Hey Reddit, I'm Jason Bateman and I'm here to answer all your questions about Bad Words and anything else you want to ask me that interests you. If you don't believe it's really me, click here: https://twitter.com/batemanjason/status/440994154412138496

I'll be here for the next hour or so, so let's get it going. Ask me anything.

Check out the Bad Words trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMO7sBxE-4Q&list=PLISrtAJ0wX5nGCI0gkk9Jrr40tCyw3td3&feature=c4-overview-vl

EDIT: Thanks, this has been a lot of fun. I'm sorry that I didn't get to as many questions as I thought I would, but my typing's not what it was since the accident. Hope you guys enjoy Bad Words. It was fun to make and it's all yours now.

We're doing an exclusive free screening for you guys in NY and SF and you can RSVP here if you're interested:

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EDIT 2 Thanks again for the AMA. It was a lot of fun. Here's a small thank you. Or favor. However you want to look at it.

EDIT 3 Here's the fruit of your unsavory labor.

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Upstream152738 karma

You ever even been on a plane, you piece of shit?

BatemanJason2963 karma

I'm laughing. This is a line from something I did, right?

Ryannnnnn2268 karma

Is it alright to call you Master Bateman?

Edit: I didn't expect this silly comment to be upvoted/answered. I thought you were brilliant in Up in the Air!

BatemanJason2680 karma

yes. i'm actually surprised I don't hear that more often.

buyusedbeds1585 karma

What does Michael Cera's hair feel like?

BatemanJason3807 karma

curly, yet manageable. The hair on his head is pretty soft too.

arthriticpunk1515 karma

Heeey Brother

heyhermano231246 karma

Heeey Hermano!

BatemanJason3095 karma


Shayde0981452 karma

How does it feel to be ONE e away from Jason Batman?

BatemanJason2357 karma

it only hurts when they're casting a new Batman movie

LitrillyChrisTraeger1380 karma

What was your reaction when Mumford and Sons made your parody video their official music video?

Edit: for those that are curious: http://youtu.be/rId6PKlDXeU

BatemanJason1947 karma

that's the first I heard of it. Flattered. In real time.

Rebinator30001365 karma

Jason Bateman!! This is the first time I've ever asked a question for an AMA. My mother is 60 years old, born and raised in Lebanon, came here when she was about 35. She has never liked anything in American popular culture or taken any interest in actors and actresses except for YOU. Every time a movie of yours is on, she watches it. She is constantly making me youtube your interviews, look up future projects you're working on, etc. I showed her arrested development and she doesn't quite understand the humor since she sometimes has trouble understanding English, but watches it whenever I am because she enjoys your acting so much. My question is, can you please just say hello to her? Or say anything at all? I would get the good daughter award and you would get the amazing person award in my household. I'm a huge fan as well, but I know this would mean the world to her!

BatemanJason2112 karma

this post was making me feel good about myself until you told me your mother doesn't understand English very well. But please tell her hello nonetheless!

Kowai_Torrasque1142 karma

Who is someone that you have not worked with, that you want to work with in the future?

BatemanJason2368 karma

bill murray

yungdicaprio1080 karma

Is Will Arnett a good kisser?

BatemanJason1983 karma

of. my. unit.

Velorium_Camper1005 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA Jason. I got introduced to Arrested Development very late, and it's one of my favorite shows. My question: what was your favorite gag/running joke on the show?

BatemanJason2037 karma

I guess the chicken dance

g8rade928 karma

What is your biggest fear in life?

BatemanJason2317 karma


thisoneismorningmist849 karma


grow out your sideburns

BatemanJason1244 karma

great note. on it.

Popcornflick828 karma

If you were gay, who would you want to be your boyfriend?

BatemanJason2383 karma

I'd like to continue dating Will Arnett

Reasonable_Dan775 karma

I love the concept of Bad Words. What is the meanest thing you've said/done to a kid in real life?

BatemanJason1740 karma

The last punch I threw was in 4th grade and I ruptured a kid's spleen. Lucky shot. My hands have been in my pockets ever since.

troce686 karma

I have been sitting here for five minutes thinking of a question to ask and this is the only thing I can think to ask: If you were trapped on a desert island with nothing but a mermaid, would you want the bottom half or top half to be human?

I am asking this simply because I feel this is the only way we will ever get you to answer these very important questions. All of these other questions will inevitably be asked by someone at some point but when will the world get the chance to know the answer to this?

BatemanJason1812 karma

the top half. which I would immediately get rid of. I need the tail to get home.

ashs97666 karma

Who would you snog, marry, kill?

Will Arnett, Michael Cera, David Cross ;)

BatemanJason2469 karma

I'd snog all three, marry the one that gets pregnant, and kill whoever doesn't call me back.

Ali_Parker17603 karma

If you could time travel, would you explore the past or the future and what would you do?

BatemanJason1428 karma

sorry to dork out, but it would be lunch with Beethoven. Seriously. Sorry.

missava549 karma

What's the future of Arrested Development movie? Anything in development? Or is it arrested?

BatemanJason887 karma

I know exactly the same as you do. Zip.

givemepancakes546 karma

You're 15 minutes late! That's like 4 hours in Kevin Spacey time

Anyway. Saw Bad Words at an advanced screening and enjoyed it, but do you worry that you set that little Indian kid on a bad path with all that bad language you used in front of him?

BatemanJason1404 karma

no, i figured his parents were cool with it since they read the script and drove him to the audition. Plus we erased his memory with the men in black gun.

userdaddy517 karma

You are awesome. Your brand of humor is awesome. Your timing is some of the best on earth. I like you.

My question is... Why aren't you on Stern more often?

BatemanJason709 karma

thank you. very nice of you. I'll be on Stern one week from today.

krldrn1434 karma

Can you actually play the banjo or was the "Hopless Wander" video all lies?

BatemanJason1001 karma

all lies, and I was surprised by how much those metal strings hurt my fat little fingers

J0DY_HiGHROLLER419 karma

What was the most fun scene of arrested development to shoot? And which actor is most like their character?

David Cross

BatemanJason984 karma

I just saw Martin Short this weekend and it reminded me that he played one of my favorite characters ever on the show. Dead from the waist down and permanently carried by a body builder.

SixthSigmaa413 karma

What have you always said is the most important thing?

BatemanJason1069 karma

family, not breakfast, right?

jbbeefy57403 karma

Hey Jason! I'm a huge fan and I am so glad you are doing this! I have two questions for you.

  1. What is the best prank you have ever pulled?

  2. What is the stupidest thing that you have ever done?

BatemanJason1201 karma

  1. one halloween, instead of throwing eggs at a house, I actually got a few inside the house from the curb as soon as my buddy said trick or treat.
  2. see above

Ghastly_Gibus378 karma

I loved you in Family Ties! What was it like working with Michael J Fox all those years?

BatemanJason667 karma

Thanks. It was super fun. Did you like my hair better when it was longer?

lecroutonius361 karma

Hey Jason! What are your favorite pizza toppings?

BatemanJason838 karma

sausage and onions. well done. And when I say well done, I mean kick, burnt, and dragged behind a truck.

QueenPoser305 karma

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

BatemanJason903 karma

watching treehouse masters

tompkinzz287 karma

Beer, wine, liquor?

BatemanJason1034 karma

all of it, but I lost my privileges 11 years ago. Have one for me.

mmaatttthheeww282 karma

SO, did you see the new Poof?

BatemanJason393 karma


lauracapperson212 karma

Hey Jason!

Love that you're doing an AMA.

What's been your favorite experience while filming Bad Words with Rohan Chand? How does it compare with your other filmmaking experiences?

BatemanJason577 karma

it was really cool working with a 10 year old. I managed to remember how I liked to be treated when I was 10 years old on a set. Lots of grab ass and sugar.

jenniferlpt210 karma

Which bad word is worse? Moist or panties?

BatemanJason567 karma

I don't know. All my answers get me in trouble with my wife.

thebochman190 karma

Would you consider doing a cameo in Teen Wolf on MTV?

BatemanJason600 karma

sure, only if I can play one with alopecia

Ali_Parker17185 karma

Pick one: boxers or briefs? Beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? socks or barefoot? mani or pedi?

BatemanJason359 karma

boxer briefs, mountains, coffee and lots of it, socks always, and both once a decade

HarperCait182 karma

What are your top 3 favourite bad words? What are your top 3 choices for words that aren't actually bad, but sound like they are? (Ex: yooouuuuuuuuuu kumquat!!)

BatemanJason474 karma

tough to pick, but I do find it effective to call a guy you don't like a 'clown' and a girl you don't like an 'asshole'

Skooter_McGaven173 karma

If you could make a sequel to any movie you've done what would it be?

BatemanJason512 karma

Teen Wolf 3 in 3D

virgiltang157 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! I have two questions. 1. I'm a huge AD fan and I'm also taking a Arrested Development and Society DeCal class here in UC Berkeley! If you are in the Berkeley area soon, would you consider stopping by and speaking to us or just say hi? 2. How did the socially-conscious jokes in Arrested Development influence how you portrayed the role of Michael?

BatemanJason330 karma

that class sounds like the kind of fun education I seriously missed out on by never graduating high school. Go bears!

Lohpraks131 karma

I noticed your twitter has a French bulldog as the picture. I myself have an English and would also like to get a French. What made you purchase a french if you did in fact buy one and what's the strangest thing he does?

Thank you for taking the time to do an AMA!

BatemanJason257 karma

I went for the French because a buddy had one. The funniest thing he does is pull on himself at least once a day.

gurry125 karma

Are you that former child star that's now a nut-case fundamentalist?

BatemanJason336 karma

yes, and I'll see you in hell

Frankocean262 karma

When did you first realized you "made it"?

BatemanJason215 karma

I'll let you know

bunnymeninc45 karma

Whats your favorite TV show at the moment?

BatemanJason142 karma

I'm serious about Treehouse Masters

Niffster42 karma

Who is your favourite director?

BatemanJason117 karma

paul thomas anderson

rege9836 karma

What's something about directing that surprised you the most?

BatemanJason57 karma

that I actually loved it more than I thought I would

BarbaraSmithWilke30 karma

.......I have a 2 year old. What's the best way to deal with temper tantrums and refusals to keep pull-ups on?

BatemanJason79 karma

time out and pull-up suspenders?

TommyGreenShirt29 karma

What is the coolest thing you can do?

BatemanJason110 karma

If I tilt my head back, I could hover a ball of gum above my lips for 20 seconds. And no, I'm not looking for a husband.

mrgoober133723 karma

What is your favorite cereal?

BatemanJason79 karma

oatmeal. I'm friends with my colon

Kknowsbest23 karma

What was your favorite movie as a kid?

BatemanJason45 karma

king of comedy, still is.

jazzzypants15 karma

Hi oh my goodness I'm a big fan! I just wanted to say one thing. JASON, you wouldn't need any BATE to catch me if you were a fisherMAN. ;) Keep doing your thing you are my favorite male actor! So excited for Bad Words!! :D

BatemanJason92 karma

this reminds me of my worst Halloween costume ever. I wore a hockey goalie mask and a fish net with lures attached to it over my shoulders and went as Jason Bateman. What an a-hole. My privileges ran out shortly after this