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Hi Ms. Kim! As someone who is in the middle of “Without You There Is No Us” I am thrilled that you are doing an AMA for us, so thank you! My question is, while you were exhausted by the lies your students had no hesitation in participating in, were there any students in particular whom you felt was less into the shade of the regime? Or any student who has slipped up and revealed something that shouldn’t have been reveal to you? And I might as well: what was one of the most outrageous lies you remember your students telling you? Thank you so much once again!

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John, will you be my mommy?

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Loren, you are a genius with your craft and are an amazing and very caring creator. The cast seems to be like your children in many ways- so if we were going to talk about them as your children, what would you say about each of them?

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What improvised moments surprised you by making it on air? Also, Dan, why aren't you on Twitter?