Jason Bateman

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is an American actor who rose to prominence as a high-profile teen actor in the 1980s, in sitcoms such as Silver Spoons and The Hogan Family, before returning in the early 2000s in the role of Michael Bluth on Arrested Development

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curly, yet manageable. The hair on his head is pretty soft too.

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I'm laughing. This is a line from something I did, right?

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yes. i'm actually surprised I don't hear that more often.

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I'd snog all three, marry the one that gets pregnant, and kill whoever doesn't call me back.

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I'd like to continue dating Will Arnett

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bill murray

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it only hurts when they're casting a new Batman movie

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this post was making me feel good about myself until you told me your mother doesn't understand English very well. But please tell her hello nonetheless!