John Roberts

John Roberts (born 1979) is an American actor, writer, and comedian. Roberts currently portrays the role of Linda Belcher on the FOX animated comedy primetime series, Bob's Burgers.

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_JohnRoberts1591 karma

I'm under the bed

_JohnRoberts422 karma

It's a roller coaster ride of emotions!

_JohnRoberts365 karma

Gene will be like Linda. Louise like Bob. Tina will have her own show.

_JohnRoberts262 karma

I do! Best job eva!

_JohnRoberts223 karma

That was all Loren making sure the characters were grounded.

_JohnRoberts216 karma

Thank you! Who's hungry?

_JohnRoberts191 karma

Kirstie Alley writes all if Linda's lines.

_JohnRoberts185 karma

We usually do everything in three takes and Loren let's us improv after we get the lines down. It's a win-win!

_JohnRoberts129 karma

I'm singing it now can you hear me?

_JohnRoberts96 karma

Thank you! It's a mix of everything! Moms rule!