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Musicmantobes52 karma

Hey Su. I'm glad you could come to reddit and answer questions. Be sure to check out /r/hiphopheads and /r/bayrap. We love you there. HBK Gang is one of my favorite groups right now and I love that awesome hyphy sound you guys have. Keep doing what you do, man.

You don't have to answer all of them if you don't want:

  • What artist would you like to collaborate with the most?

  • What song are you most proud of?

  • What can we expect from your upcoming album?

  • Do you have a PS4?

  • Are you ever gonna come to St. Louis?

Heartbreaksuzy33 karma

1 Snoop and Pharrell

2 "Mama I Made It" off of KILT 1 or "Best Thing Yet" off of Kilt 2

3 A lot of rare moments, a lot of stories people haven't heard before and a lot of fun.

4 I do have a PS4, my favorite game is NBA 2K

peepoocombo42 karma

When u & Lil B doin a track. Long overdue.

Heartbreaksuzy53 karma

Coming soon.

stingersup34 karma

Iamsu, bruh please fuck with Sacramento on your tour. Thank you

Heartbreaksuzy28 karma

Definitely, Sacramento is a must!

phractured31 karma

Do you see the bay taking over the radio in 2014? Between Gas Pedal and Red Nose, it seems like all these white girls are fiending for some slaps.

Heartbreaksuzy22 karma

I def see the bay taking over the radio!

Acridicous23 karma

Did you cop the Yeezy's?

Heartbreaksuzy45 karma

I have two pairs but not the red octobers.

MacramentoKings22 karma

Favorite Mac Dre song?

Heartbreaksuzy26 karma


paulsack121 karma

Any chance we'll get a track with you and Andre Nickatina?

Heartbreaksuzy47 karma

Yeah we already did one, Its coming out soon.

ADarkDude18 karma

How was working with 2 Chainz? Is he as cool as he seems? Thanks for the AMA, consider checking out /r/hhh!

Heartbreaksuzy31 karma

2 Chainz was cool as hell! That's like my big brother.

4WAR15 karma

Hey Suzy, Santa Rosan here. When is the album coming out? Everyone I know is listening to you and the rest of HBK, you guys are crackin at every party I go to. Even my mom gets down to No Love and that new gas pedal remix. Just wanted to let you know you guys are the next big thing in the bay, keep up the good work man.

Heartbreaksuzy15 karma

Sincerly Yours is coming out early April! Tell your Mom hello. Thanks for listening, we appreciate all your support.

j3llyman14 karma

who is up next in hbk?

Heartbreaksuzy40 karma

HBK is up next.

TheIndianRapper12 karma

Whatsgood Suzie, I met you at Sage the Gemini's video shoot for "College Drop". You were a chill ass dude and even took my mixtape, thanks for that. My question to you is, do you feel like you've made it or you're still on the come up? You always seem conflicted about your feelings regarding getting signed or keeping it independent with HBK and you still have this underdog image despite some mainstream success. Thanks for doing this AMA and I hope to see you at the Pink Dolphin meet and greet!

Heartbreaksuzy10 karma

I still feel like I'm on the come up, I still got a lot to do. See you on Saturday!

MrGirth12 karma

what happened to rance?

Heartbreaksuzy18 karma

Rance is doing his own thing. He's pushing his music, salute to him.

BasedGodTaskForce10 karma


Heartbreaksuzy12 karma

A lot of cool stuff on the way. i don't want to give away any surprises but a lot of big stuff on the way.

daktherapper10 karma

Hey man, I love your music, you and your whole crew is killin it.

Who would you say is your biggest influence in music?

also, do you know what sample was used on "Hipster Girls", if there was one used at all?

Heartbreaksuzy22 karma

Kanye and Pharrel are my biggest inspirations. I don't know what the sample was off the top of my head but shout out to Trackademicks.

habs7612 karma

Bumping College Dropout today?

Heartbreaksuzy12 karma

Yeah for sure!

Josiah_Lgnd309 karma

Yo Su Would u ever make a mixtape with Young L

Heartbreaksuzy13 karma


chewyandank8 karma

Waspoppin! I just wanted to let you know my mom was teaching at de anza when you performed there with kool john, loverance, an I don't know who else. she's got nothing but love for you guys. Says you are "very nice boys"

Heartbreaksuzy7 karma

Tell your Mom thank you!

Chrussell8 karma

Actually I got one thing... You seen/got any opinion on the shit Trae just dropped with DJ Fresh. Pretty damn cool seein one my favourite rappers from Houston droppin a tape with a great bay area producer. some good features on there too from j stalin, philthy rich.

Heartbreaksuzy13 karma

Trae The Truth is a legend.

aenima19918 karma

When did you guys know Dave Steezy was so fire?

Do you have high hope for the youngblood?

Heartbreaksuzy10 karma

He just gave off a good vibe, I would always see him on bart when I was younger and he was always cool. We began to get to know each other and it was all love. I think he's the future.

PimpOfDaSea8 karma

Are you gonna make another project with problem?

Heartbreaksuzy16 karma

Yeah hopefully we can make an album soon.

Mexifrys8 karma

How did you meet Problem? Ive always wondered. Also try checking out R/trees

Heartbreaksuzy5 karma

We have the same managers.

RioVolv7 karma

Suzy, Your an icon in the Bay. Recently moved to the LA and put everyone I knew on that HBK Gang. Kilt was my anthem and got me through some good times. I admire your hustle, flow and mob mentality. Shoutout to y'all putting some new hype and soul in the Bay. One question what was your inspiration for Jennifer Aniston? P.S. Show some love in Oakland hit us with a show please!

Heartbreaksuzy8 karma

Jennifer Aniston was more like a freestyle, and I referenced her in a verse so I decided to name it that.

ggggideon7 karma

Will 'Sincerely Yours' be one of your "banger" albums, or will it be more laid back like KILT 2?

Also, whats your favorite verse of yours?

Heartbreaksuzy9 karma

It's a blend of both. My favorite verse is a on a song off of Sincerely Yours and it's called "Lifetime"

Techn9ne4life7 karma

How would you feel about a collab with Tech N9ne?

Heartbreaksuzy13 karma

I think Tech N9ne is hella tight, I met him at Rock The Bells. I would love to work with him. Hopefully we can put that together.

willlichtenger6 karma

I heard you recorded a verse for Yeezus. What happened/will it ever be released?

Heartbreaksuzy36 karma

I was playing a prank on twitter and people took it hella serious.

st912936 karma

When are you having the whole HBK concert, like the halloween concert?

Heartbreaksuzy7 karma

Come to the In-Store at Pink Dolphin this Saturday in SF to find out.

poopfacemanidontcare6 karma

How are you doing today? watching the olympics?

Heartbreaksuzy9 karma

I'm feeling kinda sick and no I am not watching the Olympics

explosivemind7 karma

Go iceland

Heartbreaksuzy10 karma

i would love to!

poopfacemanidontcare1 karma

I'm more a east germany guy.

Heartbreaksuzy5 karma

I'm down to travel the world.

Chrussell5 karma

Yo you one the best new people outta the bay now which i think got the best rap scene in general.

dont really got shit to ask but man you did a great job on that tape with problem, MDA.

Heartbreaksuzy7 karma

Thank you!

aenima19915 karma

top dog or blondies??

Heartbreaksuzy10 karma


MacramentoKings5 karma

Are you a big NBA fan? Who's your favorite player in the league?

Heartbreaksuzy11 karma

I'm a big NBA fan, big Lakers fan and Kobe is my favorite player.

hurlingheadlong5 karma

What was the thought process behind the music video for "Hipster Girls"?

Heartbreaksuzy20 karma

Just trying to capture the bay area youth culture and just how the type of girls I like operate. And also try to capture it in a way where it wasn't demeaning and it was just fun.

Ogrelicious5 karma

Thanks for the next level hip hop that you and HBK put out. How and when did you get tight with the Pink Dolphin crew?

Heartbreaksuzy5 karma

I met Cena through a friend of mine that's a video director and we just got real cool from there and just kept on building. We both kind of came up together, much love to the whole Pink Dolphin crew.

Ogrelicious2 karma

Was that a different video director than David Camarena? Because David makes some good shit for you guys.

Heartbreaksuzy4 karma

Yes through Chris Simmons. David Camarena is awesome though!

Josiah_Lgnd305 karma

Su What's Your Rarest Pink Dolphin Piece?

Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

I don't know I have a lot of rare pieces.

DreHefner4 karma

Seen you in seattle 3 times and you always kill it, how often do you jump into the crowd during a show?

Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

As much as I can.

st912934 karma

Iamsu and Based God collabo?

Heartbreaksuzy6 karma


GOODIceCream4 karma

Yo $uzy! HUUUGE fan here.

First off, check out /r/hiphopheads. it's dope.

Second, don't stop what your doing man! I go to High School in the bay and you are a huge inspiration. Also it'd be dope if you added me on PSN, Cudder_Swirv. Your choice tho.

Also, HBK Gang is dope, you guys are a combination of hyphy and that early kanye sound rap, which are dope.

anyways, here's some questions, answer whatever!

1) Who can we expect as features on the album? Mostly HBK Gang, or non-local rappers too? Who's your favorite feature on the album? either E-40 or Problem would both be dope AF.

2) How did your mom feel hearing you on the radio on 'Gas Pedal' after hearing you on 'Who Booty'?

3) What's it like working with JB!?! Gonna go against Reddit popular opinion, his music is really dope.

4) Is it frustrating only featuring on singles that blow up? You've already been on 'Function', 'Up', 'Who Booty' and 'Gas Pedal' haha.

Just know the bay loves you bro. keep doing what you're doing, i'ma buy a copy of the album FOR SURE. thanks bro, huge fan.

Heartbreaksuzy5 karma

My favorite feature on the album is Kool John.

My Mom thinks its funny.

Justin Bieber is super talented.

No. Thanks for your support!

tailbonebruiser7074 karma

Hey Iamsu!, been a fan of you and HBK since you dropped Young California! I love every project you have dropped and can't wait for your debut album.

*Who are the members in your producing group The Invasion?

*Who was your biggest inspiration?

P.s. Shout out to Kuya Beats, Jay ant and P-Lo! love your beats

Heartbreaksuzy7 karma

Really appreciate all of the support!

Members of the Invasion are P-Lo, Kuya, Jay Ant, Chief, and myself.

My biggest inspiration would have to be Pharrell.

lurkinthad4 karma

I really fucked with the miseducation of Iamsu, real raw record there, good wordplay, production was ill. my question is; whats your favorite song off that album and why?

Heartbreaksuzy7 karma

My favorite record off Miseducation is "I'm Not You" its a Clipse beat and its just one of my favorite verse I really liked my delivery and style of beat.

hellafressh4 karma

Is Santa Cruz going to be on the upcoming tour?

Heartbreaksuzy11 karma

Definitely! We love Santa Cruz.

lamesjim3 karma

Favorite places to eat in the Bay area?

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

Hunan Villa

tingeys3 karma

What up Suzy? Love your shit, it's fresh and old school bay at the same time. Any chance you'll be working with more bay OG's on the new album? Also, how'd you get involved with Pink Dolphin and is there any chance I'll be able to grab the collab online?

Heartbreaksuzy6 karma

Thanks for listening! The collab is an in-store only item and I'm definitely gonna work with some more bay area OGs.

I met Cena from Pink Dolphin through a friend who was video director and we kind of came up together.

aenima19912 karma

u homies with anyone in the pack?

Heartbreaksuzy4 karma

Yeah I'm friends with The Pack.

aenima19913 karma

what's up Iamsu! Will you let me roll you and your homies a FAT DANK TARANTULA BLeez?

im from berkeley! live nearby

Heartbreaksuzy12 karma

I don't really smoke blunts like that but thanks for the offer.

bonafide103 karma

Hey Su. Who would you rank as your top Bay Area rappers ever?

Also, props for your music man. I'm still bumpin Kilt almost 2 years later.

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

Mac Dre, Young L, Messy Marv and Clyde Carson. And that's crazy your still bumping KILT! Thank you.

aenima19913 karma

R.I.P. mac dre

Heartbreaksuzy6 karma


ggggideon3 karma

Ever fuck with Marin County?

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

All the time!

Bignasty4153 karma

Wusgood bruh. Young 415 native DMV stationed fan wonderin why there's never been a YG,Dom,or Nip collaboration with you or any other HBK member since YG hopped on UP! Pheel like as Californians y'all would mess wit eachother. Would be too dope

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

That would be tight.

SolidMcLovin3 karma

Su whuttup. Big fan. All I have to ask is who out of the HBK gang do you think is the most underrated?

Heartbreaksuzy6 karma

I don't think anybody in the gang is underrated.

thizzled7073 karma

Sendin love from Santa Barbara, Smallzville, Flats.

When you puttin Mike Dash E on?!

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

I was just with Mike Dash E last night!

Trotman3 karma

I saw you live in Brooklyn (killed it, btw), and now I can tell my grandkids that I saw Gas Pedal performed live. For this I am forever grateful

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

Wow thank you!

RossJ4Hunnid2 karma

What up Su! So what kind of music can your fans expect from "Sincerely Yours"? BTW keep up the good werk & thanks for doin it big for Tha Bay... YEE!

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

Great music!

milesprowerz2 karma

Did you ever steal your bitches back?

Heartbreaksuzy13 karma

Na, they was gone.

nuckapingles2 karma

Hey IAmSu, big fan here and thanks for doing this AMA Is there any song you feel like you released and then regretted cuz you could've put some more work into it and made it that much better?

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma


Majortimtom2 karma

Make sure to come by Birmingham! What's the weirdest part of becoming famous for you?

Heartbreaksuzy4 karma

People actually caring about what I have to say.

WOML2 karma


Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

1 The people at youth radio

2 Sincerely Yours

3 The "Cha Cha Slide"

Much love to Sacramento, it's a love of cute girls out there!

PaulinaLee1 karma

You the man! No lie my favorite rapper!! Which HBK members did you meet in high school?

Heartbreaksuzy4 karma

Everybody.. Joe, Kuya, Chief, P-Lo, CJ pretty much everybody.

_nomolos1 karma

Hey suzy, I wanna congratulate on how far you came and staying as close to your brothers as you have along the way. What does it mean to you that P-Lo, Kool John, Skipper are all starting to get more recognition because a lot people thought you wouldn't make it big unless you decided to take your own path? Also will we see Dave steezy on the new album? Much love from the bay.

Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

It means everything and that's what I set out to do. The fact that its becoming a reality means the most to me.

You will def be seeing Dave Steezy on the new album!

HeatBreakGangsta1 karma

What is your favorite Sneaker?

Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

My favorite sneaker is the Bred Jordan 16s or the Aqua 8s.

Nathan6231 karma

Suzy what up. Big fan from Avondale AZ can't wait to catch your performance I have to travel to Tucson 2 hour drive. What is your next video? Do you ever plan on signing to a label& if so who would you consider?

Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

Wow thanks for making that drive! My next video is my single "Only That Real", I will potentially sign in the future.

Boomie_1 karma

Hey buddy. How your doin'? Ukraine supports you!

*I know you was talking about second part of MDA mixtape w/ Problem. When we can expect it - before #SincerelyYours drops or after that? *When can we expect new HBK' crew mixtape? *Also thank you for the new #OnlyThatReal single! So are you going to release another one single before #SincerelyYours drops?

And that's all. Also thank you for your videos, they're awesome. Don't stop go crazy Su. ;)

Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

MDA 2 definitely coming after the album, HBK crew mixtape coming after the album as well. Definitely more singles coming.

CaseyTheCreator1 karma

What's good, man? Thanks for doing this. My question is, what was up with the track "Send It Up" that was on Yeezus? When it first leaked you were listed as a feature with King Louie, but you weren't even on there. I also believe there was a tweet you sent out about it, but was deleted. Were you originally supposed to be? If so, what happened?

Heartbreaksuzy5 karma

It was just a twitter joke that went too far.

hellafressh1 karma

How tall are you? Im 6'2 and you still seem big next me lol Can't wait to grab a few copies of the album

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

I'm 6'4 and I appreciate that, hope you enjoy it,

dasilentwombat1 karma

Welcome Su! I've been a fan since you released Kilt, and I've loved every mixtape since.

Over the summer you came to San Luis Obispo and preformed at SLO Brew, and Cal Poly hadn't started up yet so I couldn't come to the show. I was wondering if you were planning on coming back during the school year once you go on another tour.

Thanks man! Much love from SLO.

Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

We will for sure be back at SLO! Thanks for listening.

BigD_1 karma

• Besides the Bay Area, which city do you think is coming out with the best music?

• Do you listen to any music besides hip hop? If so, who are some of your favorite artists/bands?

Heartbreaksuzy5 karma

Richmond, CA.

Phil Collins, Xxyyxx, Daft Punk, Tears for Fears, NERD

MrPancakes9161 karma

Hey, Su. First of all I would like to say I am a fan of HBK and your work. My question is what did you start doing first production or actual songwriting/rapping and which do you consider to be me of your forte?

Heartbreaksuzy2 karma

I think i'm incredible at both and I started doing both at the same time.

aaphazy1 karma

When you comin to salt lake again bruhh? And whats your favorite kanye west song?

Heartbreaksuzy3 karma

Favorite Kanye song is "I Wonder" off the Graduation album and I'm coming back to Salt Lake next month.

TheAdderallAdmiral1 karma

What is your favorite album of all time?

What is your favorite weed strain?

Heartbreaksuzy6 karma

My favorite weed strain is "Cookies" and favorite album "Get Rich Or Die Trying"