрямые, особенно старики (ну они всегда упрямые, это у всех так), их убедить в чём-либо в текущих реалиях возможно или они скорее всего рогом в землю упрутся, твоё личное впечатление.

0x10555669 karma

Да конечно упрутся, если прямо русский крымчанин пойдет разговаривать прямо с татарином.

Но, у них есть одна хорошая особенность. У них жесткая дисциплина по части указаний из центра. Им сказали "сидеть тихо", они сидят тихо, сказали махать флагами - машут флагами. Вот сейчас как раз идет последний этап подготовки и успокоения их беспокойного лидера - Чубарова. Причем, не уверен точно, но я так понял договариваются на уровне президента Татарстана и Путина. Так что... надежды есть.

Кстати Чубаров собрал по факту не так уж и много сторонников, все кто был в Симферополе (ну там тысяч 5, это собрали с кучи районов Крыма), так что если прям совсем рогом упрутся, можно поставить вопрос - а что такое 5 тысяч в сравнении с двумя миллионами? Но на этот вопрос ответ даст референдум.

mountaintop-stainer5 karma

What composes an average day for you? If you have free time, what do you do with it?

0x105556613 karma

work - programming free time - news, books, sports

ThatObviousDude4 karma

It was interesting to have a pro Russian from Crimea doing an AMA. Hopefully a Crimean who doesn't support a Russian takeover does one next to give both perspectives.

crimean25 karma

I am not pro-Russian neither pro-Ukranian. I am from Feodosia as well. Have friends and relatives on both sides. Putin is playing devil game with people of Crimea, as well as Ukraine. He has only political interest to establish military presence on the Black sea. He doesn't care about rights of russian there as he doesn't care about rights of russians in Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Turmenistan where rights are highly limited and language banned many years ago. However, I wish my land to became part of Russia, BUT not at the gun point.

0x10555661 karma

Все эти *станы, которые ты перечисляешь, отличаются от Крыма по сути. Я конечно в данном вопросе не эксперт, но там вытеснение идет по принципу большинства населения, это сложный момент, не всегда его можно контролировать даже на уровне правительства. У нас же история другая, в кино я не хожу (во-первых к-т Украина то откроют то прикроют, последний раз был именно там, давненько уж), но фильм уже шел по-украински!! Как так, в Крыму, на мове все кино? В случае Крыма вытеснение идет четко на уровне правительства, и поверь, если просто остановить принудительную украинизацию, люди сбросят это ярмо как ненужное, и все нормализуется.

JimsApplePie2 karma

When the protests started, news outlets were saying that the Russian were moving in to stop the rise of fascism. Is there any truth in this?

0x10555666 karma

news outlets were saying


Russian were moving in to stop the rise of fascism

partly true

doodlelogic2 karma

Which way will you vote?

If the vote went the other way, would you respect that?

0x105556610 karma

i will definitely vote for rejoining with Russia

of course i will respect the result of referendum

zache842 karma

Since all of your electricity and water comes from Ukraine, when they cut both to you, what will Crimea do then?

0x10555663 karma

  1. We have gas fields, which partialy feeds central parts of Ukraine with gas. We will cut it immediately.

  2. We pay for electricity to central Ukraine, we intend to continue paying, Ukraine isn't a rich country to just decline money out of sheer temper. Electricity can be connected from Russia in rather short time, if it will be cut.

  3. We pay for water, we intend to continue paying. If it'll be cut, it'll be genocide

stack_cats2 karma

There once were and currently are many people of Mexican heritage living in Texas. Do you think, if these Spanish speaking people asked for Mexico's help and wanted to rejoin Mexico, that it would be reasonable to draw a new border or move Mexican military forces inside of Texas?

0x10555668 karma

i don't quite familiar with U.S. georgaphy and history, sorry

but, if this region was historically Mexican, and if U.S. gained it by some stupid gift, maybe they should to make a sign to their motherland

but i think i'll be stupid move from their side, U.S standarts of living are much higher than one in Mexico. In comparison with Crimea - my mother has a pension of 120$ after 25 years of working... do you think it's normal?... do you think it's Crimean limit? i don't ... I think Ukraine made us poor

zache84-7 karma

Let's be fair, Ukraine didn't make you poor, USSR made you poor...just like the other 500 million that lived in the former soviet empire.

0x105556611 karma

can't agree, sorry

(not a fan of USSR though)

hoodyuplod2 karma

how about you personally do you like crimea to join Russia ? i believe in self determination

0x10555665 karma

personally, i do like

hoodyuplod1 karma

what is the result of today referendum , is crimea finally going to Russia ?

0x10555661 karma

official results are gonna be announced tomorrow

in less then an hour preliminary results will be announced

Downvote_Sympathy2 karma

Do you believe the referendum on Sunday is likely to be a fair one, given its haste and possible Russian involvement?

0x10555662 karma

personally, I do there will be observers, controllers, and all the people i interact with say that they will come to make their vote... so, less space to false bulletins

redfeather12 karma

Op why are you consistently ignoring some posts. I respect your opinions, they are what my Ukrainian and Crimean friends have been telling me, but you are ignoring any posts that differ from your opinion.

0x10555669 karma

please, ask your question or just tell what question did i ignore you want the answer for? i'll answer it later this evening

redfeather12 karma

It was not my question there were several that you did not answer. I will find them tomorrow if you want. But it was mostly questions about what about those that do not WANT Russia to take over? Stuff like that. Like hoe do you justify rejoining an very oppressive nation under Putin? How can you expect an honest election, Russia tends to get what Russia wants? Why do you think it will be better under Russia, as bad as things are in Russia, than if you are part of the Ukraine? Things like that.

EDIT: All of my Crimean and even my Ukrainian friends are saying basically what you are saying, I just want to know about the alternatives.

0x105556610 karma

what about those that do not WANT Russia to take over

this is a subject of upcoming referendum

rejoining an very oppressive nation

:) this is really not true. By the way - check out this video, turn on subs, explains a lot about whole situation in Ukraine in funny manner

Why do you think it will be better under Russia

I've answered similar question somewhere in this iama. If briefly - economics, language.

MarxistRedditAdmin1 karma

What is your view of the Holodomor and how has it affected your family, in the past?

0x10555666 karma

in my family, there wasn't even one talk about holodomor, so i don't know really

korevil1 karma

So a generic picture of a Crimean passport is enough verification that this person is who he says he is?

0x10555664 karma

what kind of (reasonable) proof do you want ?

OpenSourceGlobe3 karma

Repost the photo of your certificate on a different surface than the blue one, such as the front cover of local news paper, with your reddit name on a piece of paper.

This is not evidence of anything at all, I could do exactly the same thing

0x10555666 karma


[deleted]1 karma


0x10555663 karma

Crimea isn't all-sufficient region, unfortunately. So, we can't afford complete independence.

Without Russia's support Kiev troops would be everywhere, arresting every local leader for separatism and putting them to jail for 5-15 years. Now they are not so brave because Russia approved to send their troops if needed, and they are afraid to behave like this in Crimea.

We are not that naive to wait immediate richness and happiness from Russia. It's absolutely true, that Russia want to gain from this situation, and Crimea people is not the main goal. BUT, this Ukranian ideology, this ukranian language, and many other attributes of our "independent Ukranian country" - we full to the throat with it. We are not Ukranians.

gwyddy1 karma

I was quite aware about the history of Crimea and what happened under Khruschev. However, my main concern now is that there is really no "good side" on this, since you are being just converted in puppets of a nationalist dictator such as Putin. The status of Crimea was put in discussion when the USSR split away and the new Russian Federation just refused then to change its status. Also, are you ready to split Crimea and let the Ukrainian population remain a part of Ukraine, and the Tatars, who were expelled by the Russians from their own country, form a nation of their own? If not, how can you legitimate your secession from Ukraine? I'm sorry for you guys, but I think there's nothing good in your close future, and for the rest of us Europeans, either, if Putin is not stopped.

0x10555660 karma

OMG)) do you really mean it?

nothing good in your close future, and for the rest of us Europeans, either, if Putin is not stopped

of a nationalist dictator such as Putin

don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to convert what you just wrote to a joke... but - do you really think Putin is such an evil, who sleeps and sees a big plan of destroying or conquer everyone ? where did you get this notions ?

it's three days i read reddit, and i wonder how people think that 'russian elections are pure fake', 'russian agression', 'russian invasion', 'putin is a dictator'

OpenSourceGlobe0 karma

When can we see the photo of your certificate with your reddit name and local Crimean paper?

Edit: thank you!

0x10555664 karma

i've edited an initial post, you can check new proof there

you seem to hate russia very much, i would like to know your motive too... You've said you're not from U.S., i would like also to know what country are you from? You explain some facts like you know them for sure, and everybody else are dellusional

I just talked to many of my friends, all of them well go to referendum and vote for Russia

by the way - new provocation appeared: Ukranian nationatists, wearing Berkut uniform, demonstratively tried to disperse Tatar's meeting. I'm telling you in advance - DON'T beleive it :)

korevil-3 karma

Watch this video and tell me most of Crimea supports joining Russia:

(Vice News report from the ground in Crimea )

0x10555669 karma

watched the video.

telling you - most of Crimea supports joining Russia.

FpY114-5 karma

How do we know that you are not being paid to do this by the Russian government, much like the majority of the pro Russian "protesters" in crimea at the present moment

0x10555662 karma

what makes you think that the majority was being paid ? just for the sake of discussion, i want to know, really

lestat_-8 karma

You are not crimean citizen, but a fucking sellout, but its a good thing, at least moskals will shaft your kind dear.

0x10555668 karma

I can say that you're a bugs bunny, but it doesn't make you one.

did you get the point ?

SoCal_Sapper-13 karma

How far away is the gun that's pointed at your head right now?

0x105556615 karma

there's no gun, Crimea is most calm region of Ukraine at the moment, i know it sounds strange, but it's a fact. maybe this weekend will change that and there will be some provocations, but i hope it doesn't and our referendum will be smooth