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I'd also like to add that the Silverman sisters absolutely nail these roles.

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When they're selling drinks for about a buck a piece and pouring doubles and triples most of the time, it gets pretty sloppy in there most nights.

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I worked on a ship and I saw some people get locked in a cabin and guarded until they could be released to police at the next port somewhere in the Caribbean. I heard they were caught smuggling drugs and apparently that gets you dropped with whichever police force the ship can get you to the quickest.

I saw another guy come back to the ship drunk after getting off at one of the ports and going to a bar. Crew aren't technically allowed to get drunk, so when you're caught there's no chance of keeping your job. He was let off the ship when we got back to Florida after we finished our trip of the Caribbean, and I'm assuming he had to cover his own airfare home from there.

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I worked on a cruise ship doing audio and it was a giant sexfest most of the time. I remember one of the dancers joining some of us for dinner one night and telling us he couldn't decide which of the new dancers he wanted to sleep with, so he just decided to have a threesome with them. It may sound like bullshit, but I knew this guy well enough to know he could easily make it happen.

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I'm totally straight, but I have no problem saying this guy was insanely good looking and incredibly suave. He was British too and the accent was an instant panty remover.