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Haha this is so random it awesome

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I'm aware.

It's like the worst thing Dot has probably ever worked on though.

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well, Mike has had a long career before El-P. working with a lot of southern guys like Outkast/Big Boi, Sleepy Brown etc

his affiliation with El-P is only recent, since R.A.P. Music really.

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Prolly domo, maybe Earl

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Yo $uzy! HUUUGE fan here.

First off, check out /r/hiphopheads. it's dope.

Second, don't stop what your doing man! I go to High School in the bay and you are a huge inspiration. Also it'd be dope if you added me on PSN, Cudder_Swirv. Your choice tho.

Also, HBK Gang is dope, you guys are a combination of hyphy and that early kanye sound rap, which are dope.

anyways, here's some questions, answer whatever!

1) Who can we expect as features on the album? Mostly HBK Gang, or non-local rappers too? Who's your favorite feature on the album? either E-40 or Problem would both be dope AF.

2) How did your mom feel hearing you on the radio on 'Gas Pedal' after hearing you on 'Who Booty'?

3) What's it like working with JB!?! Gonna go against Reddit popular opinion, his music is really dope.

4) Is it frustrating only featuring on singles that blow up? You've already been on 'Function', 'Up', 'Who Booty' and 'Gas Pedal' haha.

Just know the bay loves you bro. keep doing what you're doing, i'ma buy a copy of the album FOR SURE. thanks bro, huge fan.