Hey thanks! We had fun! Don't forget our new time slot at 7 tonight! Thanks for watching Bob's Burgers!

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SuspiciouslyWetFart1417 karma

There was a Bob's Burger parody on Archer, is there any plans for an Archer parody on Bob's Burger?

LorenBouchard1438 karma

clearly we have to do something. the world demands it. there's a perfect way to do it, but we just haven't thought of it yet.

Winston-Wolfe199 karma

I just watched that episode. I found it hilarious being a fan of both shows. I would love to see a crossover episode with something similar in the Bob's Burgers universe.


It's episode 1 of Archer's 4th season, which as of yesterday is streaming on Netflix.

BlackQuartz67 karma

What? I had no idea, thanks!

LorenBouchard103 karma

me neither!

monoblue856 karma

John: How on Earth did you channel my wife perfectly when voicing Linda? It's eerie.

_JohnRoberts1591 karma

I'm under the bed

amodernbird746 karma

Tina is my spirit animal. Can you record my voice mail message?

Edit: Tina is now my voice mail and I am forever indebted to Dan Mintz. I could not be more excited.

Edit 2: I am at work now without a way to record the message but I'll give it a go when I'm at home.

DanMintz557 karma


amodernbird356 karma

REALLY?! I'm so excited I could touch a butt!

DanMintz409 karma

I guess Private Message me? I don't know exactly how that works

carolinepal633 karma

Question for Dan: How do you channel your inner Tina? Question for John: Are Linda's little quirks based off of anyone from real life?

DanMintz752 karma

My inner Tina is pretty close to the surface, so it's pretty to easy to channel. She has kind of a zen quality of being in the moment with whatever she wants at that moment, so I just try to clear my head of distractions and focus on that one thing.

onewingtorulethemall546 karma

I don't have a question. I just want to say you guys are nailing the tone of the show. It's always straight, without the characters being in on the joke. It's something a lot of comedies are missing these days. It reminds me of early seasons of the Simpsons.

LorenBouchard407 karma

thanks! sincerity in comedy is underrated and under-used.

operation_hennessey501 karma

What do you think is the best Burger-of-the-Day joke on the chalkboard?

LorenBouchard955 karma

can't pick a favorite but i love long, sweaty ones, like "the cauliflower's cumin from inside the house burger (comes with cauliflower and cumin)"

QuickToJudgeYou366 karma

Molestor burger comes with candy!

LorenBouchard65 karma

first and best????

mattlovez450 karma

Dan, do you have a fetish for strong, firm butts, just as Tina does? I only ask as I'm a butt connoisseur...

DanMintz425 karma

haha not more than normal I don't think

oomthechinese423 karma

Will Tina ever win over Jimmy Jr.?

DanMintz449 karma

I hope so! But Loren will have to decide.

LorenBouchard690 karma

they are star crossed. it's always gonna be complicated. - william shakespeare

rjc630413 karma

Hey Dan! Where did you come up with Tina's moan? Was it your idea? Or did it come from someone else?

DanMintz803 karma

I don't remember exactly, but for the Hamburger Dinner Theater episode Loren needed Tina to do a stage fright sound and I tried a few things and that was the sound he liked. Since then I noticed that I make the sound myself when I'm nervous sometimes but I don't remember if I always did it and that's where the sound came from or if I started doing it after doing it for Tina.

FerrisWheelsDayOff377 karma

For Loren: Did you intentionally write Andy and Ollie as successors to Walter and Perry?

LorenBouchard419 karma

yes. i won't deny it. it was straight up theft, though i like your word "successors" much better. we wanted them to be their own little fellas too though, and we wouldn't have done it if we didn't think they were worthy as their own characters.

carbonated_turtle207 karma

I'd also like to add that the Silverman sisters absolutely nail these roles.

LorenBouchard199 karma

crush them. and then nail the crushed pieces.

mjc1027273 karma

This is one of the funniest shows on TV, do you all find it just as funny?, or is it just work for you?

LorenBouchard662 karma

it's like working in a coal mine if coal was something that made you laugh.

_JohnRoberts262 karma

I do! Best job eva!

DanMintz229 karma

Thanks so much!! It's hard for me to hear my own voice so it's a weird experience watching the show, but I really enjoy the scenes I'm not in.

bondfool263 karma

One of my favorite things about the show is the genuine affection the Belchers have for each other. Was that a conscious decision, or did it just evolve?

_JohnRoberts223 karma

That was all Loren making sure the characters were grounded.

hawksfan_12252 karma

How is it working with H Jon Benjamin?

_JohnRoberts422 karma

It's a roller coaster ride of emotions!

LorenBouchard876 karma

if roller coasters went really slowly and took lots of breaks to go to the bathroom.

DanMintz218 karma

Jon Benjamin is one of my favorite people. He actually is the one who got me this job by recommending me to Loren.

Slanderpanic247 karma

Hey, Dan! Are you aware that alt model Exning Suicide got a tattoo of Tina?

DanMintz192 karma

No, that's awesome!

g0ldenslumbers224 karma

I'm a huge fan! Not really a question, but John, I had a mindblowing moment about 15 minutes into the first episode of Bob's Burgers when I realized where I recognized your voice: your youtube videos! My siblings and cousins and I still quote "Christmas Tree" and "Mother's Day" endlessly. You managed to capture our mothers far too well. Thanks for making me laugh since middle school!! p.s. who wants bailey's?

_JohnRoberts216 karma

Thank you! Who's hungry?

-VanCruz205 karma

Hi Dan John and Loren!

Ridiculously huge fan of the show, I have re-watched every episode several times as they just keep getting funnier. My husband and I even dressed up as the Belchers for Halloween, kids included!

My question to each of you would be, what's your favorite episode? Explain yourself!

Thanks guys! Keep doing what you do.

DanMintz108 karma

Topsy, but I can't explain why.

booboogy165 karma

Can you get Netflix to add more seasons?

LorenBouchard302 karma

they add seasons slowly for some reason. i think YOU probably have the most power in that relationship. more than us anyway. demand more episodes. but you know, nicely.

bacon_cheese_no_shit165 karma

When Tina and Louise grow up, do think they are they going to be like Linda or more akin to Bob?

--Gene is obviously a law unto himself.

_JohnRoberts365 karma

Gene will be like Linda. Louise like Bob. Tina will have her own show.

gene9892150 karma

Question for Dan Mitz how did you feel when the character of Daniel in the pilot was changed to Tina a teenage girl?

DanMintz317 karma

Well at first it felt bad because I thought it meant they were going to recast me, but then when Loren said they were using the same voice I was excited because I knew it would be such a more interesting character.

bluetangerine65148 karma

I've always wondered if Tina was supposed to have Asperger's syndrome or at least some aspie traits. It seems that everything from her groaning, bizarre obsessions (horses and butts), monotone speech, and bluntness are all textbook Aspergers. I know in the first episode there is a joke that Tina is "the worst kind of autistic," but then Bob assures her that she's not autistic. Just wanted to know the official verdict.

DanMintz188 karma

Yeah I've wondered that myself. I think she's probably just a little bit on the spectrum.

ohiobobcats146 karma

Will the burger shop ever be successful?

LorenBouchard248 karma

interesting question. we won't do a last season of roseanne thing. that's for sure. but i like to imagine that if bob's was a real restaurant it would find success after a long struggle.

pooveyfarms139 karma

How much of Bob's Burgers is improvised? I love you two, even if you are the menstruation nation.

_JohnRoberts185 karma

We usually do everything in three takes and Loren let's us improv after we get the lines down. It's a win-win!

ellabella0328122 karma

Oohh oohh! I have a question for each of you!

Mr. Mintz. Where did Tina's signature groan come from? Inspiration? Or did it just happen one day and you stuck with it? Also, do we get to see any more Erotic Friend Fiction this season?!?

Mr. Roberts. I LOVE the videos of you on Youtube portraying 'Mom'. Reminds me of my own mother The Christmas Tree in particular. How much of that character went into the personality of Linda?

Thank you so much for doing this AUA!

_JohnRoberts96 karma

Thank you! It's a mix of everything! Moms rule!

moose_testes62 karma

I love that they incorporated the tree gag into the Christmas episode. I absolutely lit up when they showed it.

_JohnRoberts71 karma

The tree! Thanks doll!

Dickhead_122 karma

Why do you guys have so much chemistry? When watching I feel like Im listening to an actual real life dialogue between two people.

DanMintz144 karma

I think this is to Loren's credit. He comes from a sound editing background and pays so much attention to making everything sound like people talking. That's why he likes using improv so much. Even when the improvised line isn't any funnier than what was written, that fact that you're coming up with it while you're saying it makes it sound more natural.

Theemuts105 karma

Dan, when I try to imitate Tina's "Uhhhhhhhh" I always end up coughing. Any tips to save my throat?

DanMintz142 karma

Keep the back of your tongue back, but not too far back. Does that make sense?

amodernbird55 karma

I just tried that and I sounded like a wookiee.

DanMintz118 karma

then you're close

baxnet85 karma

Was there a certain type of sound that was needed for Tina's voice? Or did you just go the manly route and it stuck?

Also, proof?

Edit: Do we even need proof for the sidebar AMAs?

Edit: Thanks for the info. All sidebar AMAs have been pre-approved (pre-aproofed?)

DanMintz191 karma

I only know how to do one kind of voice, so that's what I did and luckily it worked for the character

louderandsadder81 karma


LorenBouchard60 karma

me too

Frajer79 karma

John - what was your favorite song to sing on the show?

Dan- what makes zombies so sexy?

DanMintz342 karma

I think for Tina, zombies are appealing because they're so open about what they want and you don't have to play games with them.

Naterade18131 karma

I read this in Tina's voice.

LorenBouchard298 karma

me too! copying and pasting into a script right now.

_JohnRoberts95 karma

I loved Linda's high school reunion songs!

rtechnix75 karma

You guys have Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirmam and do a ton of wacky music, when are Flight of the Conchords going to guest star?

Also John Roberts, can you improv a song about reddit right now?

_JohnRoberts129 karma

I'm singing it now can you hear me?

Gore_Gore_Girl71 karma

How do you maintain to keep a "straight" voice when the script is hilarious? I went to "Bob's Burgers LIVE" awhile back in Portland, OR and I never noticed that they kept some of H. Jon Benjamin's chuckles in. And also, Loren Bouchard, do you ever think any characters from "Home Movies" would ever pop up on "Bob's Burgers"? Anyways, huge fan of the show and the people involved. Keep up the greatness!

DanMintz84 karma

When we're recording you're reading the same thing over and over so it's not that hard, but during the table read, when we read the script for the first time, people laugh during their lines a lot.

condensedflesh9569 karma

Hey John, how much of Linda's awesome personality is scripted and how much is your creative input?

_JohnRoberts191 karma

Kirstie Alley writes all if Linda's lines.

EvictYou65 karma

Not a question... but Gene's megaphone bit from the first episode always pulls me out of a bad day! "Fart Noise!"

LorenBouchard76 karma

and laser!

ohboymyo65 karma

Love your show! My girlfriend and I synchronize watch over skype every week. Tina is probably our favorite character, though she often thinks of herself more like Linda. Anyways, for a question:

John Roberts, I never knew the voice behind Linda was a man until I decided to look it up a few weeks ago. How did you even come up with that voice? It is perfect for her. What were your inspirations to become a voice actor?

Dan Mintz, what was it like guest starring for Adventure Time? That is another one of our favorite shows. Did you enjoy using your talents for a kids show?

_JohnRoberts87 karma

My mommy! Thank you for watching!

DanMintz80 karma

Adventure Time was really fun but so confusing. I thought it was just a kids show, it wasn't until after I went in that I found out it's a really funny show lots of people love, so everything just seemed so random and insane I had no idea what was going on.

samtheonionman57 karma

Hi Dan! Tina is so hilarious, thanks for bringing a great voice to such a funny character. Has there ever been a time when it was hard for you to get through a taping because something was so funny?

DanMintz68 karma

That's so nice of you to say, thanks! There are lots of times when people say offensive things as their characters that would never get on the air and that always makes me laugh. But with voiceover if's so easy to edit around stuff that laughing is never a production problem or anything.

jaycrips55 karma

Tina, Gene, and Louise are such distinct characters. How did you develop their personalities, quirks, etc.

LorenBouchard116 karma

we borrowed heavily from the actors. best and easiest way to create characters is to cast first, write second. quirk-city.

pistachiosociety53 karma

Do you eat burgers on set?

LorenBouchard102 karma


oxjox51 karma

I'm a 37 year old man who finds the jokes on Bob's Burgers to hit my sweet spot. It's like you know me.

1 - Do you know me? 2 - How much of the writing do the voice actors participate in? 3 - Any recommendations on other tv shows, movies, books, or stand up acts I should check out? (4 - I'm literally grasping at straws still makes me die. Thank you for that.)

_JohnRoberts78 karma

We have been watching you for years now. We are starting to write a little bit now starting with Dan's awesome episode next season!

DanMintz45 karma

Thanks! Have you seen Loren's other shows like Home Movies? Those are probably closest tonally to the show.

andyouarewho50 karma

John Roberts, Assuming Linda Belcher is a somewhat of a hilariously crude caricature of your own mother, what does she think of your performance and the character in general?

_JohnRoberts81 karma

She loves it!

baxnet48 karma

In real life, is H Jon Benjamin more like Archer or Bob?

LorenBouchard175 karma

more like lucy from the peanuts

serfingusa27 karma

So he's a ball thief.

A nut robber.

LorenBouchard67 karma

now i feel bad. he's like bob - a real mensch - but with lucy from the peanuts as a split personality/voice in his head.

DanMintz16 karma

he's definitely not at all like Archer

vauxhallandyouandi48 karma

Was it a conscious effort to turn Tina into a potential progressive, feminist icon? I really wish there were a character as brilliantly written as her on TV when I was a kid.

DanMintz77 karma

I'm not sure, but I'd so happy she inspires people. Never thought I'd be a feminist icon.

Aluminium_Illuminati42 karma

Dan, how many seconds do you think you could prolong Tina's famous groan for?

DanMintz75 karma

A really, really long time. The sound uses hardly any air. I've never done it long enough for my lungs to run out.

lavaground39 karma

Are Tina and Dina actually supposed to sound different?

DanMintz129 karma

I think Tina thinks they sound different.

bobmystery36 karma

Question for Dan: How did your deadpan stand-up style/persona come about? Did you try different styles and that one came out on top or did you hit on that style from the get go?

DanMintz62 karma

I think that's just the only style I'd be able to do. I've always had a pretty monotone voice, and then when I'm in front of people I get nervous and it gets even more monotone.

LadiesWhoPunch31 karma

Thanks so much for doing this AMA.

John, years ago you made the video "My Son is Gay?". My [straight] husband & I tried to recreate it shot for shot with the point of view of a woman who thought for many years whose son would be gay & is shocked to see him as straight. Also, all of the props in that video were laying around the house.

We also dressed as Bob & Linda Belcher this past year for Halloween, so no real question, just thanks for being fun & bringing these "ladies" to life.

Edit: Alriiiiiight!!!!!

_JohnRoberts40 karma

You guys are fun! Thank you!!!

MONKSFTW25 karma

Hey John Roberts & Dan Mintz ! As a huge Bob’s Burgers fan from Australia I really hope you can answer my questions, it was awesome that H. Jon Benjamin was able to answer my questions a month ago and I’d love to hear from the entire cast, so here are my questions

  • What’s the best thing about voice acting for Bob’s burgers?

  • Do you guys have any favorite scenes from the series?

  • And finally, Can we see many more seasons coming in the near future?

Thank you both for taking time out of your day to give us this opportunity and I hope waking up at 5 am for this AMA pays off, on behalf of this AMA I’d like to commend all of you on your amazing talents and wish you luck on your current and future episodes of Bob’s Burgers and beyond.

_JohnRoberts40 karma

Hey thanks! How are things down unda? The best thing is working with amazingly talented people and getting to laugh for a living. Also when people get really into the show. We just got picked up for season 5 so fingers crossed! Thank you!

OopsImonReddit20 karma

John, will you be my mommy?

_JohnRoberts26 karma

Sure why not

vicdoogan20 karma

Which character is the hardest to write for?

DanMintz49 karma

I just wrote a script and Gene was the hardest to write for, because he makes all these references and I don't know anything about pop culture.

darealvvaldeezy19 karma

Are any scenes or plots inspired by actual events? I guess the one scene I'm hoping this is true for would be Bob taking Tina to drive a car for the first time...so much time to TURN THE CAR TINA

Edit to add, when I first started watching I never would have thought episodes revolving around Tina would be as great as turned out to be. She definitely grew on me!

DanMintz29 karma

I don't know if it was inspired by me, but I go crazy when I drink coffee like Tina.

flimlim13 karma

John - I discovered your youtube videos after becoming obsessed with Linda Belcher, and pieced together that you grew up/lived in my hometown from the references to Plays in the Park and shots of the Macy's. Please tell me we can hang out at Menlo Park together and maybe visit the Cheesecake Factory for some martinis. Do you ever do standup or live appearances?

_JohnRoberts31 karma

I'm at Cheesecake factory now come meet me! I usually perform at Joe's Pub in NYC. Thanks!

eye_booger13 karma

Question for John (and Loren too)- How much of the Linda character was inspired by John's youtube videos? It seems like the character was written with John's voice/character in mind from the get go. What was the process of creating Linda?

_JohnRoberts22 karma

That's what is great about animation. Linda is a totally different character but with the same voice. My mom character was a good starting point. :)

sodenj511 karma

John- Do you enjoy doing all of Linda's singing? Linda's songs are one of my favorite parts of the show!

_JohnRoberts12 karma

I do! We have a great time making the songs and I LOVE singing with Megan!

PBR-street-gang3 karma

Do you ever break out the voices just to mess with people?

_JohnRoberts3 karma

I leave a lot of voicemail greetings as Linda. I charge $1000