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amodernbird746 karma

Tina is my spirit animal. Can you record my voice mail message?

Edit: Tina is now my voice mail and I am forever indebted to Dan Mintz. I could not be more excited.

Edit 2: I am at work now without a way to record the message but I'll give it a go when I'm at home.

amodernbird380 karma

I don't know either. I didn't fully plan to submit the comment because I didn't think anyone would see it but my phone fell on my face and it happened. So here we are.

amodernbird356 karma

REALLY?! I'm so excited I could touch a butt!

amodernbird55 karma

I just tried that and I sounded like a wookiee.

amodernbird40 karma

When you read the script, what did you honestly think? Did you think that this was something that you would be proud of?

Also, are you still in touch with Tommy?

Edit: I should clarify, The Room is definitely something to be proud of being a part of but let's not kid ourselves, it has a cult following for a reason...

Also, I've been following you on Facebook for a while. You seem like a really neat person!