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Depends which country's slice of it (as they would be in charge of enforcing the treaty). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbKNlFcg02c

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Nope Canada used to be number one but it was eclipsed earlier in 2019 by Mexico. They’re both about the same size right now. China is quite a bit behind both.

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You use fault tolerance in your system. How do you manage computers failing in flight without having the vehicle get confused about current program state? I know you had an incident on the most recent flight with a computer desync. What was that like?

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This question is addressed mostly to the professionals I think. AlphaGo now apparently has a ranking on http://www.goratings.org/ and many are saying that Ke Jie is stronger than AlphaGo. Who do you think would win based your knowledge of Ke Jie's previous play history?

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He's also the largest shareholder by far, owning 17% of the company, but he's not the majority shareholder so you are correct.